D-Loc is a 15 year old Hedgefox. He lived on Mobotropolis until very recently, when he moved to Knothole.

Early life

D-Loc was born to Myrr the Hedgehog and Alice the Fox.

When he was just born, in the winter, his parents went on a walk to get inspiration for names. Alice, who could only speak backwards, fell in an icy puddle. She shouted "Dloc!" in surprise. After she was pulled out, Alice and Myrr thought that Dloc was actually a good name, so they added a hyphen and called their son D-Loc.

When D-Loc was eight, he was being cared for by a friend of his parents, who were away at a film. Sadly, Myrr and Alice disappeared that night under unknown circumstances. D-Loc was looked after by that friend until he turned 15 and made his way to Knothole.

Meeting Amy Rose

D-Loc met Amy Rose while he was at Sonic and Sally's house one day. Amy was round helping to organise Sonic and Sally's wedding.

At first, he didn't notice her, but when he turned around to talk to Sally he glanced in her direction and fell head over heels in love with her instantly. Amy had already noticed him and had asked Sonic his name, but hadn't done much more.

On Valentine's Day of that same year, D-Loc was sitting on a bench in the park writing Amy's card. Amy herself appeared beside him and, just before handing him her own card, saw what he was writing. She was delighted and said so.

D-Loc and Amy have been boyfriend and girlfriend since then.


D-Loc is very kind, but can also be sarcastic at points. Whenever he's around friends he is more funny and cheeky than usual, but alone and with Amy he just acts like a normal person.


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