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The Daemon is a numerous race of infected beings that have been possessed and attacking the non-infected.

The word "daemon" refers to any being such as mobians, monsters, and humans that has been infected by the Daemonelix Prion virus.



The Daemonelix virus was founded by ancients which believed to be the "devil's infamous pandemonic disease"

Chaos Divine Generation Anarchy of The Infection Arc

Sonic first encounters a chao daemon as it starts to head towards him but defended by Aoba just in time. The daemon's corpse turns into reddish sporelike cloud dust and suddenly starts to reform its body to normal after being slashed in half by Aoba's sword. This statement forces Sonic and Aoba to retreat back to Freedom Kaiju Fighters Headquarters.

Powers and Abilities

A daemon has some unusual supernatural strength and powers that

  • Enhanced Agility: A daemon can dodge attacks from getting
  • Immense Regeneration:
  • Increased Demonic Strength


  • Daemon is an archaic term for the word demon. It sometimes means "godlike" referring to a supernatural deity that has connections to god and human. Although, it refers to the demonic virus.
  • This is second virus with most pandemic effects, the other being
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