Crystalline Mobius is an alternate universe version of Mobius. It gets its name due to being made entirely of crystals and jems. The only sentient being on the planet is Mephiles the Dark.

Before The End

At one point, Crystalline Mobius was very similar to the Mobius from the games. In fact, every thing before 2006 was exactly the same as in the games. Eggman was using ancient monsters to take over the world, Sonic killed the monsters when they went out of control, and every thing was in perfect balance.

And then Dementina the Demonspawn was born.


Dementina, daughter of Mephiles and Cream, killed everyone in the hospital she was born in within her first five minutes of life, and it only got worse from there. Under the mentorship of her father, she tortured and killed everything she saw, consuming the souls of her vicims all the while. On December 22, 2012, the last mortal on the plannet was killed.


Once everyone was dead, Dementina left the universe in search of another version of Mobius to desolate. Now alone on the planet, Mephiles decided to reshape the world in his image using the power of the Chaos Emeralds. He turned the buildings to quartz, the rivers to mercury, and the mountains to marble. Slowly, but surely, the entire planet was crystallized. And on the northern pole, surrounded by seven pillars, lies an onyx tower that extends beyond the atmosphere: the residence of Mephiles.


  • Mephiles the Dark
  • Dementina the Demonspawn (birthplace)


  • The atmosphere of Crystalline Mobius is 85% carbon dioxide and 15% nitrogen, meaning that no mortal can live here.
  • No one knows what Mephiles is doing in his tower - not that anyone could ask him.
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