The Cyborg Squadron are a team of cyborgs owned and created by Kabletech. They follow standard team formations, but with various twists due to their abilities.


All of the cyborgs have different backstories (and species). However, they were all brought under some sort of Kabletech development program which gave them new, mechanical bodies. Since then they have been turned into Kabletech's lethal fighting force and answer directly to Kable the Fox.


Bladedancer:Bladedancer is a female human cyborg and the team's speed member. Her cybernetics take up everything bellow her head, and she has the sleekest body of the group having been made with the most recent technology. She also wields a carbon nanotube katana, hence the name. She can run at extreme speeds and is extremely proficient at sword fighting.

Wraith the Cyberhog:Wraith is a male mobian hedgehog cyborg and the team's flight member. He was designed to go basically anywhere for stealth missions. As such, his cyborg enhancements allow him to phase through walls and fly, as well as survive in space, underwater and in extreme heat and cold. He can also fire energy beams out of his palms as a means of self-defence.

Grizzly:Grizzly is a cyborg bear and the team's power member. How Kabletech ended up experimenting on a bear nobody knew, but he turned into an insanely useful asset due to the cybernetics giving him insane strength. He is a brown bear with ragged fur and various cybernetic parts, including his eye, which has been replaced by a red LED.


The Squadron are connected by Kabletech's wireless technology. This means they can communicate with each other and Kabletech directly through a form of telepathy. It also allows the other 2 members to control Grizzly, who has no real intelligence and relies on primal instinct. This allows almost perfect teamwork from the group. However, it also allows Kabletech to control them if they need to.

They are also allowed to use any weapon at Kabletech's disposal.

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