This page contains the Featured Article interview of December, 2017. The winner was Cyra The ArcherSkye the White Wolf was interviewed by Juely on December 9, 2017.

The Interview

Q1: When did you first conceive the idea for Cyra?

A. I first got the idea and planning of Cyra by designing and splitting my old character, Crystal The Wolf into parts, making new characters, like Celestia and also, Cyra. And I first got the idea in the past few months, when I wanted to start all over again. 

Q2: Would you say that you relate to her in real life?

A. In a way, yeah. Her positive attitude and her love in pranking others is just really what I was when I was younger in 6th grade.

Q3: What’s the story behind Cyra’s bow?

A. Interesting question... Now this bow was made by carving sturdy wood. The one who carved it, though, made the bow upgradable. Making it more special than the rest of the other bows he made. He put all his time and love making this bow, and after a long time, he grabbed his bow, and sent his last arrow. So that night, he died a peaceful death, but his bow still remained on the house’s wall. It was soon passed down to his son, who used it for a while, before having children. Then once he learned that one of his child loved archery, he sent the bow as a birthday present to her. And that child was Cyra, who attached her Fusion Shard on the bow, and put all her love into that bow, using it like her great grandfather did, till her last day.

Q4: What is Dr. Eggman Nega’s role as her nemesis?

A. Eggman Nega’s role? It’s like fighting Eggman everyday, except he comes up rarely, trying to stop Cyra and her friends in their tracks. Even causing a rocket or mass destruction, just to change the future he’s in. Then, once he’s done, he would go back into a portal and persevere. For Cyra, it’s an everyday challenge to overcome, as he gets stronger everyday.

Q5: What is her favourite food?

A. She has no particular favorite food, cause she loves everything almost just the same, but if she were to choose, it would be... Waffles with Maple Syrup.

Q6: Does she use her pranking skills in battle?

A. Yes, every time she can find stuff to prank the opposing side, she’ll do it.

Q7: If she had a theme song, which one would it be?

A. Young Heart - We Are The Ocean would be the right one. It also really describes Cyra trying to improve and living a young life.

Q8: What did you like most when you were creating Cyra?

A. I just loved her design and colors, since I worked hard on it.

Q9: What would your advice in creating a fan character be to your fellow Users?

A. Use your imagination to guide you, and it shall come to life. But just make their abilities, powers and skills reasonable though!

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