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Cybius is an alternate reality version of Mobius. In this reality, the entire universe is what would be considered a "cyberspace", made up of energy and programs.



Prominent Characters




Other Residents

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Titles and Names

  • Users: This title referes to the general population of Cybius. Average Users are often civilians, who do not have any Attack Programs, nor are Users legally allowed to have Attack Programs without proper licensing.
  • Admins: Admins are the officials in Cybius, and take care of any issues across Cybius. Admins are often split into sub-categories, which would be:
    • RollBacks: RollBacks could be considered the "police" of Cybius, often taking care of the usual crime. Rollbacks carry standardized Attack Programs, which are ofen blasters or stun batons. Rollbacks can be defined by their uniforms (which they always wear), which look like those of SWAT officers.
    • Sysops: Sysops are considered the elite guard of Cybius. Sysops usually handle the far more serious problems, such as Trolls and Viruses. Unlike RollBacks, Sysops do not wear uniforms, although they do carry badge data to identify themselves with. Sysops also carry far more advanced Attack Programs (often personalized ones), and sometimes even carry more than one.
    • Bureaucrats: Bureaucrats are the "top-dogs of Cybius"; in other words, they are the leaders, who give commands to the lower-ranked officials. Bureaucrats can always be defined by the robes they wear and the data canes they carry, which allow them to control the flow of data. Bureaucrats are often very elderly, and equally wise. Despite their great age, Bureaucrats are often extremely powerful, with most people scared just at the thought of making one angry.
  • Bots: Automated Users that often take care of the running and maintenance of machines throughout Cybius.
  • Viruses: Viruses are the main problem throughout Cybius. Viruses are often very dangerous, and if left unchecked, could ravage Cybius. It is an Admin's main duty to keep Virueses in check.
    • Trolls: As the name states, Trolls are little green beasts that often cause trouble across Cybius. while not overly intelligent or powerful, they can cause serious problems in a pack, though they can be swiftly despatched by more experienced Admins.
      • Elite Trolls: As the name explains, Elite Trolls are far more dangerous and effective than normal Trolls. Elite Trolls are much more intelligent than normal Trolls, and are able to plan and strategize, rather than mindlessly attack. Despite this, Elite Trolls rarely prove much more of a threat than usual trolls. Elite Trolls are covered in a silver-white armor, and wield dangerous data-blades, rather than the usual clubs.
      • Giant Trolls: Giant Trolls are essentially Trolls of enormous size. Unlike usual Trolls, which are rather small, Giant Trolls are enormous, absolutely towering over others, and often being the size of buildings. Despite being even less intelligent than normal Trolls, their sheer size and strength make Giant Trolls the most dangerous vareity.
    • Hackers: Hackers are assassin-like viruses, used to stealthily take down targets. Considerably smarter and more effective than Trolls, Hackers can take on the form of any person they see in order to get close to their target. However, the transformation is not perfect, as they are unable to speak, and can be easily identified by a Scan Program. There true form is that of a small blob of smoke and data.
    • Viral Cores: Black hole-looking spheres, Viral Cores are stationary viruses that create Trolls and Hackers. These often need to be found and destroyed in ordered to stop Virus attacks from continuing. These Viruses cannot attack or defend themselves, and must be protected by other Viruses.

Objects, Weapons, and Energy

  • Data: Data is the ambient energy that makes up Cybius and all beings, even viruses. Data is used to create virtually everything, from basic objects to advanced weaponry, and is also used as an energy source. While large machinery is usually required to convert Data into different forms, Bureaucrats are able to achieve this with their Data Canes, and some are even able to do this without items. Data could technically be considered Cybius' version of Chaos Energy.
  • Programs: "Programs" is the general term used to identify items used in all aspects of Cybius. Programs usually take the form of square pieces of data, until activated, in which the Program takes on its designed form.
    • Currency Program: The currency of Cybius, used in various transactions.
    • Clothing Program: Programs that, when activated, take on the form of various types of clothing, such as shirts, pants, dresses, and so on. Clothing Programs are most often found in malls and boutiques.
    • Attack Program: Programs that, whe activated, take on the form of weapons. Attack Programs have great vareity, ranging from basic blasters, to much more personalized and advanced weaponry, such as hammers and lances.
    • Scan Program: Scan programs are used to scan one's surroundings. These can be used to find items or identify imposters, though it is possible to bypass Scan Programs.
    • Healing Program: Healing Programs are used to heal the injured.
    • Revival Program: Incredibly rare programs that can actually revive Users.
    • Viral Program: An insidious program that can mutate Users into beastly User/Virus hybrids, a mutation that is quite difficult to remedy. While most Users lose their self-control, it is possible for Users to remain in control and even gain dominance over their viral halves.

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