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Cyo the Lion is a young Mobian Lion that got his mechanical implants in a laboratory in Eggman's facility. He is inspired by DC comic character Cyborg.


Cyo is a tall, slender lion who has a brown mane, chest fur and tail-tip. His body is covered in blue and grey armor along with his boots. His right arm is mechanical and it has a red button while his left has a finger-less glove. His eyes are a orange color, though they can appear golden.

In addition of being a lion, he has retractable claws and sharp teeth. Without his boots, he has three toes with claws on each foot.


He is usually calm and kind, but he can be a bit short tempered if he's called a kitty. He loves having fun with his friends. He likes watching TV and drinking energy drinks.

In Brainwashed Cyo, Cyo becomes more violent, lethal and destructive while under Eggman's control, seeking to destroy his allies.

After being brought out of his brainwashing, Cyo was feeling shocked and upset at harming his own friends even though he was brainwashed. He went to Kenya to regain his confidence with his parents' help.


Cyo was born in Kenya in a tribe of Mobian lions, the son of Umeme and Ayah. He was trained in hunting and combat skills with his parents.

During hid childhood at age eleven he got chased by a bull elephant on musth by getting too close to it. He was nearly killed when his father came to his rescue. Umeme became very disappointed that Cyo got caught in that kind of situation.

One day, Cyo was taken by Eggman into an laboratory at age 17 after he was into a mine accident deliberately caused by the doctor, which caused his right lower hand and arm to be blown off. Eggman planned to use him against Sonic by installing a mechanical arm onto him as well a artificial heart to empower Cyo's body. One day when the doctor attempted to brainwash him using a virus, Cyo broke free and escaped from Eggman's clutches away from his facility using his new weapons to escape. He then reunited with his family in Kenya before moving to Station Square.

He became at one Christmas the boyfriend of Bonnie the Hedgehog from Scotland.

Powers and abilites

As of being turned into a cyborg by Dr Eggman, Cyo got some enhanced abilities after the event.

  • Superhuman strength - Before Cyo became a cyborg he could only lift nearly 3 tons, but with his enhanced cybernetics he got ten times stronger, strong enough to lift 30 tons. He can for example tear off a Eggbot's head with ease, bend metal and punch through glass without injury. But his strength is no match for individuals like Knuckles.
  • Superhuman stamina - Thanks to his enhanced abilities he can last long periods of time without breaking a sweat or get tired depending how much energy he is charged.
  • Cybernetic arm - His right hand and lower arm has been replaced by a mechanical arm by Eggman and it can be switched from hand to weapons depending how many times he presses the red button (1 for Big laser gun, 2 for small laser gun, 3 for freeze gun, 4 for flamethrower). As of a recent modification by Tails with nano-bots, it can now mold and shape into any weapons and even take the shape of a normal hand.

  • Stealthiness - Cyo has great speed, agility and reflexes being trained in many ways of combat.
  • Toxic immunity - Thanks to his artificial heart Cyo can't die by any poison or other dangerous substance that could kill a normal person.
  • Intelligence - While not being smart as Tails, he is shown to learn of his enemies moves over time and knows well how to use weapons from spears to guns. He also is known to have a photographic memory.
  • Semi-longevity - His artificial heart has presumably expanded his lifespan.
  • Flight - After his return from Kenya to Station Square, Tails equips Cyo with a pair of metallic wings and jet boots to allow him to fly for few hours. They are activated by voice.
  • Roar - as with all lions, he possess a mighty roar that can be heard 5 miles away. It is powerful enough to send enemies back or to stun.


Cyo is skilled in hand to hand combat like boxing and kick-boxing. He is also professional in hunting with or without weapons and has some cooking skills, but he is mostly in grilling.

He has also learned some martial art skills from Rosie the Echidna.


Due to being a cyborg, Cyo has some major weaknesses: he can get in a death-like state if his artificial heart is not recharged after 3 days, though Tails has made it to last a month. Electromagnetic pulses can shut down his weapons, and implants and viruses can cause him to go out of control. He is not indestructible against heavy objects or fireproof since he's still organic. Electricity can also stun him.

It is also said he's unable to transform into Super form by chaos emeralds.


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