Crysillis the Uktena

Biographical Information
  • Snake Beast
  • Vile Thing
  • Tribe Killer
  • Demon Serpent
  • Tribe Killing Machine
Physical Description
  • Scales: Bluish-Greenish Color
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Large Wings
  • Diamond on chest and forehead
  • Large Scales on its back
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations None
  • Advance Combat
  • Extremely-Deadly Breath
  • Attracts the Warrior when the Warrior tries to run
  • Flight
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorChembur (Based on the Uktena)

Crysillis is a massive Uktena, he is Important (but not Exclusive) to Night of Infinity.


Crysillis is a giant Snake with large wings, he is bigger than some trees. He has two horns sprouting from his head. On his head between his eyes is a Diamond. There is another Diamond on his chest. He has large scales on his back.


Crysillis is a Villain at heart. He loves nothing more than to kill those who are Innocent. He cares for no one but Himself. When in a fight, he send's his minions before him, and if needed, then he'll send himself into battle, as he'd rather put others before him


The Uktena itself is a deadly beast, as it's breath is far worse than that of the Cockatrice, as even the tiniest amount will kill its victim. The Uktena also has a special thing to it, in which if its Victim were to try and run from the Uktena, instead the Victim would run towards the Uktena. in English, the Uktena is a Deadly Mostrous Horned Serpent.

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