Crytus the Fox
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Crytus the Fox

Crytus the Fox is a Moebian fox who was born from Moebius but currently resides in the Frozen Plateau Zone. He is also considered to be the Mobian counterpart of Razer the Fox. Interestingly enough, despite being obviously a Moebian, Crytus is actually a living elemental that was fused within the host body, granting complete sentience and awareness. Unlike most Moebians who are villains, Crytus leans heavily on the neutral side and doesn't take any necessary action unless if needed. And being a freelancer means he also works as a mercenary, but only if it's for the right cause.

Currently, he serves as the guardian of the ice clan village.


As An Experiment

Crytus, a name being given by scientists, was an artificially-created ice elemental seeking a host body for complete control and live life as a Moebian. Shortly after, they brought in a lifeless body of a Moebian fox, acting as a shell for the living elemental to take control of. Delighted of this, the elemental willingly took control of the body and had soon grown into complete sentience, once it, or he, was implanted within the cerebral cortex. His arms were soon entirely encased in ice, but the results were still a perfection, nevertheless.

The Escape

It is unknown what happened afterwards, but it seems with the elemental's full awareness having come to fruition, he had soon went rogue and had successfully escaped Moebius before finding himself into Mobius. Of course, it was the wrong destination as the heat was bearing down on him and he had soon sought refuge in the Frozen Plateau. From there, he calls it his home as venturing outside of cold, frigid areas and into hot and humid areas means he's not allowed to go beyond that point.

Ice Clan Village's Guardian

Physical Description

Although Crytus is obviously an elemental that had taken full control of Crytus, he doesn't appear much different other than the changes of his fur and eyes, with his fur being ice blue and his eyes being aquamarine. Like Razer, he also sports a hooded jacket, along with jeans and boots, though one of his unique, notable appearances are both of his arms being entirely made of frozen ice. Interestingly enough, he can move both his arms and hands like any regular limbs. And touching any items or a person will not harm them as he has full control over his cryokinesis.

Of course, he wears a winter mask that covers his whole muzzle, whilst his eyes were covered in thick, winter goggles as well, though they are nonfunctional like Razer's as his accessory is normal and is only used to help see through obscured vision when blizzard hits; of course, the goggles are completely covered with an orange tint. In reality, no matter what outfit he is wearing, Crytus is a sentient elemental taking the form of a Moebian fox.


Despite being a Moebian (or more importantly, a living elemental), Crytus is almost always relaxed and does not normally attack others though he won't hesitate to defend himself. In contrast to Razer, Crytus is cool-tempered and is virtually impossible to be intimidated by other, more dangerous foes, and basically laughs it off because he himself is fully aware of their actions and no matter how great the insults are thrown at him, Crytus is quite impossible for him to even lose his temper unlike his Mobian counterpart.

Of course, despite being a villain, he leans on the more neutral side and has lines that he will never cross, which includes harming young children and other innocents who don't deserve the mistreatment. If he were to encounter young children being attacked, he will openly chide other villains for giving real villains (with a heart) a bad name. Still, Crytus' unique traits is fearlessness which couples with being impossible to intimidate when confronted by others. He is, however, quite weary of heat, which can cause grief by heat exhaustion.

Still, Crytus isn't to be taken lightly, particularly those who try to scare him into submission. His lack of fear response can prove to be a huge challenge from even the most fearsome opponents.

He also expresses interest with Kyanos and, being the God of Freezing Ice, he expresses a strong loyalty towards him.


Being a cryokinetic user, he is extremely adept with this type of ability, and even moreso in snowy areas. And his notable traits being extremely resistant to hypothermia and frostbite on even the lowest temperatures. And one of his unique abilities are summoning the "ice-lings", resembling as spider-like creatures made of pure ice (even in the snow), and can use greater numbers to overwhelm foes. Despite the ice-lings being obviously weak, their large numbers can easily outmatch even the strongest opponents. There is, however, a catch; Crytus can't summon them if he is outside of a snowy area.

In addition, one of the unique traits is his regenerative ability. If his arms, or other limbs, were cut off, they regenerate quite instantly, particularly in cold temperatures. This makes Crytus the most challenging opponent to face unless facing against the likes of pyrokinetic users, which can be a much greater challenge. Another unique trait is being completely immune to being brainwashed; as he is a living elemental, he cannot be mind controlled very easily, and is generally fearless coupled with his immunity of being brainwashed. He can, however, merge himself to another cryokinetic user, granting him/her Crytus' abilities and strengthen them further. He can also re-emerge from said user at anytime. If paired with Kyanos, he can very easily grant him additional power in terms of abilities given by Crytus, further increasing his strength altogether.

Being a living elemental, he can survive entirely without the need to eat (though ice cream is considered his favorite), sleep or rest, and is known for his unlimited amount of endurance as where normal users will eventually tire out, Crytus can keep on going as long as he is in a snowy area.

Another unique trait is - aside from dealing against pyrokinetic users - his incredible amount of pain tolerance. Being a sentient elemental, he can very easily shrug off on even the most excruciating damages and still being able to fight. And he certainly doesn't tire out, nor does he ever get hungry much less sleep at all, but ice cream is still his main favorite food despite having no digestive system.

  • Ice-lings - Can be summoned at will, ranging from hundreds to thousands, maybe more if the battle becomes increasingly tight. They resemble as ice-covered spiders and will charge at foes, though they can also form as a shield to block ranged attacks. Unlike regular spiders, they are non-venomous but can still cause freeze damage upon exploding once they are close enough. This ability, however, is ineffective in areas that are don't have snow or if in an area where temperatures are high.
  • Ice Barrier - Crytus can form a wall of iceberg that's next to impenetrable due to the thickness of the ice being unleashed. In lower temperatures, it becomes near-impenetrable and attempting to phase through can cause severe hypothermia, and even become frozen solid.
  • Blizzard - As the name implies, Crytus unleashes a breath that can significantly slow foes down due to their body temperature decreasing, and even freeze them solid.

Mystical Form

Crytus' true form is a Yeti, being fully encased in ice. Although shorter than a real-life yeti, he is still considerably dangerous and can easily regenerate lost limbs in milliseconds and easily charge right through his opponents without ever slowing down. Although he no longer summons "ice-lings", he mentions that he doesn't need to summon them to take them down with ease, though he can only turn into this form if in a frigid environment. He can also change his height at will, be it much taller (though no more than ten feet) or significantly shorter, by being only a foot tall by venturing through smaller spaces.


Despite being nearly powerful, Crytus is not without weaknesses, and both heat and earth are his biggest Achilles' heel. High temperatures can result in suffering fatigue and his regenerative ability can be greatly hampered, thus lowering his chances of survival. In addition, hot temperatures can result in fatigue, gradually deteriorating his strength and his arms and body will gradually liquefy, the longer he continues to traverse in hot and humid areas. And pyrokinesis can seriously harm him, and if in an earthy environment, it can be a fatal double whammy.

Friends and Foes


  • Artika Egg Army -
  • Ice Clan of Kyanos - As he serves as their guardian, he is likened by many villagers.
  • Kyanos - Considers him to be the best of the best, and is strongly loyal to him whenever Kyanos is present.



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