Cryo the Cat

Biographical Information
AliasFrozen Furball
Romantic Interests Malisa the Mink
Physical Description
  • Height: 3'9"
  • Weight: 68 lbs
  • Fur: Black w/ white tail tip
  • Eyes: Yellow
  • Dark purple coat with blue trimming
  • White pants
  • Light blue boots
Political Alignment and Abilities
Weaponry Sword
  • Swordsmanship
  • Cryokinesis
Super Forms
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorKagimizu

Cryo the Cat is a noble from the Sol Dimension, former fiance of Blaze the Cat, and rival of Statyx the Hedgehog.


Early life

Cryo was born to a noble family in the Sol Dimension. Throughout his life, Cryo was raised to know the ways of a noble and to have immense loyalty to his kingdom. He was well trained in the ways of the sword, but Cryo was blessed with another gift: Cryokinesis. Because of this, he became a powerful warrior, well known in the kibgdom. It was also believed that Cryo was destined to be with the princess, Blaze the Cat. However, Cryo at first simply shrugged this off. That is, until Blaze came of age for a fiance to be chosen for her, and Cryo was chosen. Cryo was ectastic, believing this would allow his to serve the kingdom immensely well. However, Blaze was not so thrilled, and convinced her father to allow her to find the person she would fall in love with. While Cryo was convinced she would not find someone else, he would soon be proven wrong.

Meeting a Rival

Eventually, Blaze would return to the kingdom, and the plans would be made for a ceremonial wedding. However, Sonic & friends, led by Statyx, would make an unexpected appearance. While the others were quickly subdued, Statyx continued to fight off the guards, all the while calling for Blaze. Cryo quickly caught him with a surprise attack however, trapping all but his head in an iceberg. Statyx demanded to know where Blaze was, but Cryo simpy introduced himself, then asked Statyx who he was. Statyx refused to introduce himself, still demanding to know where Blaze was. Cryo stated that he would not tell Statyx where "the princess" was, and was instead going to execute him before Blaze intervened. Everything was cleared up shortly afterwards, and the king at first decided to send all of them back, to which Cryo agreed. However, Statyx was able to convnce the king to allow him to duel Cryo: if Statyx won, Blaze would choose what she would do, and if Cryo won, Statyx would never go near Blaze again. Both the king and Cryo agreed to this, Cryo feeling he could easily defeat the green hedgehog.


The next day, the Cryo and Statyx met at the dueling grounds. At first, Cryo believed it would be an easy win, but was surprised at Statyx's mastery with a sword. The two dueled long and hard, and as they were, the two questioned the other's motives for the duel. While Cryo had no problem stating that it was for the kingdom, Statyx was not so eager about stating his motives. Cryo used this to his advantage and mocked Statyx while attacking him. While at first it seemed like Cryo was about to win, Statyx steeled his focus and ended up disarming Cryo, thus winning the duel. As Statyx walked away, Cryo, infuriated, attempted to stab Statyx with an ice-covered claw. However, Blaze intervened and took the hit, seemingly dying. As Statyx looked in horror, Cryo said that Blaze was "An unfortunate fool, who put one person above her own kingdom". At these words, Statyx lost it, removing his arm-braces and attacking Cryo at full-force. While he tried to defend himself, it quickly became clear that Cryo was out-matched. Statyx continued to attack, and ended up beating Cryo to an inch of his life. Cryo, nearly unconscious, looked on as Statyx frantically called for help when he found out that Blaze was still alive.

Finding Love

Later, after Blaze had healed and the decision had been made to let Blaze go with Statyx, and make the decision who to marry when the time comes, everyone set to head back to Sonic's dimension. However, Cryo caught up to them, and to everyone's surprise, got on his hands and knees and begged forgiveness. He stated that every one of his actions were motivated purely to help and protect his kingdom, not to hurt anyone. He also said that Statyx, however, had a better reason to fight for Blaze, and had one because of it. After a long pause, Statyx forgave Cryo, and told him to get up. However, the happy moment was abruptly interrupted by Captain Whisker and Johnny, who attempted to steal the Sol Emeralds. Everyone was surprised by the ambush, and were abruptly attacked. Blaze, still injured, was an easy target, and neither Statyx nor Cryo could get to her in time. However, the robots that were about to attack Blaze were suddenly crushed by a grey blur, that was later revealed to be Malisa the Minx. Everyone was surprised by this, and watched as Malisa crushed and slashed the robots. Cryo watched especially closely, seeming to be mesmorized by the sight. After Captain Whiskers and Johnny were dealt with, Cryo asked to speak to Malisa. Unfortunately, after several embarrassing stutters (earning snicker fro everyone except Statyx, who was outright laughing), all he could get out was a compliment on her skills. Statyx, however, hada talk with Malisa, and Malisa asked Cryo to 'train with her'. Cryo thanked Statyx, who said "hey, everyone deserves some romance." and with that, Statyx, Blaze, and everyone else went back to Sonic's dimension.


Smug, arrogant, and conceited, Cryo can often come off as a bad cat. However, Cryo is truly a good person. His loyalty to the kingdom is great, and he will do anything to defend it and the kingdom's allies. He is very honorable, his surprise attack on Statyx being the only exception. He will also, like Statyx, fight hard to protect those he cares about, especially Malisa.


Cryo is an accomplished swordsman. He is well-polished in the ways of both one-on-one duels and fighting hordes of enemies. However, his greatest ability is his cryokinesis. This ability allows Cryo to control ice and manipulate it. Cryo typically uses this in close-range, such as covering his hands and feet with ice, or using it to create weapons. He can also use it to create projectiles, allowing for long-range combat. He can also use his cryokinesis to trap enemies be creating ice around them as a wall, or by freezing them in a glacier.


Statyx the Hedgehog

When they first met, Cryo and Statyx were enemies, pure and simple. Cryo felt that Statyx was nothing more than a mongrel that wanted a shot at the throne. However, Cryo learned during and after the duel that Statyx truly cared for Blaze, and that Blaze felt the same about Statyx. Because of this, Cryo has come to respect Statyx, though he hates it when Statyx acts smug. While the two are not above having another fight, it has so far never gone beyond mere words.

Malisa the Minx

Malisa is Cryo's girlfriend and sparring partner. A t first Cryo believed she was simply a maid, and while he treated her with respect, he still treated her as a maid. However, this changed when he saw that Malisa was actually a powerful and capble knight. After seeing her in action, Cryo bacame infatuated with her, and (with some help from Statyx) found out that the feeling was mutual. Since then, the two have started a relationship that still continues strong. Both attribute their great relationship to sparring, which also allows them to "vent".

Blaze the Cat

Cryo shows great respect and loyalty to Blaze, due to her being the princess. Despite her dislike of it, Cryo will almost always call Blaze "princess" (though this seems to be a force of habit). Cryo will loyally follow any instruction Blaze gives him (Statyx says Blaze is the only one who can get Cryo to shut up), and protect her to the greatest of his ability. Despite being her former fiance, Cryo actually has no romantic feelings for Blaze, only feeling great loyalty and respect for her.

Captain Whisker

Cryo describes that Captain Whisker is a "worthless piece of vagabond scrapmetal". Cryo feels that Whisker is hardly a threat to the kingdom, but will nevertheless fight his hardest to foil Whisker's plans, often taunting the Captain while doing so. Surprisingly, several characters have described Cryo's relationship with Whisker as being similar to Sonic's relationship with Eggman.


Cryo feels that Johnny is a bit more of a threat to the kingdom than Whisker, though why is unknown. Cryo and Johnny are something of rivals, though they are also bitter enemies, taking there fights seriously.

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