This is an article about Cyrox, a character created by Majin Ghidorah on 12/7/2015.

In the story Clone Trouble, Lien-Da orders Miles Prowler to use magic to clone Cyo the Lion to make the evil clone of the lion, Cyrox. After the original died at the hands of a pack of deinonychus, a second version was made, Cyrox 2.0


He looks like Cyo in many ways, but he has dark blue armor, spikes on the shoulder pads and darker fur with reddish brown hair and tail tip. He also wears the Clan of Crimson logo on his belt.

The second Cyrox is similar to the original but has reptilian eyes, olive green scales on the upper part on the right side of his face and killing claws on his feet.


As known so far he is created by Miles Prower (Anti-Tails) by the orders of Lien-Da to replicate the ones responsible for the death of Crimson. He was created along with the clones of Silver, Shadow, Sonic and Tails when Miles Prower used his magic on samples from the five. He was trained to be ruthless and even more dangerous than Cyo.

However Cyrox meets his end in Cretaceous Adventure when Cyo blasted him into the jungle and was devoured by raptors.

Soon after, Miles Prower collected a sample of Nikita the Raptor and combined it with Cyo's DNA to create Cyrox 2.0.


Cyrox is not as much as the real one, He is headstrong, mean, bloodthirsty, brutal and uncaring. He has a feral side which shows up when he gets angry, hungry or annoyed.

When he attacks his victims he basically attacks the same way a normal lion would do by using teeth and claws. Unlike Cyo, Cyrox tends to crawl on all four when sneaking.

The second version of Cyrox is similar to the previous one but more intelligent and calculating in strategies. He also tends to call Cyo and Nikita his parents as they are his genetic donors.


As Cyo's clone, he possesses the same powers as the Good Cyo.

  • Super Strength
  • Enhanced speed
  • Weapons inbuilt in arm


Thanks to his artificial heart, he is immune against many poisons, including toxic waste. He also got good sense of hearing and smell. He got also mounts of stamina so he won't be tired easily in battle. On his back he wears foldable wings for flight from his jet boots.


His skills is much the same as the good Cyo, only more lethal and deadly by using his claws.


Like Cyo, he is not invulnerable to electromagnetic pulses or viruses. He also can get into an deathlike state if he's not recharged in time. He is also not very smart that he do not realize in time that he can be tricked by his enemies.


  • Doomic - Comrade and team leader
  • Skull - Comrade
  • Bronze - Comrade
  • Selim - Comrade
  • Miles Prower - Creator
  • Lien-Da - Former Boss
  • Cyo - Cell donor/Biological father/archenemy
  • Nikita - Second version's cell donor/Biological mother
  • Jacket the Cat - Attempted victim
  • Fiona Fox - Attempted victim


  • He is the re-imagined version of Evil Cyo.
  • His name sounds similar to Cyrax from Mortal Kombat series only with a 'O' instead of a 'A'
  • His roars are mixed with lion sounds and stock roars from Sharptooth from Land before time.
  • Cyrox is among the most dangerous of the clones, going so far as eating people.
  • As the second Cyrox has velociraptor DNA, making him 1/2 mammal and 1/2 dinosaur.


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