Cura the Cat


Age: 17

Likes: Healing her allies

Dislikes: Poison Ivy

Strengths: She is very agile, along hear to sneak and jump around to avoid enemy attacks while healing an ally.

Weaknesses: She doesn't do much besides heal people, she is not offensive or defensive, she is supportive, and she cannot heal herself.

VOICE ACTOR: Tara Strong - You may recognize her as Timmy Turner from Farily Oddparents or as Raven from Teen Titans


Her usual self seems innocent even though she works with the enemies, She often doesn't know why she's helping them, but she feels like she has to. When she's around Frostbite and friends she likes to pull pranks and play around with them. She tries to get Electro to have more fun and she tries to constantly seduce Frostbite to make Firaga mad. She uses her mind alot as she proves to be smart and manipulative.

She was found by the enemies after she bonked her head and they took her in and trained her to use her healing powers for their advantage, because of this the enemies have won several battles against Frostbite and friends. Around Frostbite and the gang she likes to flirt with frostbite, prank Electro, and just makes Firaga upset.


She was sent away like all the other princes and princesses of the elements, but Cura's escape pod crash landed causing her to get a serious bump on the head which caused a few memories to get rattles. She now thinks her enemies are friends and and thinks her friends are enemies. She can't remember anything about her home planet even though she still remembers that she came from there.

She constantly switches back and foward on working with Frostbite to working with the enemy since her mind is all boggled. This makes her feel like a neutral character and someday she may regain those memories but for now she'll just have to go with whatever her messed up head tells her to do.

After the events of Story of the Elementals she became a hero but still likes to flirt with Frostbite to anger Firaga


Healing Powers

  • Cure is the ability to restore health and strength to a wounded or damaged ally
  • Un-Cure (Poison) Is a little trick she can do when holding a Chaos Emerald to slowly chip away at the enemies health.

Other Powers

  • Agility is incredible. Her agility is so good that it's mind blowing, she uses it to heal her enemies while avoiding the enemy attacks. She dodges at blinding speeds and does anything she can to avoid taking damage
Kingdom Hearts II OST - Tension Rising (Nobody Boss Theme)

Kingdom Hearts II OST - Tension Rising (Nobody Boss Theme)

This is her theme because you get a sense of slight insanity from her since she struggles with so many mind probems, her memory, relationships, her allies and more.



"Hey... Cura here." - Introducing herself

"Mother nature better have mercy on you!" - Battling an enemy

"You should get out more" - Defeating an enemy

"C'mon why can't I just heal myself!" - Losing to an enemy

"Looks like my score doesn't need healing!" - Getting an S rank on a mission


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