Cynthia the Echidna
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Birth Name
Sara-Ti the Echidna
12 (Beginning of Mad World), 16 (Jimmy's Wrestling Life), 17 (most roleplays and fanfics), 20 (end of Mad World)
Cynthia (Almost everybody), Sara (Willa-La), Sin (Lulu), Sinner (Lulu), Big Sis (Knuckles)
Former Dark Legion member, Guardian
Locke (birth father), Fara-Ti (birth mother), Tiana Light (adoptive mother), Ramos Light (adoptive father), Knuckles the Echidna (half-brother), Laura-Ti "Lulu" the Echidna (Moebian counterpart)
Knuckles the Echidna, Stella the Bat, Lien-Da the Echidna, Julie-Su the Echidna, Lien-DOS the Holographic Echidna
Dr. Eggman, Antoine d'Coolette, Syria and Sandra the Echidnas, Fiona Fox, Ramos Light
Black, red, cake, family, friends, kicking the crap out of people, how she looks in her Chaos form
Losing control, Ramos Light, enemies, Ramos Light, sexists, Ramos Light, bullies, Ramos Light, Fiona Fox, Ramos Light, Lulu, did I mention Ramos Light?
"It's fine to have an obsession, but when you wake up with an iPad in your face advertising your obsession it's worse than it should be."

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Cynthia is a 20-year-old echidna, the older half-sister of Knuckles the Echidna by 2 years, a Mobian-turned-Human-turned-Mobian, a former member of the Dark Legion, a friend of Stella the Bat, Lien-Da the Echidna, and Julie-Su the Echidna, and the bitter rival of Syria and Sandra the Hedgehogs. She has a crush on Scourge the Hedgehog, and hates his girlfriend Fiona Fox with an extreme passion. Her favorite colors are black and red. Anti-Cynthia is Lulu the Echidna. When she enters a Super or Roboticized form, she tends to lose control (particularly in Perfect Dark or Super Chaos form).

Cynthia is the former fursona of TeamSonicPrez. She was retired from fursonaness to make room for Prez the Mockingjay, who suits Prez better.


Birth and Sent to Earth

Cynthia's father was Locke the Echidna, and her mother was Fara-Ti the Echidna. Fara-Ti died in childbirth (though not before naming her daughter Sara-Ti), and it did not take long for Locke to find love once more: Lara-Le the Echidna (Knuckles's mother). However, Locke did not want Lara-Le to know he had been married before, and he wanted the best for his daughter Sara-Ti, so he sent her to Earth with Chaos Control.

Early life

Sara-Ti was found on the doorstep of Ramos and Tiana Light, a 2-year-old girl with curling brown hair and green eyes. Tiana took pity on the child and took her in, eventually coming to love her as much as she did the child she lost 6 years before adopting Sara-Ti. Sara-Ti remembered just one thing about her Mobian life, her father telling her he would find her again someday. Unfortunately, she couldn't remember her true name, so Tiana renamed her Cynthia Anne Light.

However, Ramos never liked her, but put up with the girl for Tiana's sake. Tiana died in a fire when Cynthia was six, and Ramos began abusing Cynthia. He psychologically and sexually harassed her, calling her names and (to put it simply) giving her a fear of getting undressed.

Cynthia never forgot those last words her real father had told her, and always waited for him to come back for her. She became depressed as the years went by and he never came for her. She was always getting bullied at school, called a loser and a geek by the girls and (because she was tougher than them), getting cornered while walking home from school by the boys.

Shortly after her 12th birthday, Cynthia had decided she had had enough and ran away from home.

On the Run and Sent to Mobius

For 4 long years, Cynthia was on the run. She had been raised in Los Angeles and made it all the was to Las Vegas. Pretending to be 18, she snuck into a casino nightly and-using her ability to see through things- won at least $300.00 in a week.

One night, a blue gem caught her eye: she felt something familiar about it and wanted it (it was the blue Chaos Emerald, and she recognized it because of her time on Mobius). To her surprise, she conjured a Chaos Control and was sent back to her birthplace on Angel Island.

Meeting Knuckles and Julie-Su

Cynthia was curious and walked around, catching her reflection in a lake: she was now an echidna. Horrified, Cynthia ran away from the water and hid behind the Master Emerald's altar, whispering "This can't be happening to me. It's a dream. Yeah, it's a nightmare. If I pinch myself I'll wake up." She pinched herself and, upon realizing it hurt and she was still there, freaked out.

Knuckles and Julie-Su soon approached her, and Knuckles asks what Cynthia is doing on his island. Upon seeing her distraught face, he cooled down and asks what her name is. Cynthia answers honestly and Knuckles realizes she looks a lot like the girl in a picture of his father Locke, his ex-wife, and his first child. He shows Cynthia the picture and asks her if she's seen the child in the photo, explaining she is his last family now that is mother, stepfather, and other half-sibling have gone missing. Suddenly, Cynthia remembers what her father looked like and tells Knuckles, "Well, it looks like neither of us have much to work with, eh little brother?"

Knuckles allows Cynthia to live on Angel Island, and he gets her enrolled to Chaos High so she can better fit in and freak out less while around Mobians.

Life in Chaos High School

To Cynthia's surprise, she fits in better in Mobius then she did on Earth. She is relieved to find that nobody picks on her here, and begins hanging out with Lien-Da, Julie-Su, Stella, Scourge, Mephiles the Dark, and Fiona. She tries to be nice to everyone but her years of abuse and running had turned her bitter and cold. During lunch a few days after the first day of school, Syria, Sandra, Sonic, Amy, Shadow, Rouge, Knuckles, Bravery the Hedgehog, and Bravery's brothers Courage and Silaze, walk by. She waves to her brother and Stella waves to Syria and Sandra as Lien-Da points each of them out to Cynthia. Shadow whispers something in Syria's ear, and Syria drops her tray in shock. Milk and spaghetti fly out of the bowl and carton and make Cynthia an Italian mess. She becomes enraged at Syria (she didn't see Shadow whisper in her ear), and rises to confront her. Knuckles steps between them and explains to Cynthia that it was an accident. Cynthia stops hating Syria but really, really dislikes her and vows revenge (especially because everyone in the lunchroom starts laughing). Humiliated, Cynthia runs out crying, and is followed out by her brother and group of friends (except Scourge, Mephiles, and Fiona, they were laughing too hard).

After that, Cynthia takes every chance she gets to make Syria and her sister miserable, even going so far as to send Knuckles on vacation over prom so Syria lost her date. After high school, Cynthia disappeared for a couple years.

Dark Legion

Cynthia reappeared as a member of the Dark Legion as a 19-year-old evil echidna. She was filled with bitterness from her past and joined the Legion when Lien-Da did. She was completely devoted and loyal to the cause until they attacked Knuckles, then she left the group and never returned.


Cynthia is 20 and a perfectly nice person. She does what she feels is right for herself, her brother, her sister-in-laws Julie-Su and Lien-Da, or her little nieces Lara-Su and Mari-Da. She still despises the Hedgehog sisters with a passion, however, and when she isn't fighting alongside them she is terrorizing them brutally.


  • Mobius: A red echidna with green eyes, curly brown hair, and retractable spike knuckles. She often wears blue eyeshadow.
  • Human: a tan girl with curly brown hair, blue eyes, red lipstick, and blue eyeshadow. She has a few scars from her years with her father and in school.


  • Human: eyeglasses, pink T-shirt, denim skirt, utility belt, golden heart locket, pink tennis shoes.
  • High School: red tinted eyeglasses, black-and-red shirt, pale blue jeans, golden heart locket, long black-and-red gloves, black sandals.
  • Prom: black-and-red minidress, long white gloves, black high-heeled shoes.
  • Dark Legion: black hat, red tinted eyeglasses, black spikey necklace, dark green short tank top, black-and-neon-green coat, black gloves, black jeans, black boots.
  • Current: red-and-black goggles, red tinted eyeglasses, black minidress, red belt, long black-and-red gloves, black-and-red boots.


Cynthia is kind and selfless, but she has a very short and nasty temper. When she gets mad, she tends to become Ark Cynthia and calms down within an hour. However, when she gets uncontrollably mad, she becomes Perfect Dark Cynthia and she needs someone else to calm her down, such as Lien-DOS the Holographic Echidna (Nightfall Incident) to calm her down. Cynthia is very sarcastic.

However, in some roleplays, she is evil and cunning. For example, in Jimmy's Wrestling Life, she destroyed a high school and kindergarten. She managed to avoid arrest when she destroyed the high school but when she wrecked the kindergarten she got a 5 year sentence in Mobian Prison.

In a lot of roleplays, she is slightly to completely insane. Proof is in her love for mysterious buttons and in her need to destroy schools she went to in a form of revenge.

Super Forms

  • Chaos Cynthia
  • Super Chaos Cynthia
  • Dark Cynthia
  • Perfect Dark Cynthia


  • Droid Cynthia
  • Virus Cynthia
  • Metal Cynthia
  • Mecha Cynthia

Known People

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Friendly Acquantices




Gliding, Chaos moves, mechanics, strength

Super forms

Chaos moves. flying, super speed/ strength

VIRUS: Electricity, ability to teleport or dissolve into a puddle of data.


  • Super smart
  • Supermobian strength/ speed


  • Lack of control over strength and super forms.
  • Short, uncontrollable temper
  • Low self-esteem
  • Accident prone


  • "I love you, button." (In User's Royale)
  • "This 'relaxing' thing is boring..." (User's Royale)
  • "I now have a chronic fear of phones." (In The Phone Call)
  • "Not much of a villain anymore, are ya?" (in The Nightfall Incident)
  • "Yeh'll never catch me alive, coppahz!" (in Jimmy's Wrestling Life)
  • "Who cares if it's a good idea, it's freaking video games!" (Sucked Into an NES)


  • Cynthia was designed so that she would look good in Negative mode on an iPad.
  • Cynthia went threw 20 character designs.
  • Cynthia has never relaxed in her life.
  • Thanks to the events in The Phone Call, Cynthia has telephobia, a fear of phones.

Role in RPs

There are only three RPs where Cynthia is sane, The Nightfall Incident, The Phone Call, and Wubble in Paradise.

  • The Nightfall Incident: She's one of the heroes for once, and she is constantly getting hurt but still recklessly throws herself in harm's way to save the others. She has had part of her nose and her right hand cut off, and her eye has been maimed, in the storyline. She gets ticked off a lot and loves maiming and killing things that get in the group's way. She's also constantly being used by villains to put herself and her friends in danger; for example, she went Virus Cynthia to get the group past a door but wound up having Lulu the Echidna make her lose control.
  • Jimmy's Wrestling Life: She was the first villain in the series, knocking down two schools. However, she was sent to prison for five years. All this happened in the first chapter.
  • The Phone Call: Cynthia is one of the main characters and the owner of the house that was attacked. She was shot twice; once in the leg, once in the ribs.
  • User's Royale: She is the rival of Josh the Hedgehog and loves pressing buttons. She is not portrayed as a villain, rather, she causes a lot of trouble and is exceedingly annoying.
  • Wubble in Paradise: She showed up around the same time as Blue the Kirby.
  • Summer Vacation: She's sometimes crazy, but most of the time normal. She had run away and wound up in Seaborgia.




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