This is an article about Crysis the Hedgehog, a character created by Sonicmegaman211683 on 07/22/2015.

Crysis the Hedgehog is the female version of the blue blur and sega's mascot himself: Sonic the Hedgehog. She is an anthropomorphic fifteen-year-old blue hedgehog gifted with super speed.


Although she's the female version of Sonic, Crysis appears as a blue hedgehog with light-blue hair, eyelashes and a curvy looking body. She wears white gloves and light weight, hyper friction resistant red boots with a white strap, cuffs and a gold buckle.


Crysis is usually easy-going, cool and care-free. However, she is often impatient, hates boredom and has at times a short temper. Because of her impulsive nature, Crysis can be reckless and quick to act before thinking, throwing herself into trouble without a second thought and regardless of other's warnings. Nevertheless, she is honest and always keeps her promises.


Crysis was born on Christmas Island. She was raised and taken of by her unnamed parents. Crysis started to think fast and run fast at the age of 5.

When she turned 11, her aunt made and gave her light weight, hyper friction resistant red boots with her name on the buckles. Crysis tried the boots on and tested her speed while running around Nobius (the alternate version of Mobius).

At the age of 15, she found an evil scientist named Dr. Eggwoman capturing animals and turning them into robots. Crysis took her speed into action and defeated Eggwoman. She also saved the animals and was claimed to be Hero of Nobius.


With the Chaos Diamonds (alternate version of the chaos emeralds) surrounding her, Crysis can tap into their power and summon the form of Super Crysis.

Super Crysis can fly, survive in space and harness chaos energy, and she's also invulnerable. Her power increases to 1000%. And Super Crysis also has a time limit, meaning she will run out of rings. If so, she will revert back into her peak physical form.


Due to her species, Crysis curl up into a spiky ball and rip through her opponents with a Spin Attack. She can also use the Homing Attack to target her opponents in one hit.

And with her Spin Dash, she curls up into a spinning orb and reach top speeds alomost instantly. Crysis can also use the Crysis Boost, meaning she can boost at very top speeds and send enemies and obstacles flying as she rams into them.


Crysis can run faster than the speed of sound and break the sound barrier. She also knows martial arts, meaning she is quick and agile in a fight.

Crysis is also a good break-dancer. Her dancing skills is superior than anyone else's dancing skills.


Crysis is incapable of swimming and sinks like a stone in water, which may be due to aquaphobia (Crysis believes that if she falls in water, she will be trapped with no one to get her out) though she does not demonstrate that fear very often. As such, she mostly stays away from water.

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