Cyber City is a Futuristic City on Mobius, not only does it look futuristic, but it is also futuristic in technology.

Locations in Cyber City

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Lightning League HQ

The center of Cyber City, the Lightning League HQ is also the largest building in the City, It is home of the Lightning League (False name to keep the Building Safe, it is really home to Dragoonworks/Grand Star Army). The Lightning League HQ has Several Briefing rooms, a Clawbot 2.0 Factory, A Race Course, And Several Laboratories inside. In fact, it is the members of the Lightning League (Dragoonworks) that created Cyber City. Voltrex is actually in charge of the city, for him to appear amongst the streets of the city is quite rare, however he does appear at the annual EX Grand Prix.

Cyber Station

A Bullet Train Station that leads to other cities, the Bullet Trains are cleaned weekly and carry thousands of Passengers, they run 24/7.

EX Stadium

An Extreme-Gear Stadium that holds a tournament once a year. Although the tournament is only once a year, the Stadium is open all year long, its free to use.

X-Gear Shop

A Factory that sells unique, and rare Extreme Gear. The owner of the Factory is known as Teknec. He allows you to test out gear before you buy.

Poke' Center

A place where you can heal your Fainted or Injured Pokémon to full Health. Run by Nurse Joy's fifth sister 4 times removed and a Chansey. Chansey are asshole Pokémon and are very hard to catch. Also Joy is a bit of a whore.

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