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Cutter The Echidna
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November 5th
Bounty Hunter
Getting the job done, Bonuses, Rock Climbing, being one step ahead of his foes.
Swindlers, smugglers, gangsters, company (on certain occasions), crowded and noisy areas, being dragged into something or finding himself doing something very wrong.

Cutter is a bounty hunter who resides in Station Square. He takes on the job of hunting down wanted criminals, and turning them over to the Station Square Police Department. The job pays very well, which makes Cutter a very wealthy person. He doesn't need half of the money though, as he doesn't buy himself any fancy entertainment for himself. Other than paying off what he needs to live, The money usually goes to buying himself some new equipment, and what's left over is given in donation to various things. (Charity, city repairs, etc.) Cutter is very serious about his job, and has a wide assortment of weapons and gadgets at his disposal.

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Cutter is a black echidna with red eyes, and short hair brushed towards his backside. His hair goes to his cheeks in the front, and below his shoulders at the back. His outfits may vary, but he is usually seen wearing a red shirt with a black vest, brown pants and a brown belt with two pouches attached to the sides. He also wears black shoes with red soles and white socks&gloves. He also has a completely black outfit which he wears when he wants to go low profile at night.


Cutter is serious, a bit surly, and doesn't smile often. He takes everything seriously. He can be a loner, as he spends his time by himself. Which means that he works alone. He doesn't like to be in large crowds of people, because he feels that they get in his way whether he's on or off duty. He is very serious about his work, and will pursue it to the end. But he also doesn't want to get people who are accused wrongly at the same time, which sometimes leads him to investigate the crime they supposedly committed to seek out the truth.

When he knows he's on the right track, he is confident, cautious, and won't speak much to his bounty. All he needs is a brief introduction and a showdown.

Strengths and Powers

Cutter does not have any special powers at all. However, he is skilled in several different areas. He is quite fast on his feet, and is quite strong and durable. He is skilled in rock climbing, swimming, and grappling. He can also speak a few different languages, something he picked up knowing that he'd have to travel a lot. He has a variety of equipment to use at his disposal: A grappling hook, a knife, an extra rope, a net, a cutter boomerang (a metal blade in the shape of a boomerang) a spear, and a dictionary of different languages.

In battle, he mainly fights with his spear. He will fight with his boomerang if it calls for a fast paced or long ranged combat. He will only use his knife if he really needs to. He usually uses it for other purposes.

General Info

Cutter lives in an apartment in Station Square. After the Perfect Chaos incident, Cutter was one of the many people who evacuated to safety. He originally lived in a smaller house, but it was completely washed away. He now lives in an apartment complex residing near Casinopolis.

Cutter drops by the police station every now and then to find out if there is another criminal to hunt. His job is one of the most important things to him. He hates injustice, which is why he takes the jobs, but because of that hatred, he often goes to research and investigate the crime. He once turned in an innocent man. Ever since then, he always double checks before hunting the wanted. If they are indeed innocent, he will either tell the police why the person is innocent and try to convince them to drop the charges on them, or he would investigate further and bring them the real criminal, clearing the originally wanted's name.

In his free time, Cutter will go to the Mystic Ruins to rock climb. It's one of the most notable things that he really enjoys. He also sees it as a suitable workout.


Cutter used to be a black Knuckles recolor. Same color scheme as he has now. He didn't have the symbol on his chest or spikes on his knuckles, however. So he wasn't all THAT bad at the start. Cutter was one of the later characters to be created. He came into the making at the same time as James and Harry Hunter. While the other two were seemingly abandoned, Cutter moved up in the world. He made his first appearance as a party member in the cancelled game, "Kyle's Adventure: Journey of the Lost Hero". His motives for joining Kyle were unclear, as the game was cancelled before it got too far into the story to find out.

Cutter originally had a back story where he somehow was separated from his parents, and all he had left was his baby sister named Jessica, whom he nicknamed "Jessie". He traveled the world with her, searching for his parents. The story was soon scrapped, and Cutter was temporarily dropped while other characters were being fixed. He then got his new look and his basic purpose down, but had no where to appear in any roleplay as of yet. However, his sister's name is still Jessica.

However, Cutter is confirmed to appear in Splice The Hedgehog.



Has not made any official appearances yet.

Other Appearances

Splice The Hedgehog (RPG Fangame)

Relationships with Other Characters


Cutter's family lives out in Emerald Town. His mother, father, and little sister. Cutter moved out once he became 19 years old. He still stays in contact with them.


Cutter has not made any friends yet.


Cutter has not made any reoccurring enemies. Whoever is wanted is an enemy to him, unless proven otherwise.