Cyncro studies

Biographical Information
Age 15

Kelda (Mother)


Adam (Master)

Siren (Daughter in law a alternative future)

Nova (Son in a alternative future)

Alias The space hedgehog or Cosmo Warrior
Romantic Interests Crystal/Elsie
Physical Description
Species Space Hedgehog
Gender Male
Description He is a very responsible and faithful hedgehog, has a great sense of honor and is very controlled.


Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations Team Sonic & Team Sinus
Weaponry None
  • Chaos control
  • Cosmo control
  • Clones Creator
Super Forms Cosmo form and Super Cyncro Form
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Appearances Sonic XL and Chaos Adventures (All the seasons)
Original Creator NattySakura

"I will protect the princess with my life"

Cyncro is a character created by NattySakura, he appears in Sonic XL and in Chaos adventures(All seasons), he is a space hedgehog and the personal guardian of the princess Elsie. In Sonic XL he was controlled by a evil creature but later is saved by Elsie and Sonic.



In half of the series he presents with a dark appearance, he is arrogant and evil, he is controlled by a greater evil trying to find and destroy Elsie. At the end is saved by Elsie and the two disappear in a burst.

Chaos Adventures

Normal Saga - He returns to his former personality, always calm, respectful and faithful to his princess. Is jealous of any guy who approaches his princess, do not fight unless to protect Elsie. His honor is above all.

Alternative Saga- He is dead, he was very sweet, caring and worker.



Cyncro when he have five years managed to control the cosmos, the law of the space hedgehog says that all space hedgehogs able to control the cosmos should be trained and transformed into warriors to protect the kingdom and the royal family, Cyncro then was taken to his master,Adam who trained and take cared of him like a son.After his training he was designate to be princess Elsie bodyguard and he fell in love with her. 

Time passed and Cyncro asked the gods that he would have Elsie's heart to him, but he received a negative, unable to accept he was attracted by the evil that possessed his body. 

Later he manages to locate Elsie in Cris world and goes after her, leaving a trail of destruction, in the final Elsie bring him back and the two disappear in a burst.

Chaos Adventures

Cyncro by his surprise, he wakes up alive in the world of Sonic in a meadow, he start to search Elsie and he promised to himself to always protect her and only give her to someone who could protect her better. Later he meets Elsie with Sinus and think he's is keeping his princess prisioner and start to fight with him but Elsie separates them and explains everything, so he decides to travel with them. Cyncro realize that  Sinus is in love with Elsie so he try to take Sinus away from her because for him Sinus is inferior.

Future Saga - In the future he conquer Elsie, they marry and have a son together named Nova. It becomes very strong, seeing the danger Sinus that represented he gathers all the energy to send his family to the planet of origin, but Sinus finds them and shoots him which makes him come into a coma.

But later he comes out of the coma and help everyone in the final battle.

Alternative Saga

He was childhood friend of Elsie and the two fell in love, as her parents did not accept the union the two fled to a distant village where they were married, Cyncro sadly died from an illness.


In normal form

  • He can create four copies of himself
  • Cosmo sense
  • Cosmo manipulating

In Cosmo Cyncro form

  • Super speed (in space)
  • Super strength
  • She can recibe more energy from cosmo
  • Energy manipulating

In super form

  • Chaos control

Special Abilities

She can control the cosmo of the universe and used


Has a good physical condition, has great athletic skills and is quite strong, is a great cook.


Apparently he's afraid of succumbing darkness again, when it comes to protecting the princess can lose your head in certain situations


Sinus - For him , Sinus is inferior hedgehog and does not serve to protect right the princess, he realizes what Sinus feels for her, so do not like leaving him near the princess.They fight a lot.

Crystal - They are friends since childhood, he was her guardian and fell in love with her, decided for themselves succumbing darkness because the gods tell him that she will not going to be with her. When is saved he promised that he would protect her to mend his mistake and only give her to a hedgehog that could protect it better. They have a good relationship, Crystal relies on Cyncro

Star - They are great friends, they use to talk a lot really.

MotoBug - They are friends.

Stella -  Each other they don't talk so much , but they are friends

Sonic - Sonic and Cyncro never talked much but Cyncro finds the one who can best protect the princess he.

Chase - They are good friends.


  • He is a villian and later a heroe
  • He is the team Sinus
  • Her name is inspired in the word "Cinco" that means "Five" in braziliam,that because with his copies they have five cyncros.
  • He did not fight unless it is to protect Crystal


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