The DT-1 (Dimensional Transporter) is a armor set built by Lee Prower and used for the purpose of chasing Azul the Chaos through the multiverse.



It maintains the physique of it's main user as far as build goes.The majority of the suit is black, but noticeable details are..

It has a silver muzzle-cover, a light blue visor, silver wing/disk shapes on the side of the helmet, dark blue markings above the eyes and a strip down the middle. It leaves any ears uncovered but Lee usually wears bandages over his luminous tufts.

Three sky blue diamonds adorn the chest, it has silver shoulderpads, blue markings on the upper arms and back of the hands, the fingers are also blue. More blue markings are on it's torso and a belt with a light blue center wraps around the user's hips.

The back of the legs is blue, along with the tail and a stripe down the feet.


He can only use one mode at a time.

  • Speed mode: Increases running speed up to super sonic levels
  • Strength mode: Activates hydraulics capable of lifting several tons
  • Flight mode: Turns on a pair of jets on the back near his shoulders
  • Combat mode: A set of vibrational weaponry

Power Source

It's core is made from a contained rip in the fabric of reality, but it's power source is the Soulbound energy Lee generates as a side effect to his vascular adaptability.

As his ability is very rarely used, he figured out how to harvest it as energy.



Concept and Development

The DT-1 was originally created just so Lee could appear in a Certain RP but eventually grew into a very important plot element in stories taking place after DoD.

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