Cryptic Track is the thirteenth stage of the dark story in Sonic Adventure 2: Project Shadow and is the one of the two additional stages for Shadow. Part of the stage takes place in the desert area outside of Dr. Eggman's pyramid base while the other takes place inside the pyramid base. This is mainly the alternative of Pyramid Cave from the hero story.


After being informed by Eggman that he will anticipate Sonic and his friends' arrival to his pyramid base, Shadow and Rouge are ordered to return to the pyramid base immediately.


  • Return to the core of the pyramid
  • Collect 100 rings
  • Find the lost Chao
  • Reach to the goal within 4:15
  • Clear Hard Mode

Stage layout

As mentioned, this stage is the Dark Story's alternative of The Hero Story's Pyramid Cave. The beginning of the stage takes place outside of the pyramid, containing a lot of elements from Grind Race from 2P mode and Hidden Base. Like the previous stage Sky Rail, it mostly contains rail grinding, in which some parts involve using the homing attack on GUN beetles to reach to the other rails or to reach to platforms. Inside the pyramid, there are objects which include hourglass doors, hoops that a character can jump across which can earn them points, bars which can be swung upon, and plenty of Eggman statues. Also, long corridors are in the stage in which the boos are lurking around attempting to grab you, only with the addition that the corridors contain a set of rails from above, which can be a safe way to avoid the boos.


Beetle and hornet robots will lurk outside the pyramid (though some can appear inside as well) while the boos reside inside the pyramid.

  • Beetle series: Mono Beetle, Gun Beetle, Gun Wing, Bomb Beetle (Hard Mode), Bomb Wing, Spark Beetle (Hard Mode), Gold Beetle
  • Hornet series: Hornet-3, Hornet-6, Hornet-9 (Hard Mode), Laser Hornet (Hard Mode)
  • Ghosts: Boo, Boom Boo (Hard Mode)


  • Unlike Sand Ocean, Egg Quarters, Hidden Base, Pyramid Cave, and Death Chamber, this the only pyramid base-centered stage to not contain Eggman's badniks.
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