Author(s) Johan Wendell
Publication Information
Publisher Studio Nasake
Release Date 2021
Media Type Cyberpunk, superhero
Series Cybermania
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Cybermania (サイバーマニア, Saibāmania) is an upcoming German cyberpunk visual novel created by Studio Nasake, loosely based on Sonic The Hedgehog. Taking place roughly 80 years after the War to Take Back the Planet, the rise of new technology has lead to conflict around the world, with the long-deceased Heroes of Mobius no longer there to prevent it.

When a terrorist group known as Haven forms, one young athlete caught in the crossfire joins an unlikely group of would-be heroes in an effort to restore peace to the world.


The story takes place in the dystopian future of 2097, some 80 years after the events of Sonic Forces.

After the Resistance defeated Eggman, much of the world was left in ruin, and society reverse engineered the technology that Eggman had left behind. With this, the world was rebuilt at an extremely fast rate, resulting in an era of industrial and cultural evolution.

Since then, the line between nature and machine has divided the planet. The introduction to cybernetics known as "mods" resulted in a widespread phenomenon of body modification. You are now reborn with a perfect body, complete with moving parts. The possibilities are infinite.

However, this has created hell on Earth.

The idea of a "perfect body"— as everyone has their own interpretation of such— has resulted in cybermania: a mental illness of cybernetic addiction. Cybermaniacs are subject to self-destructive behaviour such as amputation, all for the sake of obtaining that perfect body, and the greedy corporations that introduced it reap in billions off of it.

Stigma surrounds cyborgs and those in support, and conflict engulfs the planet. When a terrorist group Haven forms and threatens cybernetics, one young athlete caught in the crossfire joins with some of his childhood heroes in an effort to restore peace to the world, or so he believes.


In the series, most characters are gifted with Talents, supernatural abilities that evolve based on their interactions as children. There are over 500 known Talents, and possibly thousands more waiting to be discovered.


Mods are cybernetic installments. These are used by Cyborgs. Originally meant for medical purposes (I.E., replacing lost or broken body parts, organs, or senses), they have evolved into becoming weapons used by the military and fashion statements among common people. Mods can be sold in special stores, or bought illegally from the black market. Illegal Mods can have weapons or other types of banned features, such as holograms, hackware, and location-tracking equipment.















Studio Nasake

Studio nasake

Studio Nasake (stylized as studio nasake) is an independent game developer based in Germany. Its name derived from the Japanese word nasake (情け, meaning "compassion"), it was founded on 3 March 2020 by Alphonse Uprising/Teslarossa. Studio Nasake is currently developing the Cybermania visual novel.

Cybermania will be a self-financed production, because Teslarossa did not want to risk legal trouble with SEGA should he run a crowdfunding campaign.

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