A green Crystalline Emerald, also called as "Sephire"

Crystalline Emeralds are gems/emeralds with the ability to tranfer Crystallis powers to the User, Somewhat the same powers Mephiles the Dark Would have. It is clearly unknown what true powers can be unlocked from these emeralds, but it is known to have a few of a distant powers from its relatives the Chaos Emeralds and SOL Emeralds.


Even though They are and have always been called "Crystaline", But they have other names. Here is the list below:

Red Crystaline Emerald: Griphej

Orange Crystaline Emerald: Haysingel

Yellow Crystaline Emerald: Rerlasde

Green Crystaline Emerald: Sephire

Blue Crystaline Emerald: Deginje

Purple Crystaline Emerald: Ferinte

Black Crystaline Emerald: Eifedinla

Known users

Your character must have the experience to use Crystaline Control and/or other such moves.

Master's of Crystalline abilities

Characters who have finished their training and are now on Mastership

Experts of Crystalline Abilities

Characters who are at Expert level.

Middle of Crystalline Abilities

People who are higher then Beginners, but lower then Experts.

Beginners of Crystalline Abilities

People who are beginning to learn the ways of Crystaline.

People being trained personally by A Master.

People who are being trained from a Master.

Reason for Names

The reason there are names for each gem, is that strangely each gem has a soul sealed inside.









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