Cybernetic string is an unusual attack that was developed in

Techtown. (the advantage of making articles on your phone is you can change coding!)


When someone uses the attack, what appears to be a long, electric string appears from their hand. This can be used to reach high places or attack enemies.


Feel free to add your characters here!Tracker the Dog: Proud inventor of the technique.

Databyte Egg: This devious villain copied the attack, and he uses it often.

•Nightenio the Hedgehog: Learnt it from Tracker

Annie the Cat: Co-Founder of the attack.

Wreck the Fox: Learning it.

  • Turret: Has something like it.


The technique was thought up by Tracker the dog and Annie the cat to aid them in the war against Databyte Egg. For the first few battles, the attack was incredibly useful, but it wasn't long before the devious Databyte figured out how to copy the attack, and things went a little downhill.

              Despite this disaster, many heroes and friends of

Tracker (or Annie) have been taught the move, like Wreck the Fox, or PilcrowPilcrowPilcrow the ZooBloo.


The user must have at least the smallest amount of cybernetic energy in them (Tracker, Annie and Nightenio have lived in Techtown their whole lives and Pilcrow is a ZooBloo) or chaos energy.

Significant Variants

Variants include the chaos energy counterpart, chaos whip, which emits a shorter yet more powerful whip, and the version used by the ultimate programming (Databytes super form) where 8 whips come out of his hand, they twist up to make one big thick whip, and then he slams it on his enemies.

Weak Points

It can be rebounded using chaos energy, cybernetic energy or dark energy, and cannot hold everybody when being used to reach high places.


The only known drawback of this technique is that it drains a lot of the users Cybernetic/Chaos energy.

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