Shi-Ka , AKA "Cutter the Pirate."


Cutter is a green echidna with red eyes and cybernetic implants allowing him to see things better in his right eye. He wears a pirate bandana with the Twilight Shadow's logo in it and he wears a Nocturnous military uniform, (for the memories.)


Despite his piraty ways Cutter can be a very nice and loyal guy once you get to know him. He is very comedic and loves to tell stories and tall tales. He also love joking with people as we, he serves as the life of the party onboard the Dancing Shadow. Cutter loves to cook as well and he puts his his soul into his food. Cutter is not without the pirate spirit however as he loves boarding/raiding vesseles and swashbuckling. Cutter is not in it for the profit as much as the adventure!


The son of a Noctunre Decurion and a Nocturne High Praetorian, young Shi-Ka was brought up in the Nocturnous Clan to be warrior for Imperator IX's security forces. After finally achieving the rank of Praetorian Shi-Ka decided that he was bored of the soldier life and wished for an more adventurous life. Once he came under attack by the crew of the Twilight Shadow's and decided to join them to earn money to help pay for his parents who retired from their service after Shade took over the Nocturnous. With the opertunity to join the Twilight Shadow's, Shi-Ka became Cutter the Pirate and after showing his skill in combat he learned from his training and years in the military he found a home on board the Dancing Shadow.

Cutter in a attacking stance in his Nocturne Praetorian armor.


Cutter is an adept with the leech blade and the Nocturne blade, in fact he is adept at any sword or sharp object! Cutter is good at moving swiftly and faking out his opponent in battle. He is without a doubt the best cook on the Dancing Shadow and it shows in his food, the fact he cooks so well may be one of the reasons some of the crew have not muteneid yet when they where hungry. Cutter has also learned to be enteraining when not in the heat of battle and will be the first to shiver ye timbers with a nice story or joke! 


Cutter is a sucker for a cute girl sence he has stays up on the ship for too long. He cannot help himself around a lady to be a rude in his manners sometimes. Cutter also has issues with raiding civilain vessels which he is hessitant to volenteer or participate in. He also seems to come over as soft when stealing booty from those he seems innocent, often only taking what is aboslutly necessary to please the captain.

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