The Cyclone Vortex is the first console designed by Cyclone Technologies.


The Vortex, originally called Category 1, had it's first blueprints drawn out 2 years before the company even began. It was originally meant to have a two controller input, but it was changed to 1 controller.

In 2016, the designer drew up plans for the console. Several versions were shown, one with cartridge-based games and another with compact disc-based games, and each one had a two controller variant and a one controller variant.

In 2018, the company originally went with the two controller CD based version, but development flaws due to uncomfortable gameplay led to a change to the one controller variant. After SEGA bought the company, manufacturing of the Vortex began.


The Vortex launched with Sonic (2019), the first title of the Sonic reboot franchise. The console was free of major flaws. However, a few of the launch consoles had various issues that were fixed with updates.


Several games from multiple companies were released, but the Sonic reboot titles stole the show.

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