Cut is an elementless technique known more for its use out of combat than it's use in battle.


The user focuses on a sharp implement in their use, be it a bladed weapon or a sharp body part, such as a claw or horn, and in particular, the edge of this item. As they focus on the edge, they narrow it to a blade a few nanometers thick, allowing for a standard sword to slice through a tree like butter without needing immense strength or denting the blade. As such, some user prefer to make the blade glow as they charge it, giving it an aura of energy. This technique allows almost any blade or sharp implement to be used to cut through almost any organic matter.

Due to its use, you may think that the technique is extremely dangerous in combat. However, due to the pressures on the user, the blade is never quite as sharp in combat as it is when outside, and as such, the technique's power diminishes somewhat.


Pokemon Users



Technique Rank

Due to the technique being known to 'falter' in combat, but taking into account it's extreme practicality, the technique bears a C-rank.

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