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This is an article about Crystaline the Wolf, a character created by Frost the Wolf on 01/4/2013.

Crystaline is a blind, but very intelligent, ten year old wolf with ghost-like abilities. She is also the younger sister of Frost the Wolf.


Crystaline is an ten year old wolf. She is usually seen wearing a dark gray and light green dress, dark gray boots, white gloves, a light green scarf, and a light green bow over her left ear. She has long white "hair" that flows down to her shoulders. She is somewhat fox-like in appearance, but her tail isn't bushy. The pupils of her eyes are faded white and her irises glow a light green color.


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Crystaline usually has a calm personality and is usually polite, friendly, and down to earth. She is also patient with most people and is willing to spend time with them. However, she can have a mischievous side and may perform small pranks on certain people.

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Powers and Abilities

Ghost Powers

Crystaline's powers are similar to those of a ghost. She can walk through objects (including people), turn invisible, and posess certain items. However, she can't fly. In addition, she has the ability to fire a ghostly blast of energy in various ways. Crystaline is also capable of limited telepathy, meaning she can only talk to other ghost through telepathy. She can talk to another non-ghost character through telepathy, but only if she's touching them.

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Crystaline's most important ability is her ability to "sense" the world around her. Because she's blind, this ability is essential to her getting around from place to place. This is not like ordinary sight, as she can see through disguises and illusions with relative ease. There are four main ways that she senses the world around her.

1) Mind Radar: Crystaline can sense the world around her in the form of what is best described as a 'radar'. The whole world appears black, but an invisible pulse is constantly emitted from Crystaline's mind. This pulse outlines objects and people in white, but it doesn't give any physical description (such as color, texture, writing, etc.). This is how the world looks to Crystaline most of the time.

2) Aura Sense: Crystaline can also detect auras. This allows her to identify people and certain objects. Because each person (even twins and clones) gives off a distinct aura, she can see right through a person's disguise. This also allows her to see through certain illusions.

3) Unknown: The third reason is unknown at the moment. [I'll make an edit to this later.]

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Physical Abilities

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Combat Skills

Fighting Style

Techniques and Moves

Miscellaneous Skills

Because she started her education from an early age (and was very good at learning), Crystaline is very smart. She can speak multiple languages, has an incredibly high IQ for someone who is physically ten years old, and understand things that even adults might find confusing. In addition to her expansive knowledge, Frost had taught her a few techniques for self-defense. Therefore, Crystaline has exceptional defensive hand-to-hand skills such as countering and knocking people off balance. In combination with her ability to sense the world around her, this allows her to defend herself from anyone who thinks that she's an easy target because she's blind.

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Other Strengths

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  • Crystaline absolutely hates raisins. She will not eat them. Period.
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