Cutlass the Demonfox

Cutlass the Hedgefox

Biographical Information
Age 17


Romantic Interests None (As of yet)
Physical Description
Species Demonfox/Hedgefox
Gender Male
  • Yellow fur
  • Tan arms
  • Blue eyes
  • Forest green Hair

All Black Clothing

  • Tank Top with Overcoat
  • Pants
  • Spike Shoes
  • Gloves with Straps
  • Grey Belt
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations Chaotic Evil
  • Cutlass
  • Cleaver
  • Hammer
  • Long Swords
  • Knives

Sword Attacks:

  • Slash
  • Curve
  • Stab
  • Jab
  • Lunge
  • Thrust
  • Back-Thrust
  • Down Thrust
  • Firebrand Strike
  • Quad Cutlass


  • Blast
  • Blade
  • Devour
  • Shockwave
  • Puncture
  • Swordslash
  • Jab
  • Updraft
  • Maelstrom

Final Attack:

  • Darkening Finisher
Super Forms
  • Doomsday Cutlass
  • Darkening Cutlass
  • Steel Soul Cutlass
  • Demon Cutlass
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original Creator

Game Info

HP: High

Range: Low

Power: High

Speed: Medium

Hyper Combo:

1: Quad Cutlass: (One bar) Cutlass' swords become double-bladed Cutlasses. He then spins them around, and throws them at a nearby enemies on either side, dealing a 20 hit strike from each sword. (Low to medium range required for this attack, Low damage dealt. Partner switchable.)

2: Chaos Maelstrom: (One Bar) Cutlass throws down his swords, then a giant gravity field wraps around him. The energy gains more and more power, pulling things in and swinging them around. Finally he lets out the burst of energy that blows back everything in a medium range, hitting some with the objects that fly at them to give extra damage. (Medium range attack. Medium damage is dealt. Partner Switchable)

3: Darkening Finisher: (Three bars) The entire area goes black except for Cutlass and the opponent closest to him. He draws a pitch black sword out of his sheath, then jumps high into the air, and sends down 30 slicing waves of dark energy, then finishes off with a powerful down strike, creating a massive shockwave to hit the opponent. (Low range only. High damage given. Partner Nonswitchable.)

His Story

I was born on the planet only known as the Darkening Sword. The atmosphere around the planet was full of sharp weapons. (shurikans, daggers, etc.) The first part of the name came from how dark it was. You barely saw the sun through all of the objects floating in the atmosphere. Life was a very darkening time, so I decided to ditch the planet. I came up with many ideas, but only one worked. I had become 15 and had suffered many cuts and bruises that had become permanent scars. In the time I tried my other plans I had also learned the sword art and mastered it quite easily. My chaos power ran deep through my veins, though I am not an Ultimate Lifeform, I had gained my power from my mother who was a relative by marriage to the echidna family. I finally tried the easiest way off the planet because "IT" was approaching. My home's rival planet, Dragorn, was coming to destroy us. When the doomsday sirens went off, I would make my escape to the planet Mobius with an escape pod. Two weeks later, my plan had ended in complete success, but my parents didn't make it out alive, which grieved me terribly. After my mourning, I began to search Mobius for somebody to teach me further in my chaos skills. I finally found a cousin of the great Shadow the Hedgehog that I had heard of on my home world. His cousin's name was Geo, and we became very good friends during our work togethor. I then went on a journey to find my chaos soul item, an item that is passed to you through your family that will help you control chaos powers. My Soul Item was a Jade necklace from my mother's jewelry box. When I put it on it began to glow in all the seven colors of the chaos emeralds. I then returned and became jeleaus of Geo when he found seven chaos rings in his name. I then tried to take them....but to no avail. Finally, I swore our friendship was over and pledged to be his rival until this day. Still I sometimes wonder whether I made the right choice........

Three months past that, I met somebody even more infuriating than Geo. A hedgehog with Angelic wings by the name of Isaiah. At first I just wanted to mess with the guy, but after a smashing failure of a harmless prank, he began to irk me. I tried and tried again till I began to make up even more devious and dangerous plots. I've been fighting him since...

From Hedgefox to Demonfox

At the time of his eighteenth birthday, he became overwhelmed with envy for everybody who had received good fortune. His envy turned to anger, and he finally changed. He became a monster so darkened by his own anger, that the demons wiped his entire memory and replaced it with one of darkness. He became the shadow that walks the night, wondering what he truly was and all he knows is that the Mobians had done this to him. Only one name is what he remembers.


Cutlass the Demonfox.


"Oh goodie, another problem for me to cause."

"These people are so boring, I mean, you can't get anything done without them nagging."

"You better watch where your stepping before I cram a blade down your throat."

"Don't get on my bad side, you'll regret it."

"My skills surpass yours by far, I'm not gonna take this from you."

"Time to die, you little runt."


Blind rage: When he becomes angry, he will attack blindly, not caring whether he hits or not. His reaction time slows down  and he can't place a hit. He tires out quickly in this state.

Demonic Curse: Cutlass can't be in contact with his demon self for too long or it will suck at his life force.

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