Crystal the Wolf is part of the Passion series. She is a major-minor character and a 'speaker'.

Crystal the Wolf

Crystal the Wolf (Hannah).png

Age 14
IQ 91
Gender Female
Species She-Wolf
DOB April 18, 1995
  • White fur
  • Black hair and black ears
  • Blue irises
  • Slight fringe
  • Black tank top
  • Black leather jacket with paint splatters
  • Ripped jeans
  • Knee-high boots
Relatives Unknown
Affiliations Anti-Hero
  • Emo Freak (Hawkshadow only)
  • Dirty Emo Freak (Hawkshadow only)
  • Emo Hippie (Hawkshadow only)
  • Judo
  • Homing Attack
  • Scratch (attack)
  • Bite
  • Spin Dash
  • Tail Whip
  • Kick
  • Speak to the departed
Super Forms Almighty Crystal
Ability Type Power
Theme Song
  • 7 Things by Miley Cyrus
  • Piece of Me by Britney Spears


Crystal the Wolf is a former princess, who strayed from the palace one day in search of an adventure. She currently lives in Sanctuary Lake, a lake with a forest surrounding it. She first fell in love with Shadow, who led her there. When she told him she loved him, he revealed he did not love her back. Enraged about this, she ripped up her clothes, made a black tank top out of it, then stole the rest of her outfit. Later on, she fell in love with Golden, and he later told her to laugh at his jokes, but she fiercely replied, quote "Go kill youself!" which is just one example of her high temper. She also does not love him anymore, making her even less friendly. She is currently living with Clover, in her underground chambers, along with Hawkshadow, Terra, and Clover herself. Terra is her best friend. Crystal is a speaker, being able to speak to dead spirits that have not yet departed. Others amongst her that are speakers are Shima the Hedgehog and perhaps Grinder The Hedgehog. She graduated (or maybe dropped out of) LakeWood High School.


Crystal is snappy and sharp-tongued, giving her a bad reputation amongst other characters. She despises Rouge, calling her "fetish and diabolically preppy," in which Crystal shows she has a way with words. She also knows people, being able to tell what others almost always do. She used to be gentle and sweet, then turned dark and rebelish. She often steals things, sometimes for "the fun of it". She's not the most trustworty character. She is kind to the spirits she helps, though. She is also VERY flirtatious



Crystal appears as a speaker, speaking to Killak and helping him cross over to the other side. She skillfully does so.

The Sonic Show

Episode #1

Crystal is friends with most all the characters, but appears aggressive towards Golden the Tiger and is especially friendly to Dequalia the Unicorn.

Episode #2

Crystal does not appear in this episode

Episode #3

Crystal basically tells Golden that he is stupid to his face, and makes more comments on dares.

Episode #4

Crystal sings a duet with Golden, You're a Jerk by Elephant Rush. She also states no one at the show is her friend, and leaves.

Episode #5

Crystal does not appear in this episode.

Episode #6

Crystal does appear in this episode, apparently forgiving everyone without saying anything, by dressing up as Golden and pretending to be him, until Clover asks if it's a girl, to which Crystal responds, "Yes!" and reveals her true identity. It shows that she tied up Golden and throwed him in a closet, expressing her hate for him.

Episode #7

Crystal goes with Terra and Clover when Terra tries out for the Shining Stars Talent Agency, and surprisingly, she makes all three subjects: singing, modeling, and acting. Terra has to quit the Sonic Show because it would interfere with her singing classes. When Charles/Charlie (the camera guy) is watching Terra change during the modeling audition, Crystal hits him in the face with a rolled-up Seventeen magazine (which she had presumably been reading the whole time), and called him a 'perv'.

Episode #8

Crystal doesn't get many speaking parts, and even notes this. But she does mention that she loves Seventeen magazine (So do I LOL).

Episode #9

When Clover is kidnapped by Golden, Crystal says that they should call PETA, but Hawkshadow argues and says to call 911. They accidentally call Katy Perry when they drop the phone, and they can hear I Kissed a Girl in the background. Katy tells them to call 911. Hawkshadow then laughs. It's the first time Crystal opens in this episode.

Episode 10

Crystal laughs when Breanna tells Hawkshadow that she and Dru die in the future.

Episode 11

Crystal attacks Hawkshadow after she comes out from making out with Knuckles, trying to shove her poison lip gloss down her throat.

Sonic Heroes 2: Team Heart

It is mentioned that Crystal owns a motorcycle. This is something Terra envies. Crystal meets Gertrude the Bat and is not that friendly to her. Gertrude mentions a boot camp and asks Terra and Crystal to join. They do join, but pretty much to their own dismay. Crystal goes on a mission, but seems to do more bossing around than Gertrude herself, showing she's mainly the alpha of the team. She flirts with a guard at the Security Hall, and assumably kills him and the other guard. She seems to have more skill than Gertrude at theft and getting her way (not that Gertrude doesn't have skill; in fact she has quite a lot of it). Terra and Crystal are good friends, but they still boss each other around.





"He's Gone...but we will never forget him."

Crystal on Killak, Passion, The Prologue
"Dang you, call PETA!!!"
Crystal to Hawkshadow, The Sonic Show, Episode #9


  • Did you know...
Crystal is sometimes called 'emo freak' by Hawkshadow, even though she's her friend, because she's always obssessing over 'how she lost her two loves?'
  • Did you know...
Crystal is a speaker, and speaks to the ghost of "Killak", a spirit, so she can send him off to his world. She is very skilled at this, for she explained death to him simply but wisely?
  • Did you know...
Crystal is the fursona of User:Cloverfang's best friend?
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