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Crystallized Chaos is a stimulant drug used in the past to treat Chaotic Tolerance Syndrome, because of the drug's ability to increase the patient's sensitivity to Chaos energy, it was took off the market close to a decade after it's release into the public, since studies showed that chronic usage of the drug was known to increase the sensitivity to Chaos energy, often resulting in patients capable of using the ambient chaos energy around them to achieve Chaos control, and in rare cases, a super form.


Close to the time of Project Shadow, Crystallized Chaos was invented to treat Chaotic Tolerance Syndrome, a congential disorder that impedes on the patient's sensitivity to Chaos energy, normally resulting in a weak or non-existant ability to use Chaos control, and lack of a super form. This disorder normally affects foxes and bats, resulting in most of the modern day drug trade to be ran by those two respective species.

Because Crystalized Chaos is narcotic, it was taken in small doses, however, this wasn't discovered until a scientist who had Chaotic Tolerance Syndrome himself admitted to being addicted to the drug. Eventually, the drug was taken off the market after the failure of Project Shadow and fears that the narcotic affects could lead to a hypersensitivity to Chaos energy, resulting in a boost in crime rates.


Crystallized Chaos is narcotic, it stimulates addictions relatively easily, which leads to common side-effects. The most common side-effect of this is a heightened sensitivity to Chaos energy, meaning that the amount of Chaos energy needed to achieve a task is minimized. An example of heightened sensitivity is super forms, patients with high sensitivities to Chaos energy require less than five Chaos emeralds to achieve a transformation.


Overdoses of Crystallized Chaos are almost always fatal, a list of overdose symptoms include spontaneous combustion, abrupt transformations that are permanent, paralysis, sudden instant death, and dissection of blood vessels. Some overdoses are known to experience the explosion of the patient's head, but such instances are very rare.


Crystallized Chaos is made using the blood of Chao, due to their sensitivity to Chaos energy. Because the Chao trade is large, it is relatively easy to get Chao from your local pet store. Hydrochloric acid, salt, and hot water are needed too, to cook the chemicals together at once and separate the chlorine from the salt and acid, fusing the Chaos-sensitive chemicals together and rebonding them. The outcome is a pale-green glass like material that can be snorted/smoked/ingested to feel the effects of it.


Crystallized Chaos was prescribed under the named Emerox, it was commonly given to members of the military with Chaotic Tolerance Syndrome, however, the pills were required to be taken every 72 hours. Some would take more than the prescribed amount after hearing rumors it heightens Chaos-sensitivity. Eventually, many found themselves addicted, resulting the Drug Administration taking it off the market. Soon, many sketchy scientists discovered the recipe and began cooking Crystallized Chaos on their own.


  • The chemical name of this drug is hydrohexachaoline.
  • The drug is loosely based on methamphetamine.
  • This was originally supposed to be played out in a Breaking Bad esque fanfic starring Tails as the cook.
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