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This is an article about Cryo The Wolf, a character created by Minato Arisato00 on 08/2/2013.

Cquote1 So what's this 'bout us bein' heroes? Since when was this 'bout the popularity? I do this 'cause Hordai and everyone else needs help. And I ain't leavin' nobody behind! Cquote2
Cryo merely sharing his thoughts with Sonar about the Codex's reputation.

Cryo the Wolf is a technological genius who became a freedom fighter under the Codex after being wronged by his government. He is best friends with Sonar the Fox and lives in the slums sector of Hordaiquan. He cares deeply for his city and mother, and wants to one day see it free.


General Appearance

Cryo appears as a slender, short wolf. He has a silver muzzle, periwinkle fur, and blue hair. Cryo also has heterochromia, where his right eye is teal while his left eye is orange. Cryo has a burnt left eye where he keeps his patch on to hide it, his eye is shielded by a metallic frame which takes the shape of the Codex's insignia. On his left hand he bares a codex insignia tattoo. This is covered by a glove though.

Attire & Uniform

At the Codex's head quarters, Cryo wears baggy jeans with a black blazer. This is the uniform of the Codex and it bares its symbol of arms. As for his field clothing, Cryo uses dark cargos and a hooded trench coat (up to knee length) to pass through the crowds of Hordaiquan. This trench coat is black with navy accents and also bares a small Codex Insignia on the chest piece. The Insignia is blue instead of red.

His field ware also comes with fingerless gloves. He wears boots as well. Outside of his uniform and field wear, Cryo wears his sleeveless shirt (As seen in his profile picture) and his dark cargos along with boots and a single fingerless glove covering his left hand.


Cryo was a cynical wolf, who was cold hearted to the point. He is a follower, who goes under what is told to him, only to bide time. He's an ambitious wolf, with tons of motives and hopes. Some times he doesn't give the best figure of support, simply because he does contradict himself on a day to day basis. Though, he is incredibly serious when it comes to his work, but outside of his work he does typically pretend to enjoy himself. 

He is blunt when it comes to the hopes and feelings of others, making him appear as a cruel, anti-social person. Cryo is stubborn when it comes to people telling him to change his motives or actions. Reluctant to admit such a thing, he is often fueled by revenge and inner anger. He is very envious of others quite easily and prefers to keep his personal information to himself, even keeping quiet towards close friends. Despite his cold behavior, Cryo does harbor care. He secretly thinks about everything he says to people, often regretting it in the end. Even towards unfamiliar groups, Cryo shows slight compassion.

Cryo's number one rule in life is never kill, necessary or not. He can not live with himself had he killed some one innocent. Even when it comes to minions or workers working for his targets he will commonly resort to leaving his foes alive. He detests murder and will oppose it regardless of what it can change. He feels that it is the weak's way of solving issues. "Never take ones life" he always says.

While on the outside he may seem self-centered and cold, he's actually got a very warm heart in him. He cares dearly for his mother and his best friend, enough to risk his own life for. He also loves his agency and believes they will truly rid King Vendrake of his tyranny. Not only that but he doesn't hesitate to help those in need. Quite often will he donate to the poor and broken areas of his city, and in some outside work; he donates to several countries in need. Cryo does not believe in defeat, he will ensure he achieves minor or grand success. He is a true activist of support.

Even through all his seriousness, Cryo still manages to have a sense of humor with his comrades. Most often with Sonar than anyone else. He also loves his fair share of witty puns with his enemies and insulting jokes. While he's toned down on them as an adult, when he was younger he loved to toy with his enemies. Now a days, he just loves teasing his taller comrade with several childhood jokes.


Early Life

Cryo was born in a small household in Princeton, Hordaiquan. His family was wealthy and lived a virtuous life for some time. He was an only child and barely got to see either of his parents. This was due to the fact that Cryo's father was a soldier of the Navy Fist Unit and his mother was part of a strict business family that was connected to the higher ups of Mavenland.

The times he would see his parents he'd be scolded to do work or to train to become something. His parents often ignored his feelings, because of this neglect, Cryo was very quiet and often kept things in his head instead of talking to others about them.

Death of His Father and Loss of Money

While Cryo was attending one of his extracurricular activities at school, he was pulled out of his session and picked up by his mother because urgent news hit the family. While Cryo was curious as to why he was being taken home, he remained silent because he knew his mother would tell him to be patient and to stop asking questions. When he finally arrived home with his mother, the news broke out; his father was killed in cold blood. While Cryo did not necessarily know his father emotionally, he was still hurt by this news.

He harbored much respect for his father. Ever since then, his mother went into an unhealthy state and was dealing with many medical issues from drug related activity. This made his mother's family disconnect the funds to her because of her drug related activity. That lead to Cryo having a very poor life, it even led to him moving into the Slums sector of the city.

The Struggle

Life was hard for Cryo, this stood that way for a long duration of his life. He could not take care of his ill mother and he couldn't comfort her either. The only way he and his mother survived was because his mother made so many deals that she could afford to make. This lead to many thugs coming into the home of Cryo and taking things out, like much of their personal possessions.

This infuriated Cryo, and he'd often fight the thugs. He knew that this wasn't the right way to handle the situation, so he struggled to get a job to individually pay off the thugs and keep his mother remotely healthy. Cryo still attended school and worked through most of his free time.


During high school, in Cryo's Junior year he met an odd fox named Sonar. While the two didn't get along well at the start, the grew on each other and noticed that they were dealing with many of the same problems. The two even lived right beside each other in the city. They often walked home together and stayed past city curfew. This eventually lead to a run in with the Navy Fist troops guarding the streets at the time. They harassed the two children with heavy insults and provoking shoves and pushes.

Cryo was angered and eventually twisted one of the soldier's arm, while Sonar spat on the other soldier's face. The soldiers grew angry and pushed the two to the ground, they later burnt Cryo's eye and cut off Sonar's arm. While the two kids were weeping in pain, the soldiers took the time to laugh and spit on them. This was when an odd, eagle came to the rescue and killed off both soldiers with quiet stabs to their necks.

Joining the Codex

After the Eagle helped the two injured boys up, he revealed his name as Torn. Torn then carried both boys to his hide out where his group medic would help create cybernetics to replace the amputated wounds. The medic gave Cryo a cybernetic eye, he hated the sight of it. This eventually made Cryo burst into a questionable position where he began questioning each and every group member.

Torn explained their agenda and told Cryo why he saved him. Torn also explained about how he knew Cryo's father and saw his death. Then he explained about how his father was a secretive member of the Codex, the same group that aided the two in the recent situation. After giving the group much thought, Cryo wanted to become something huge in his family, so he agreed to join the Codex to bring back his fathers name.


Cryo is a cryokinetic, along with that he gets a lot of ice powers and abilities. He can create ice even in burning areas, due to his solidified ice charger that powers his abilities. Being mentored by one of the finest cryokinetics back at Hordaiquan and an official tutor in the arts of ice, Cryo became infamous with his ice powers. Cryo also likes to mix his weapons with his ice powers as he commonly powers them by Ice. Cryo also is able to create various things with ice, such as Ice armor (etc).


Cryo has an amazing ability to withstand incredible freezing temperatures. He even has the ability to remain cold in warm areas (He can only do this in areas as hot as 100°F). He can swim in freezing waters with little to no pain or irritation because of his advantage over Ice. Cryo can not absorb ice though.


Cryo is incredibly skilled with computers, as he has hacked an entire sector of a city at one point. He is also incredibly skilled with axes, picks, and sword combat due to his various trainers. Cryo has also learned staff combat and how to use it to his advantage. He is very skilled at Jet-Boarding, which is considered a popular sport in Hordaiquan.


Sonar the Fox

These two have been close friends since forever. At the start of their friendship, Sonar was a new transfer student who Cryo opened up to. Since then the two passed a lot of their time skipping class and jet boarding or simply talking about life matters.

It was at these points where Cryo knew Sonar wasn't just his best friend, but he was a true comrade. The two often worked in various class projects and were considered the best duo at graduation. The two even stood up for each other when guards harassed them after curfew. Although they lost and suffered great injury, they still stuck close and dealt with their injuries.

A further testament of their undying friendship was joining the Codex. To Cryo, Sonar is family. Purely that. He will risk his life a thousand times to ensure his buddy lives the life he wants. Even though the two torture each other for entertainment, it never causes a big fuss between em. With out Sonar, Cryo wouldn't be himself.

Other Codex

They are his partners in a necessary dream to rid the world of tyranny and poverty. Cryo respects his comrades and would like nothing more than to be apart of their group and save the world as they casually do. Had it not been for them, Cryo would have probably died. He trusts his group with his life.

Neapolitan the Cat

While a guilty friendship these two have, Cryo heavily enjoys poking fun at the cat. Though the Nazaar oppose the Codex in almost every way, Cryo can not resist himself but pester the cat. Sad thing is, he may harbor a crush for the Ice-cream cat. Thus, is something Sonar pokes fun at quite often.

Weapons and Utilities

Forked Staff

This staff is arguably Cryo's signature weapon. Armed with two prongs at the top, the staff quickly makes use of tall foes. It is how Cryo beats down enemies of larger stature. This is because of the adjustable feature, it can extend by the press of a button. Not only can it extend, but it can also retract into a small socket on Cryo's left hand glove. It is stylized with black and deep blue patterns.

Flame Suppressant/Ice Tank

The Ice tank is a small device that is carried into Cryo's robotic eye. It sort of shields his entire body with an invisible coat. This allows him to resist temperatures he would otherwise be unable to live in. Though it does have a limit before it overheats and it can only shield against heating temperatures, nothing else.

Robotic Eye

Cryo's old burnt eye has been amputated and replaced with a small, cybernetic one. This eye has many core features that make Cryo a threat to enemies. It can read environmental temperatures with thermal vision, not to mention it has a metal detector for seeking weapons. It even keeps him cool during warmer season temperatures.

Twin Ice-Pick Axes

These are Cryo's babies when it comes to dealing with smaller enemies. These axes swing very fast due to their light weight. Not to mention they are very sharp at the top tips. The Ice Picks also come with small blades at the bottom handle.

Eye Patch

Though his eye patch is seemingly harmless, the insignia placed on the patch is actually made of a synthetic metal. This is to shield from punches towards the eye. It also assists Cryo with an eye laser, it can burn and it can give him better vision when shooting at enemies. The laser's damage is very minimal though, it feels like a small rash.

Hover Board

Just like his partner, Cryo has an equipped hover board on his back. It allows him to get around faster than walking/swimming. Even though it was made for travel, Cryo uses it for much more. Some times he pulls it out like a shield to block in coming projectiles. Other times he uses it to hop over huge gaps and do stunts. Really his use of the hover board is endless.


As a normal cryokinetic, he obviously has a weakness to fire. Though unlike most others, Cryo can actually stand himself in these conditions. It's thanks to a device that grants him much more durability and ice power during heating temperatures.

Sadly, that device is also weak because it tends to overheat itself when it is put under pressure and it is highly breakable.

Another weakness to Cryo is his emotions and physical stature. Cryo is a very short wolf and his light athletic build will do him no good. Sure he's quick on his feet, but if the target is large and powerful enough; they can just power through him, making him a useless pawn. Punching him in his burnt eye also does quite the trick in battle, it will instantly knock him back or make him lose balance. Though it is advised to be careful, as his burnt eye is shielded by a metallic cover on his patch, right where his insignia would be.

On the emotional spectrum, Cryo is very easy to dissuade his attention in battle with bringing up his past and insulting things sacred to him. This really cracks his defense and makes him an easy target to break down. Not to mention, he is easily distracted by his environment and what goes around it.


  • Cryo was a character handed to me by the user Nikkie Jay.
  • Cryo's eye patch has the insignia of the Codex.
  • Cryo was born on July 22nd, making him a Cancer.
  • Cryo shares the same birthday as his original owner, Nikkie Jay.
  • Cryo has heterochromia, meaning he has different colored eyes. (His right eye is olive, while his left eye is orange.)
  • Cryo used to be a good singer during his youth, due to his young deep voice
  • Cryo speaks like an Italian New Yorker, more specifically the Brooklyn accent.
  • Cryo is a huge fan of Rock-n-Roll, he commonly listens to it in his living quarters at Hordaiquan.
  • During development of Cryo, he was originally supposed to be the leader of Hielo-Tribu. This quickly changed as I was inspired by agency related works of art and found that Matai-Mobi was good enough with Hiero's story.
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