Cyrus From Super Smash Bros. Beyond

Cyrus Amadeus Prower is the long lost son of Angela O'Haru and Miles "Tails" Prower from Super Smash Bros. Beyond.


He was born to Angela and Tails. After Cyrus was given birth, he and his parents got along very, that is until the day Antasma has returned from exile in Super Smash Bros: The Comic, 4 years after the Mario Bros. defeated him twice in Pi'illo Island. But instead of Antasma wasting his time fighting against Mario & Luigi, he turned into a bat and snaked baby Cyrus from his parents, that is two years before his baby sister, Miley Prower, was born. He was thought dead at the time he was stolen, but he will be discovered that he is alive and is just trained by his Master, Antasma. It is unknown if he decides to betray Antasma under his mother's wishes or not.


He is a human with black sunglasses, thick eyebrows gold hair, one sky blue eye underneath his sunglasses, one regular blue eye under them skull tattooe on his arm, black spiked cleats, fangs, fingerless gloves, Hawaiian Shorts, yellow sleeveless T-shirt with a one-eyed pyramid as his logo and nine-tails as inherited by Rosemary Prower, his grandmother.


  1. Spiked Kleet Pound
  2. 9-Tailed Chopper
  3. Apoco-Punch (similar to DK's Giant Punch, only alot harder)
  4. Enormous Strength (he can even lift Bowser)
  5. Rise of the Dead (a Final Smash where he uses his necronomicon to Summon Zombies to attack the opponents.


The Apocho-Sasha (a TF2 like Sasha with Nitrogen Bullets) and the Necronomicon (one-eyed Book) that Antasma has stolen from Durian's Safe.


Relatives. . . It's against his nature to hurt his relatives.

Voice Actor Resemlance

Reed Alexander from iCarly. Who else?

Did you know?

  • His nine-tails was based off of a Shion Kitsune.
  • Both Cyrus Prower and Miley Prower are named after the singer Miley Cyrus.
  • Cyrus's personality is the same as Bart Simpson's.
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