The Cyclone Derecho is the second home console designed by Cyclone Technologies.


The Cyclone Derecho was first revealed under the project name Project Squall Line in a 2021 issue of Game Informer as the successor to the popular Cyclone Vortex. The given information revealed that the Derecho would be the first console from the company that used the Cyclone webservice Stormcenter. Also revealed in that issue was the two first revealed titles for the Derecho, Thunder Air Combat and Project: SwapnRun (eventually revealed to be Sonic 2).

In February of 2022, Cyclone revealed the Derecho and Stormcenter in a News2YouFirst video on their YouTube channel. Fans were not happy about the price compared to the relatively cheap Cyclone Vortex, but on release day fans flocked to the scene to get their hands on the console.


The system holds a 102-game library. Sonic titles released on the console were:

Sonic 2

Sonic 3: The Story of Knuckles

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