Author(s) Johan Wendell
Publication Information
Publisher Johan Wendell
Release Date TBA 2020
Media Type Cyberpunk, superhero
Series Cybermania
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Cybermania (サイバーマニア, Saibāmania) is a German series created by Alphonse Uprising, loosely based on Sonic The Hedgehog. Taking place roughly 80 years after the War to Take Back the Planet , the rise of new technology has lead to conflict around the world, with the long-deceased Heroes of Mobius no longer there to prevent it.

When a terrorist group, the Safe Haven, forms and threatens civilisation, one young athlete caught in the crossfire joins the ragtag team of the Guardian Units in an effort to restore peace to the world.


In 2097, after the end of the Cyber Revolution, a 70-year era of technological advancement, the world has been divided between two differt groups, ones who were born with Talents, and ones who used cybernetic implants to gain powers.

The Neo-Knights was an agency established to prevent crimes against life (CoL) with the increasingly prominent use of Talents, but after nearly 40 years of operation, they would shut down under mysterious circumstances in 2092. With the end of the Neo-Knights brought the rise of a terrorist group known as Safe Haven, hellbent on ending cybernetic production by turning it against people.

The series revolves around a boy named Tesla Hunt, the son of cyberneticist Nikola Hunt, who led the cyborg development movement during the Cyber Revolution, who was inspired to become a hero someday by the Neo-Knights and became a siegeball athlete to strengthen his skills.

Ever since the Neo-Knights closed down and multiple former members of the organisation began disappearing, Tesla needed to find out what was going on. He didn't trust the media enough. When he breaks into an abandoned Neo-Knights base, he would meet CLOUD-99, one of the former members of the Neo-Knights who was there to find the hard drives that contained controversial information behind the agency in their involvement in the 2091 Xiaoqing Uprising, a staged protest that went violent, resulting in hundreds of deaths in China.

When it turns out to be a decoy created by Safe Haven troops, CLOUD is captured. Led by one Rikard, he reveals that they had already stolen the hard drives and is ready to reveal to the public the crimes that the Neo-Knights have done that they tried to hide in the 2091 Xiaoqing Uprising. Tesla, believing Rikard has malice, attacks one of the soldiers but he himself is shot and captured. When Safe Haven orders them to leave, another Neo-Knight appear and ambush them- Miri. They defeat the last of the enemies and surround Rikard, who escapes by jumping out of the window and using Chaos Control.

After the battle, the Neo-Knights take Tesla in to have them treated for his injuries. Miri reveals the truth: the Neo-Knights were warned of the Xiaoqing Uprising ahead of time and could've stopped the disaster before it started, but the government prevented them from interfering until it takes place so they would profit off of it more. Cloud, Miri, Matthias, Wales, and several other Neo-Knights would violate the mandate and attempt to stop the uprising themselves, but Rikard would get the military involved to stop them. They had no choice and waited as the bloodbath ensued and the media shifted the blame of the attacks to Cyborgs. After the Uprising, a final meeting was held at the Neo-Knights HQ and it was decided that the agency would cease operations in 2092.

Years after its bitter end, Safe Haven would rise and former Neo-Knights that became local vigilantes would begin disappearing. Cloud, Matthias, Miri, and Professor Toothpaste would be the last known ex-Neo-Knights that would eventually form the Guardian Units, a ragtag agency meant to end Safe Haven and its apparent leader, ex-Neo-Knight Rikard, and restore peace among Supers and Cyborgs.

Tesla vows to join the new Guardian Units and help with their goal, and trying to keep it a secret from his friends and family.


In the series, most characters are gifted with Talents, supernatural abilities that evolve based on their interactions as children. There are over 70 known Talents, and possibly thousands more waiting to be discovered.


Implants are cybernetic installments. These are used by Cyborgs. Originally meant for medical purposes (I.E., replacing lost or broken body parts, organs, or senses), they have evolved into becoming weapons used by the military and fashion statements among common people. Implants can be sold in special stores, or bought illegally from the black market. Illegal Implants can have weapons or other types of banned features, such as holograms (used to trick people), hacking devices and EMPs, and location-tracking equipment known as trackware.











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