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Crystal is a young fox living in the western side of Greenflower City. She lives with her parents and her two chao: Krysi and Light. She is a kind and caring girl. With her gentle nature, she finds it very easy to make friends. She wears a magical crystal on her tail, which she can draw power from to heal and protect herself and others. It is thanks to this trinket that she is the Fly Type for Team Violet, a trio of crime fighters consisting of her, Violet The Hedgehog and Pearl The Echidna. Coincidentally, She is also a member of Team Garnet, lead by Jessie Garnet the Fox. Although it's more of a small club that meets up every now and then.

She first got Krysi when she turned 7, and treated her as a little sister. She later got Light when she turned 10, and somewhere along the line a rivalry between Light and Shade the Dark Chao stirred up. Crystal dislikes him and tries to keep Light away from him so that no fights break out.

Crystal dreams of becoming a Chao Doctor/Chao Trainer when she grows up. Caring for Chao is where her heart lies.

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Crystal The Fox

Crystal, drawn by Flame-Eliwood

Crystal has silver fur with thick white patches of fur on her muzzle which stick out on the sides, resembling whiskers, and a patch of white fur on her chest going down to her stomach. She has thiner white fur on the end of her tail and inside of her ears. Her eyes are blue and she has long hair reaching down to her tail. She has 3 bangs of hair on her forehead, two smaller ones going above her right eye and one large bang going over her left eye, obscuring a little of it.

Her outfits vary a lot, but two known outfits of hers are a black sweater with gold buttons going up the sleeves and blue pants, and a gray sleeveless shirt with unconnected sleeves on her elbows, and faded blue pants. She always wears white gloves and either black shoes or gray and silver shoes; the split in the two colors are diagnal, the darker color being on the front end of the shoe while the lighter color being on the back end. She wears a brown band around her tail, with a magical crystal on top. Its history is a mystery to all.


Crystal is a very kind and sweet girl who cares for everyone around her. She is very gentle towards her friends and family, and even strangers as well, which makes it easy for her to make friends. She is very polite and tries to mind her manners, although it isn't very hard for her. She isn't very fond of fighting, but she has learned that she must fight if she or others are in trouble. She has always been a selfless individual who wouldn't hesitate to rush in to help someone, whether she knows them or not. She loves helping people and solving their problems, and tends to walk right up and ask someone what's wrong. Unfortunately, she often comes off as nosy because of this.

Although she cares more for others than her own wellbeing, she has always been timid and easily scared stiff. When faced with danger, she used to freeze up in fear, like a deer in the headlights. It took her some time to grow out of that, but even now she faces adversity more defensively than offensively, often resorting to hiding behind a forcefield to protect herself (and others). Despite that, she has shown a few feats of bravery, standing up to enemies in order to protect her friends and family.

She grew up very innocent and knew little of the harsh, cruel world. However, once she joined Team Violet, her eyes were slowly opened to the truth that not everyone was a happy-go-lucky civilian in a perfect world. When it came down to it, she couldn't ever bring herself to harm another individual, even if they were evil. This is why Krysi and Light always did the fighting for her, at least until she grew out of it.

Now a growing teenager, she still tries to avoid violence if at all possible, but has picked up some more traditional forms of self-defense from her two best friends and teammates, Violet and Pearl. Growing up, she's seen some of the worst forms of immorality, yet she still remains optimistic about the world. She still believes that deep down, everyone has some good in them.
She's also gradually stopped prying into other people's business to try and help them, as she knows that some people need their privacy. That never stopped her from at least showing her concern and offering advice to those she wants to help.

Strengths and Powers

Crystal doesn't really have much talent. She does have a lot of potential to be a good artist, and loves to draw, but everything else she is rather mediocre. Crystal isn't very strong at all. At least, not physically. She has a surprising amount of endurance to pain, but won't last long if attacked constantly. (To put it in a game's style, High defense, low HP.) Crystal is by far, not a fighter. If caught in battle alone, her best option is to run. She is best suited for supporting other people who can fight.

Crystal, however, can draw a mysterious power from the crystal on her tail. The crystal's origin is unknown, save for the fact that she recieved it from her grandmother. Its powers are very unusual. She has pretty much mastered the powers hidden within it, and is capable of using it to heal, protect, and empower herself and others. She is also able to levitate, but while doing so she is unable to do anything else without stopping. She still feels that there's more to learn about the enigmatic jewel than she knows.

General Info

Crystal the Fox3

Younger Crystal, by DaftPunkGirl

Crystal was born in Emerald Town, and lived there until she was 8. There, she met her first and best friend, Jessie Garnet The Fox. They became fast friends, although in the same year they met, Crystal had moved away. The two still keep in close contact, and sometimes they go to see each other.

Crystal currently lives in Greenflower City with her parents and her two chao, Krysi and Light. They are all a happy little family together. Crystal is an only child, but she looks at Krysi and Light as her siblings rather than indoor pets.

Although she is a part of "The Gang", she is the one who comes to hang out with them the least. Crystal's parents are rather protective about her, especially when she was still young. However, they don't know anything about most of Crystal's adventures. Crystal is afraid that if they knew, they would keep her inside all the time and not let her see her friends anymore. It wasn't until she and her family were the center of attention in a certain adventure when they learned how experienced she was.
She is a member of Team Violet. They don't participate in crime fighting as much as they used to. Nowadays when something goes down, the whole gang gets involved. They still try to do their part as a team, regardless.


Crystal The Fox2

Crystal's personality didn't change much from the day she was first made. But it has developed more for the better as she appeared in more and more Roleplays. Her appearance however, was rather shameful. It was a bland white Tails recolor. The sprites of her were choppy and bad, which resulted in her rarely getting used while a new appearance was being planned for her. Eventually, a member of Chao Talk by the name of "Chao wants a Cookie", (aka Lily-n-cookies) drew a picture of her to help redesign her appearance. Later, an alternate costume was drawn by a member of the same place by the name of "Eliwood". That picture is in her Looks section.

Back in the day, Crystal was too identical to Cream The Rabbit in terms of personality and the fact that she had a pet chao. Through some personality tweaks and the introduction of a new chao into her home, their differences expanded.



Smash The Echidna and Luna The Hedgehog's Wedding: She didn't have a role in the story, but she was there in the background.

Dimensional Disaster: Directly after the Final Nightmare. A strange emerald crashlands in the forest at midnight, and later reveals to be a Chaos Emerald..from an alternate dimension. Soon, many familiar faces started appearing, which apparently were their alternate selves. Crystal was one of the many baffled people who experienced this.

Camp Crystal: Crystal was the first to sign up for the camp, excited that the camp had the same name as her. For the science contest, Crystal had found a topaz in a cave nearby (Most people did) and, with the help of her friend, Jessie Garnet, drilled a hole into the center and stuck a solar powered light inside of it. The topaz lit up beautifully.

The Mystery of Skull Cross Shadows of the East: A mysterious group breaks into Crystal's house one night and attempts to kidnap her. Being lucky enough to hear the commotion, Crystal's neighbors, Smash and Violet rush to the scene. In a fierce battle to protect their friend, the house catches fire and burns to the ground, and another mysterious group appears to drive off the attackers. Fortunately the Corazana family is safe, but they have lost everything. Their saviors explain that they were after not Crystal herself, but the crystal she wore on her tail...

Other Appearances

Splice The Hedgehog (RPG Fangame)

Crystal is one of the first characters to join Splice's party. She stays close to Splice for protection during the attack on Greenflower City, and sticks with him to search for Light later on. Though even after they find him, she insists that she stays with him on their adventure.

Relationships with Other Characters

Family Members

Crystal's family never actually showed much importance to any story. They only appeared few times when the story moved onto the events inside of her house. It is known that they are rather protective about her, but that is about it.


Crystal has many friends, but out of all her friends she is the one who gets out the least.

(Official Characters)

Sonic The Hedgehog

Crystal knows Sonic mainly by the stories she's heard about his adventures. She's actually worked together with him once. The two don't know each other very well in person, though.

(FC's by same creator)

Smash The Echidna

Crystal looks up to Smash as the leader of "The Gang" and sort of a guardian for when her parents aren't around--or when she's not around her parents. She thinks highly of him.

Pearl The Echidna

Pearl is one of Crystal's best friends. They share a few things in common, and get along pretty well. They generally like to hang out together with Violet.

Violet The Hedgehog

Violet is one of Crystal's best friends, as well as the friend that lives the closest to her besides Smash.

Splice The Hedgehog

Since the events of SpTH, Crystal has always looked up to him as an older brother figure, something she grew up without. She is genuinely fond of him and tends to hang around him a lot when she can.

Electric The Hedgehog

Crystal thinks of him as a good friend, as he is always the one to drop off his little brother at her house to play or take them both out to get ice cream.

Zap The Hedgehog

Zap is one of Crystal's most trusted friends, and she is one of the only friends who Zap opens up to. They are playmates as well as pals. They both also share a common love for chao. Crystal and Zap are both a part of Team Garnet.

Jessie Garnet The Fox

Jessie was her first and best friend she ever had. They're almost opposite in personality, but they get along very well. The two don't see each other often because of the long distance between them, but they always try to keep in touch somehow.

James Hunter The Fox

James was one of her more recent friends. She was introduced to him through Jessie when she created Team Garnet. The two don't talk very often, but their friendship is mutual.

Gizmo The Cat

Gizmo is a good friend to Crystal. Especially now since they both share a chao together. Both of their chao, Krysi and Kitty, mated and gave birth to a silver cat chao whom they named Lilia.

Amber The Cat

Crystal isn't very familiar with Amber. She had to work together with her before but they didn't have much time to chat.

(Other Fancharacters)

Speedy The Hedgehog

Speedy is a good friend to her. Although they don't directly speak to each other often, they look at each other as good friends.

Lily The Hedgehog

Lily is a strange one indeed. As a part of the gang, Crystal hangs out with her every now and then. She often worries that something might have happened to Lily when she was a child, which would explain her erratic behaviour.

Hyper The Hedgehog

Crystal thinks of him as an acquaintance, although she cares about him a little more than that. After the incidents in the RP "The secret of the Mutants", She really felt sorry for him.

Tab The Cat

Another member of the gang. Crystal looks up to Tab as she is one of the smartest members in "The Gang", common sense wise, and she is a lot more competent than most of everyone else.

Shade The Dark Chao

Shade is a very spiteful and rude guy, but he's pretty good when it comes down to it. Crystal however, still does not like him regardless.


Crystal has few enemies, but they all were ruthless and threatening. Dark Kirby and Nightmare would both be listed here, but at current times they both have been defeated.

(Official Characters)

Dr. Ivo Eggman Robotnik

A classic villain. Crystal never really knew him much until the events of Splice The Hedgehog.

Fun Facts

  • Crystal originally had the nickname of "Krysi", but then passed the name into her chao when she was born.
  • Ironically, two of Crystal's earliest and best friends are the exact opposite in personality as opposed to her.
  • Crystal used to like chao of all kinds, but Shade the Dark Chao ruined her feelings for Dark Chao.
  • Crystal tries to teach Krysi and Light how to draw, even though she herself has some ways to go.
  • Crystal thinks that she could make a better chao doctor than the one in Chao World's kindergarten.

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