Personal Information

Cyber Wolf

• Species: Wolf

• Age: 17

• Birth: 7th December 1997

• Lives: Mobius

• Gender: Male

• Height: 3.9 (1.14m)

• Weight: Unknown

• Alignment: Neutral

• Powers: Super strength, stretchy cybernetic arm and power kick. Also the basic spin dash, spin jump and homing attack. And has a super form. (Powered by the Chaos Emeralds)


Cyber Wolf has an unbelievable amount of strength. Before he had the robotic parts on him, he was one of the strongest beings on Mobius. Now that he has robotic parts, his strength has doubled. Now he's just as strong as Knuckles.


Cyber Wolf is normally calm and quiet but when he feels threatened, he gets really mad. He rarely shows any emotion whatsoever. He rarely smiles to ANYONE! Due to being part robot, he doesn't seem to understand others emotions at all. All he knows is happiness, sadness and anger. The ones he doesn't understand is love.


Cyber Wolf is a Turquoise coloured wolf with grey robotic parts.

Relationships with other characters

(If you want to be friends with him, go ahed!)

Sonic the Hedgehog

He gets along with Sonic very well. Sonic normally tries to make him smile but fails most of the time.

Knuckles the Echidna

They get along pretty well. They are rivals at strength but cool friends at other times.

Rouge the Bat

Most of the time, Cyber Wolf thinks Rouge is a "weirdo" for the flirting she does to him. He doesn't understand love at all.

Shadow the Hedgehog

Even though they're partners at G.U.N.,

Amy Rose

They seem to get along most of the time. But she tries to cheer him up a little too much which makes him a little annoyed. But he sees her as a good friend.

Cream the Rabbit

Cyber Wolf is very calm towards Cream. Cream is pretty much the only one that makes him feel better when he feels low.

Rivals (Friendly and Bad)

(If you want to be rivals with him, go ahead!)

Knuckles the Echidna

They are only rivals when it comes to strength. Other than that, they are the best of friends.

Jet the Hawk

The only time when they become rivals is when Cyber Wolf gets his extreme gear and rides around. Jet shows no respect to Cyber Wolf what so ever but it doesn't bother Cyber Wolf though. Streak often calls him a "green rooster" when he gets annoyed at Jet.


(If you want to be enemies with him, go ahead!)

Dr Eggman

Cyber really hates Eggman's guts for what he did to his parents years ago. He finds it difficult dealing with the fact that it happened years ago and he should put it behind him.


"Cyber Wolf here. What's my mission?" Streak when he answers The Commander on his robotic hand

"Rouge, stop flirting you weirdo!" Cyber Wolf telling Rouge not to flirt with him

"Can it green rooster!" Cyber Wolf when is annoyed at Jet The Hawk

"That was way too easy!" S Rank

"Still a great result!" A Rank

"I just made it." B rank

"That's was OK." C Rank

"It can't get any worse!" D Rank

"I always do better than this!!!" E Rank

(Olympic rankings) "That was easy." First place

"Still a pretty good result" Second or third place

"I need to practice more..." Forth place or lower

(Sonic and Sega games) "Better stay out my way!" "The name's Cyber Wolf" "No-one will ever get past me!" Before starting

"Outta my way!!" Past a racer/opponent"

"GET BACK HERE!!!!" Racer/opponent went past

Short Bio

Cyber Wolf was born in 1997. He was raised my G.U.N. They treated him like a son. They first named him Junior so it's easier to call him. They trained him everyday.

But when he was 17, Dr. Eggman kidnapped him so he can turn him into a robot and make him the leader of his robotic army. He roboticized him with robotic parts on his left side. (Left arm, leg, ear, eye and foot)

But Eggman forgot to make him a robot brain in order to make him take his orders. He then escaped and went back to G.U.N. without worrying about how people saw him.

And when he returned to G.U.N., they couldn't believe what he has turned into. They renamed him to Cyber Wolf and made him partner up with Shadow and Rouge as a "Thank god he's still alive" reward.

One day, Cyber Wolf met Sonic and his friends. Sonic and most of his friends trusted him since he's not an Eggman robot but Blaze, Silver and The Chaotix didn't trust him 100% but knew he's not an enemy. Since then Sonic and co. needed some help so Sonic accepted him to the team and went to look for Eggman.

They later found Eggman, he fought with Sonic and co. to defeat Eggman for sure. But they all didn't know that Eggman made a really tough robot. Sonic, Shadow, Silver and Cyber Wolf used the Chaos Emeralds to turn Super to defeat the robot. Cyber Wolf's super form is Chrome Cyber Wolf. They soon defeated the robot and Sonic, Cyber Wolf and co. have won.

They all celebrated the defeat of Eggman and to welcome Cyber Wolf to the team.

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