"I'm sorry Hannibal, B.A,...F-face but I have to do this!"
—Crystal before shooting herself in the head with a pistol.
Crystal the robot was the maid of Krinkinko who felt under appreciated.
Crystal "CE$%53#@!^&*(?)-=+€$^" The Termian-Fox Hybrid
Roughly 20 (Physically 16-17)
Termian Fox
Romantic Interest
Face the Hedgehog and Krinkinko the Hedgehog
Chores, sports, rap music, rock music, foreign language music, dancing, Children, Babies, Hedgehogs
Feeling unappreciated, clutter, Chocolate, Squirels,
Krinkinko, Droget, Fa-La-Stu, Krinkinko, Krinketta, Face the Hedgehog


Twenty years ago the Termian TE-568 decided he was going to torture his victim to he shot her in the stomach and impregnated her. He then stranded her on an island, leaving her to die. Six months later Crystal was born and her mother died. Since the baby was half Termian she ate her mother's flesh. A week later a fellow Termian found the baby and took her to the Termian dimension. As a child Crystal was made fun of due to her fox heritage. Since she was half Mobian every time she went with older Termians to get a meal she wouldn't eat the Mobians. Due to this she was teased even more so she ran away from home and went to a new school near the capital for special Termians. About a year later she bumped into fellow Termians in strange spy suits. Claiming they have never been to the capital before she gave them the grand tour and grew attached to them. Due to their strange behavior she came to the conclusion that they were mobians. Due to the mother brain hearing everything a Termian thinks she had her soldiers capture the A-Team and take them to her lair. Knowing it was all her fault she secretly tails the soldiers until they reach the lair but they locked the doors behind them. Crystal refused to give up so she waited to the Mother Brain called in more soldiers to sneak in with them. She then helped The A-Team out by giving them information about the Mother Brain's attacks. Unfortunately the Mother Brain knew what she was telling them so to help her friends Crystal shot herself in the head, scrambling her databanks. The A-Team won the battle but with the loss of their rookie and Crystal. They then took Crystal to their friend Fevine where he worked on her for ten years.

Fevine was able to make a mini form of the Mother Brain but instead of making it a supreme being he made it into a chip in her head. He then recreated her DNA to modify it so the mini Mother Brain couldn't take over. He then put her back online, showed her to Face the Hedgehog and the two shared a long passionate kiss. Fevine then informed her about Krinkinko, feeling the children needed someone else to take care of them when Krinkinko was gone she left to be his maid after promising Face she would come back to him.

After Krinkinko's disappearance she mentally broke down, revealed she had feeling for him and ran away. She has not been seen since the day of his funeral.


As witnessed multiple times when she answers the door when knocked by Majeek she's very hostile, violent and demanding. If she doesn't get her way she'll use physical force to beat her way into someone. She has an extremely soft spot for children and almost all of her negative aspects disappear when near one. Though, she isn't lovey-dovery when near him, she's shown to be considerably nicer towards her Master, Krinkinko, him along with Face are the only two people besides children that can mae her genuinely happy. She is shown to hate herself and cry at night due to the fact that she may be falling in love with Krininko and losing her love for Face.

The A-Team are the other people that she's fond of due to being the first people that she made friends with and didn't make fun of her. The reason why she's so rough around the edges is because of how she was treated when she was a child and the fact that she was technically a mistake.

She's also shown to be extremely under-apreciated since Krinkinko has never bothered to thank her since her employment.


Crystal seems to know everything in the ways of cleaning and is lucky that she lives in Twerunka Jungle because she can use herbs to heal injured children. Though one of her most notable abilities is her Super-strength and her agility that she uses to ward off invaders. She is shown to not know her own strength. Though she doesn't like Martial Artists it would be a good profession for her is she's ever fired from working in Krinkinko's house.


Crystal has a wide array of hobies. She enjoys golf, swimming basketball, football, sweeping, skipping rocks, hide-and-seek, paintball fights, tag, listening to music, dancing and acting.


  • Krinkinko the Hedgehog- Her master. One of the people she's fond of maybe even one of the people she loves (much to her dismay). The only thing she hates about thim though is that he can be a slob and that he never has said thank-you to him. She sometimes fantisizes about him at night.
  • Face the Hedgehog- Her informal boyfriend. The two have similar interests and hobbies though other than that it's unknown why they love each other. They have been united after ten years, only for Crystal to quickly leave, much to Face's sadness.
  • The Elder of Frog Village- She has a high detestment towards the Elder since he is a martial artist an she believes this to be a bad influence towards the kids. She also hates his perverted ways and almost choked Krinkinko for finding one of the Elder's perverted adult-magazines in Krinkinkoy's bed one night. She also hates the Elder for flirting with her/trying to seduce her on several occasions. She does though, like the Elder for his wiseness.
  • Krinketta and Krinkinkoy- She deeply cares for the two and is overprotective of them. She spends just as much if not more time with them than Krinkinko himself.
  • Smash The Echidna- She has never met Smash but she slightly detests him being a martial artist, which may be a bad influence to Krinkinko, which may be a bad influence to the children. Krinkinko has told stories of Smash, though that shines him in a good light, but she knows Krinkinko may be stretching the truth.
  • Frederick the Rabbit- She hasn't ever had a conversation with Frederick but she doesn't approve of his hateful nature. She does though, find him extremely attractive.
  • Rapid The Hedgehog- Has never met him but assumes he acts in a similar way to Krinkinko.
  • Rachel the Goat- Hates her due to her flirtatous ways which may be a bad influence and due to it getting under her skin. She once knocked two of Rachel's teeth out when she flirted with Krinkinko.
  • Majeekala Nancy Flowers- She hates Majeek with a burning passion of a thousand suns and will do anything to keep her out of the Witherleaf household. Majeek has displayed, that she's a bad influence to the children (she once made out with her boyfriend in Krinkinko's house and the children imitated), destroys her property (She broke into Krinkinko's house once via the wall), will come into the house even after Crystal has said no (she once teleported behind Crystal after Crystal said no), she constantly comes to Krinkinko's house even when he's not in the mood. A major factor in her hatred towards Majeek is that she may be jealous of the relationship she had with Krinkinko.

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