Threetails, Crystal and their friends all have random shenanigans.

WARNING: This is made entirely out of comedy and has no plotline. If you don't like that, please go away, since the characters are all a bit hyper in this story.


Team Ice, Team Physics, Team Young, Team Cutiepie, Team Superpower, Team Flight, Team Metal, Team Eclipse, Team Secret, Team Devious, Team Love, Team Emotion, Team Random, Team Cute, Team Cool

Day 1

Threetails: Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese! Hello everybody aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnndddddd wel come to the show!

Rebecca: What is the show, Threetails?

Threetails:(slight pause) I have no idea.

Rebecca: Hi everyone, I'm so glad to be on this show!

Bonkers starts dancing.

Dexter breaks the camera and snow comes on the screen.

Snap: Sorry, but we're having technical difficulties at the moment.

Sheila: Now that's a low blow.

Bruce: Hey everyone! I have an idea!(camera comes on with his face shoved in it) There! Now I'll Heliuise you all!(sprays helium at everyone)

Threetails(in high voice): Curse you Bruce! Give me that(starts chasing him)

Bruce: Ha ha, you sound funny when you're high!

Threetails: I'm gonna kill you!

Trixie randomly comes on and says

Trixie: You all want food?

Threetails: I want cheese and ginger beer.

Rebecca: Here-

Bruce: Give me that!

Threetails: My ginger beer...... GIVE ME IT BACK OR I'LL KILL YOU!

Dexter: You already said that, here's another one!(gulps another bottle)

Threetails: Not MY ginger beer!

Crystal: Running joke I guess...

Threetails:(in posh-like voice) Hi!

Crystal: Hmph! You're only hyper.

Threetails: I'll kill you; joking!

Crystal: You'd better!

the two run and collide, both get knocked out, Bruce sprays Crystal with helium.

Crystal:(in high voice) I hate being high.

Threetails: Ohh, get used to it!

Bonkers starts moonwalking.

Aquamarine: Chao chao chao CHAO CHAO!(That Chao IS BONKERS!)

Bonkers: Chao chao chao chao chaoooo!(Well that is my naaaaaaaaaame!)

Sandwich and Cucumber: Chao chao!(Awkward!)

Dexter: Hm, I have no time for your games!

Crystal: Well you sound like a girl!

Dexter: (in helium) I'd better keep my mouth shut then.

Allen:(walking randomly past, singing) Threetails and Shaaadow sittin' in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

Threetails(in high voice): ALLEN, YOU DEVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crystal: (laughing) Owned, Threetails!

Threetails: Shut up- Oh, my voice is back to normal, Yay!

Crystal: Yay!

Threetails: Now to chase that devil down! COME BACK HERE YOU WIMP!

Allen: I'm not a wimp!

They start running off.

Tara, Amelia and Suzie come on, while Dexter is walking under a door.

Amelia pulls a rope, Suzie presses a button, and Tara pushes the bucket off the door.

And Dexter is covered in Coke.

And Dexter gets angry.

Chocolate: Ha ha, Dexter got owned! (pokes tongue out and starts spitting)

Kayla: Haaaaaa ha ha ha ha!

Dexter walks outside.

it starts raining(FLOODING!).

Allen and Threetails come back.

Threetails: IT'S FLOODING!

Allen: Hey, do you hear that?

Threetails: What?!

Allen: Sharks are coming!


Rebecca: (gets really scared and clutches Threetails) Mommy, help me!(puppy eyes)

Crystal: Correction-whale.

Threetails: I have an idea!(picks up Dexter, throws him in the whale's mouth)

Dexter: CURSE YOU THREETA-(gets eaten, then gets shot up whales blowhole) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhh! STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

some electric eels come past.

Everyone gets worried.

Threetails: Oh COME on!

whale goes underwater, leaving Dexter to float with the eels surrounding him like tigers.

Dexter: Huh, what, I'm awake!(he gets shocked)

everyone manages to climb out of the water(except for dexter)

screen goes black.

Loudest and longest scream in the entire world.

Day 2

Crystal: Okay everyone, WELCOME back to the show-

Threetails is sneaking behind, waves then runs off.

Rebecca: Crystal...(points to Threetails)

Crystal: Sneaking around as usual I see...

Rebecca: Well, anyway(runs off toward the building)

Crystal walks into a building, where Team Secret, and Superpower are playing Monopoly, with bended rules.

Garry: Oh, I'm hungry, we should've had plates here or somethin'!

Threetails: Oh, so we had to go directly to plate, cannot pass plate because of a stupid blue rabbit-

Garry: Hey!

Threetails: Allen, it's your go.

Allen: Oh. Ooh, I get to pick a card!(picks a card)You have come second in a scaring contest, smash Dexter over the head with a bank!

Dexter gets hit over the head with a bank.

Crystal: Now Aleena, it's your go.

Aleena: Okay. (picks a card)

Threetails: Congratulations, it's your birthday, you may light Dexter's bed on fire. Good choice!

Crystal: Ha ha.

Aleena walks into Dexter's room and lights his bed on fire.

Dexter walks into his room.

Dexter: Hey!


Crystal: It's your go, Threetails.

Threetails: (picks a card) Get out of jail free, you may keep this card, sell it, or shove it down Dexter's throat. I go for the throat.

She does so.

Tillin: Siway, it's your go! Siway!

Siway:(who was asleep) What, what? Oh, right!(picks a card) Move two places ahead, you can also put this card in Dexter's dinner.

Nicko: Ugh(thoughts) This is why I hate Monopoly. Shade...

Siway: Okay, I'll do it.

Dexter was eating dinner. Siway's card was in there.

Dexter: Why does it feel like I'm eating cardboard? Argh! Someone help!(spits it out) I hate them...

Threetails: Garry, it's your go.

Garry: Okay...(picks a card) You lost a being cute tournament, you may stuff Dexter down the sewer.

Threetails starts laughing.

Dexter gets pushed down the sewer.

Aleena: I'm going.I have stuff to do. Comin', guys?

Tillin: Wait Aleena!

Siway: Okay. See yas!

Team Secret said their goodbyes too.

Crystal: I wonder what happened to Dexter.

Threetails: Who knows.

They walk off.

After turning the sink on...

Dexter: Well, I have to find a way-(see's water coming)

Loudest and Longest scream in the entire world.

Day 3

Rebecca: HEY EVERYONE! WELCOME back to the show and... we've got something funny as usual! Now I'm off to find Daddy!(runs off)

We then see Dexter walking along a path.

He walks past two trees on both sides of the path in the same spot.

Crystal and Threetails splash Dexter with sludge that smells like slop.

Dexter: 'Ey!

Crystal and Threetails start giggling. They then run off.

Dexter: Mmmm! Great, what was that? Oh well, better start walking.

He manages to make it to the city, where Team Physics are.

Sheila: Now, I wonder what we'll do...

Snap: We'll find that screw, then head home! We need that for my special machine!

Tornado: You call all our machines "special".

Dexter walks past them.

Sheila: Eeeeew! What's that stench?!

Snap: I don't know, but that smells horrible!

Tornado: Yikes. It's even worse for me.

Dexter: Oh, give some respect, house animals!

Sheila: Oh you're so getting it!

Dexter: Please, no! That's a joke! Bye!(runs off)

Snap: What was up with that?

Tornado: Who knows. Let's go.

Sheila: I agree.(they walk off)

Dexter then walks past Team Eclipse.

Luna: Chickenchaomin, what do YOU think I should say to Oliver of what to do with him?

Midnight: Heh. I want to see Espio.

Toxic: For meditating. I really want Cream to go for ME instead of other rabbits.

Ruby: Chao chao chao chao(Same with me and Cheese)

Chickenchaomin: Chao chao chao chao chao chao chao(Say "I love you, let's go out")

Luna: Hey, don't make me do that!

Nathan: Ha ha ha!

Dexter:(to himself) What in the world...

Luna: Oh god that smells!

Chickenchaomin: Chao chao chao!(That stuffs!)

Ruby: Chao chao CHAO!(Oh my GOD!)

Midnight: Who made a stenhc THAT terrible.

Nathan: Who knows.

Toxic: Tell me when it'll go away!

Dexter: I hate this. I swear I'm gonna hurt someone if this keeps up.

He then walks past Team Flight, who are waiting at a train station.

Tamaki: So we'll hoverboard there after going on the underground train, then we'll find our destination?

Schrink: Yeah. We should find it. Then we'll have fun in the snow all week!

Alana: Yay! That'll be fun!

Dexter comes and sits there on another seat.

Tamaki: Geez, what's that awful stench?

Alana: Did someone fart?

Schrink: Eeew, don't look at me!

Dexter: Ugh, again! I'm goin'!

He then walks into the forest, where Team Random are.

But first...

Crystal: I wonder if that sludge worked.

Threetails: Yeah, I'd love to see everyone's reaction to his stenching all over the place!

Crystal: I don't think he's even noticed!

They both start laughing.

Back with Dexter...

Dexter walks past Team Random.

Fred: George! Bob! Let's find Threetails, I want to have some fun with her!

George: Don't try the pool, you don't want to go in.

Fred: Aaah! I hate water!

Bob: I hate stinky things.

Fred: Ugh, that stink!

George: Is this place loaded with fertiliser or something?

Fred: No, it stinks!

Dexter: Oh god, why is everyone acting this way when I get near them?(looks at pond, with his reflection, which is showing the sludge)Huh? What's this?(looks down at himself, and see's what Threetails and Crystal did) DAMN YOU CRYSTAL AND THREETAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 4

(Because there are 2 Dexters, they'll will be named DextertF/W, for this particular day, okay?)

Chocolate: Since no one is around... Welcome back to the show peoples! This time will be more funny than ever!(flies into a hall-like building)

Crystal:(whisper to Threetails) Hey, let's get Dexter, blindly!

Threetails:(whisper to Crystal) Okay!

They walk up to the lights, turn them off, trying to make the place as dark as possible. Then they put a blindfold around DextertF's eyes.

Threetails: We're playing Murder In The Dark everyone, and he's in!

Rebecca: Momma, it's dark in here(starts shivering)

DextertF starts moaning.

Everyone screams and runs.

Lily: Ayyeeeeek! Seriously, run!

Bananas: It sucks you can't fly in this game.

Chubbcon: Just run, it's a game!

DextertW: Ugh, I really wish I could see his funny face.

Stewart: Just run!

Camo: Hold on, we don't want to become hurt from running into something we can't even see!

DextertW: Okay, you're right.

DextertF continues his groaning. He runs in a random direction.

Threetails: Why does everyone have to worry? I've got radar eyes, I can see in the dark!

Crystal: Good for you. I can barely see a thing.

Chocolate: Crystal, I'm just gonna stay on your shoulder.

Crystal: You do that, Choco.

Chocolate: Heh.

Threetails: Hey, Dexter! Yoohoo! Over here!


Crystal: This is gonna be pretty funny.

Threetails: Come on, slowpoke! Over here!(she's running in random spots)

Rebecca: Crystal, what's Mummy doing?

Crystal: Don't worry, she's fine.

Threetails: Yoohoo! Dexter!

Lily: What kind of sick idiot is she? Doesn't she know she'll get caught?

Bananas: Let's join in.

Chubbcon: Uh, hey, you sure?

Bananas: Sure, being part of the joke'll be fun!

DextertW: Wow, he's getting owned.

Stewart: Let's join in too!

Camo: I agree.

DextertW: Then lets go!

So Threetails, Team Cool, and Team Cutiepie were running all over the place, wanting DextertF to catch them.

Crystal: I'm gonna love how this is gonna turn out.

Rebecca: What are they doing? I can't see! Waaaaa!

Crystal: Hey, it's okay.

Chocolate: Yeah. Don't worry.

Bonkers: Chao chao(the dark...)

Threetails: Yo! Dexter! Come and get me!

DextertF: Where are you, Threetails?!

Crystal: Heh heh heh.

Chocolate: I like this.

DextertF: I got you! Raaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lily pretends to faint.

Safari: Chao chao chao chao, Chao?!(Are you all right, Lily?)

DextertF: Got ya!

Chubbcon: Bye bye!

DextertF: See ya.

Bananas: Ohhhhh...

DextertF: RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Behold, my fearsome copy!

DextertW: For one, I'm not a copy!(pokes his tongue and leaves)

DextertF: Bye bye, wind brain!

Stewart: I hate you.

Crystal: Everyone does.

DextertF: Got ya, orange head, here's a scare, roar.

Camo: Like that was scary. Bye.

Threetails:(thoughts) I'm gonna need some help for this.

Crystal: Go! Do it!(whisper)

Threetails gets in front of where Dexter is walking.

DextertF: Where, who, how?

Then Threetails trips DextertF over, Crystal turns the light on, and it is revealed what happened to DextertF, so, everyone laughs.

DextertF: What?! Where?!(found his hands were tied up) I HATE YOU SO MUCH THREETAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Theetails: Yeah we know you do!

Everyone laughs.

Day 5

Thunder: Hey, everyone, welcome back to the show! Here, we'll get yet another fun show for y'all! So let's begin!

Crystal: Where did she go? She certainly loves sneaking off.

Chocolate: Talk about it.

Rebecca: Don't talk about my mummy like that! Where is she?

Bonkers: Chao! Chao?(Yeah! Where?)

Crystal: I know who we could use to help! My sister! She'll help!

Rebecca: And my friends, Team Love! They could help too!

Crystal: Then lets find them! Can I trust you on your own?

Rebecca: Don't worry, both my parents were in alone situations sometimes! I'll be fine!

Crystal:(thoughts) But she was adopted, she isn't really the daughter of Threetails and Shadow!(voice) True... just, meet here when you find them.

Rebecca: Okay!

Bonkers: Chao chao!(All right!)

so they split up. With Crystal...

Crystal: Now where are they?

Chocolate: On the way, we could look out for Threetails.

Crystal: Good point.

Tara: Hey, Crystal!

Crystal: Tara!

Amelia: You wanted us?

Sandwich: Chao chao!(We came!)

Aquamarine is snoozing.

Suzie: I wish that Chao wasn't so sleepy.

Cucumber: Chao chao...(Yeah hmmmm...)

Crystal: Hey, wanna help me look for Threetails? I would need your help.

Tara: Yes, ma girl!

So they run off. Meanwhile, with Rebecca...

Rebecca: Sarah! Brian! Jade! Helloooooooooooooooo?!

Sarah: Rebecca!

Jade: We're right here!

Brian: Geez.

Rebecca: Sorry... I need your help in looking for Momma! Can you help? Pleeeeease?!

Sarah: Okay.

Brian: Guess it can't hurt.

Jade: Let's go.

So the teams meet up, and they start looking all over the forest for Threetails.

Tara: Threetails! Are you there?

Aquamarine: Chao chao chao chao!(Are you okay?)

Cucumber: Chao chao?!(Hello?!)

Amelia: Oh, should we give up?

Suzie: No, let's keep going.

Tara: Let's split up, and search all over!

Amelia: Sounds like a great plan!

Suzie: I'm in!

Both: Okay!

with Team Love...

Sarah: So, I say we should split up if we'll ever find her.

Brian: Okay, it's just been worrying us.

Jade: Yeah.

Sarah: This is normal. Let's just start being cool and separate tempolarily.

Both: Okay...

Sarah: Then let's go!

All of Team Love: Yeah, let's go!

With Crystal and Rebecca...

Crystal: Threetails!

Chocolate: Where aaaaarreee you?!

Rebecca: Momma?!

Meanwhile, with Threetails...

Threetails was sitting behind a bush.

Dexter was walking past, and tripped over her foot.

Dexter: Aaah!

Threetails: Heheh heheh.

She then got him, while everyone was running to the clearing.

Crystal: Threetails! We spent our hard time looknig for you and THIS is what you snuck off for?!

Threetails: What?! Gotta have some fun, can't I?

Crystal: What'cha gonna do?

Threetails: This.

She dyes his fur pink.

Dexter:(sneezing) Ugh, uhh, HEY! THREETAIIIIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLLLSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone starts laughing.

Day 6

Kayla(Chao): Hey everyone! Welcome back to the sho-(gets caught in a net) Aah!

Dexter: Hey, Threetails, why don't we see if we can capture Crystal's pathetic Chao friend, for a little while. Buuut, for the trap to work, I need her to be a fox, so can you do the job of startling her so much she'll do so? Or something of the sort?

Threetails: Why do we need to?

Dexter: Well, it's just for fun... please?

Threetails: Fine.

Dexter: Plan settled!

Threetails: (thoughts) Crystal is so gonna get me for this...(voice) Okay, deal!

She then starts walking in the forest, thinking.

Threetails: Hmm... I know, I'll get Dexter as well! Now to find that Chao...

Kayla(Chao): (humming) Hmm, maybe I'll pick some flowers!

Threetails: I got it!

She finds Team Cute.

Threetails: Hey, guys, I want to do a small prank on Kayla, Crystal's Chao/Fox partner. Only I need her to be a Fox to work. I have a plan(whispers)

Bonkers then pretends to be a flower.

Kayla: Oh well, how beautiful! Huh? Cool, that big flower looks pretty awesome. It's about the size of me! (runs over)

Bonkers scares her, while she falters backwards into the rope the other 4 put up, however, she does not change her form.

Threetails: Back to the drawing board. See you guys later!

Rebecca: Good luck, Momma!

Bonkers: Chao, Chao?(Uh, Huh?)

Trixie: Good luck on your "mission"

Britney: Bye!

Threetails continues thinking of plans.

Threetails: Oh, well that plan didn't work. Huh?

Kayla is then found near the pond, looking at herself.

Threetails: Got it!

She finds Team Cool.

Threetails: Hey!

DextertW: Hm? Threetails?

Camo: Hey!

Stewart: What's up?

Threetails: Oh, lots. See, I'm on a very short mission, and I need your help in this way(starts whispering)

Kayla(Chao): Hmm, I might want to fly up there, I mean, talk about cool!

She starts flying, but comes across figures wearing see-though waterish like suits, pushing her back.

Kayla: I didn't know this place was infested with water-monsters!(runs off, however, she still doesn't change her form)

Threetails: Well, that failed. Bye!

All of Team Cool: Bye Threetails!

Threetails then comes back to Dexter, explaining the problem, when they see a pink fox(she fell over and transformed) approaching. They then blindfold her and lead her toward the trap.

She then gets caught in a net, but Dexter gets caught too, much to Threetails' pleasure. However...

Crystal: Kayla?! Kayla! Where are-? Threetails! Hey, have you seen...(sees net, where Kayla has taken off the blindfold and is pointing at Threetails and Dexter) Aaaand why is Kayla up there?

Threetails: Don't look at me! Blame Dexter!

Crystal: Hmm..... You know what you're gonna get?

Threetails: What?

screen goes black


Day 7

Fred: Hello, everyone, WELCOME back to the show, and today it'll be fun fun fun! So lets go and do it!

Crystal: Ogh, Let's do something fun.

Sophana: Yeah, I mean, where have we been?

Crystal: Oh? Guys! Took you's long enough!

Sophana: Well, we had no idea where you were, right Spikeball?

Spikeball: Plip plip plip plip(Yeah, she is right)

Ivy: We also couldn't keep up, you should slow down a bit. Lightningbolt agrees.

Lightningbolt: Prii, Pri, Pri Cooool(Yess, Yes, I Doooo)

Chocolate: Please try.

Crystal: I can't help it!

Threetails: Hey, I have an idea as of what to do? You know how we're in a fighting arena place?

Crystal: Yeah...

Threetails: Let's have a team fighting tournament!

Crystal: Yeah! Let's do it! These'll be the fights

Team Ice vs Team Physics

Team Metal vs Team Cute

Team Cutiepie vs Team Cool

Team Superpower vs Team Young

Team Flight vs Team Devious

Team Emotion vs Team Love

Team Eclipse vs Team Secret

Team Random vs clones

So after numerous fights after that, the round of 8 teams versing each other were announced.

Team Metal vs Team Superpower

Team Ice vs Team Cool

Team Random vs Team Physics

Team Devious vs Team Emotion

Sheila(she became a referee): Start!

Threetails: Well, I don't know, but I'm goin' anyway!

Dexter: Let's get 'em!

Bruce: Let's kick their butts!

So Threetails fought Aleena, Dexter versing Siway and Bruce versing Tillin. Threetails won over Aleena, Dexter lost over Siway and Bruce won over Tillin.

Sheila: Team Metal wins!

The next fight...

Sheila: Team Ice vs Team Cool begin!

Crystal: Let's get them good!

Sophana: Yeah!

Kayla: Let's go!

Chocolate: You ready?

Ivy: You bet!

Lightningbolt: Cooooool!(Well, I am)

Spikeball: Plip Pra!(Let's get them!)

DextertW: Gra! Let's go, guys!

Stewart: Okay!

Camo: Alright!

After the fight, Team Ice won.

before the Team Ice vs Team Metal fight...

Threetails: I am the Death Bringer, no one can beat me!

Crystal: But is that statement true to everything? We'll have to wait andsee

It was Team Ice vs Team Metal, when suddenly, in the audience...

Tara: What do you mean? I worked very hard, I'm not weak!

Garry: You look like it!

Fred: I look weak, but then again, I can control fire!

Allen: Shut up! She's a weak as an apple!

Amelia: Technically she can talk, plus she can fly, I don't think she's weak, so shut up YOU!

Nicko: This is why I'm the smart one.

Suzie: Ugh, don't call us weak because we're small. I'm a lot more powerful than you think!

El Dorado: How powerful? I'm 500 years old and I can make your fears come true!

Lorenzo: Oh yeah! Beat that!

Alaya: Please, calm down everyone!

Midnight: No! They're weak and we want to state it as a fact!

Luna: Midnight, please, stop it now!

Chickenchaomin: Chao chao chao chao(I agree with Luna!)

Toxic: This is gonna go on forever.

Ruby: Chao chao, chao?(I know, right?)

Lily: I'm not weak and neither is she! We're not weak because we look cute!

River: How? You're as weak as anything!

Bananas: That's not nice.

Chubbcon: Talk about meanie bullies.

Alex: We're not meanie bullies! We're just declaring you're weak in terms of power!

Alana: That still counts as mean!

Oliver: No it doesn't! It's declaring an opinion!

Tamaki: But opinions aren't facts, they're just opinions, besides, we get stronger as we grow older!

Schrink: I don't think you're any stronger than us!

Brian: Well that's mean!

Jade: With teamwork it's just unfair.

Sarah: Yeah, I mean, if it's fair, but sometimes it's unfair in terms of power-

Snap: Be quiet, we aren't weak!

Stewart: I could beat you up in five seconds!

Tornado: I'd like to see you try!

Sheila: Bring it on!

George: Yeah, we'll bring our butts along that will beat yours up!

Bob: Now that sounds wrong.

Britney: You're weak!

Rebecca: Accept it! Threetails is even stronger than Crystal, look!

Bonkers: Chao chao!(She's right!)

Trixie: You're all weak!

Aquamarine, Sandwich, Cucumber, Cookie, Aqua, Abyss, Safari: Chao chao CHAO CHAO CHAO!(Our owners have declared that THEY AREN'T WEAK!)

Sapphire: Chao chao CHAO!(Yeah, RIGHT!)

Nathan: Goodness, will this ever end?

Hot, Thundertails, Shiny, Bronzy: Chao, chao chao(No, it won't)

Camo: Shut up, you're weak, just accept it!

DextertW: They're my friends, don't tease them!

Lightningbolt: Priiiiii?(Whaaaaaat?)

Ivy: What's going on up there?

Sophana: Don't know, but it's not gonna be good.

Spikeball: Plip plip(I know...)

Kayla: Crystal...

Chocolate: Geez, they're sure not havin' a good time!

Bruce: They're acting random.

DextertF: Seriously, Threetails...

Thunder: What's going on?

They then start climbing out of their seats and rushing down to the fighting arena.

Crystal: Guys, stop!

Tara: Join in!

Crystal: Argh!

Then everyone runs in together, and clashes in a giant fight. Threetails is the last one seen standing.

Threetails: I won!

She then gets pushed over by El Dorado.

El Dorado: I have finally defeated you, Death Bringer!

Threetails: Woof.

El Dorado: I'm the winner!(passes out)

Threetails: More like a LOSER!(passes out as well as everyone else)


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