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Crymson the Cat is a Fanon Character made by CrymsonShokwave, and also her Fursona. Note: The drawings you see here are drawned and colored by CrymsonShokwave. Please, with utmost graditude and respect, do NOT steal or copy any pictures and make it your own. Thank you!!

"We all have our demons hidden within our shadows. No matter how we try to hide it, it'll unfold once a trigger has been pulled. Yeah, I may consider myself a good person, but that doesn't mean I am above the law. I was branded a criminal after one of their operatives killed my brother that made a feral side of me try to kill that soldier on top of being wrongfully accused by my stepfather. That's why the past, the pain, and the sudden feeling of wanting to outburst kept me isolated. I don't want history to repeat itself on any one of you..." -Crymson, after being set free from G.U.N.'s jail.


Early Years

Crymson Elizabeth Scottsdale is the oldest of three siblings in a family of five while living in a very small town miles southwest from Station Square. During her younger years, she has been the odd one of the litter, considerably being the only black cat of the family. Around the time she was enrolled in an academy there were many people who have been picking on her due to her appearance, calling her "Bad Luck Cat", thus making her become a huge trouble maker due to the many fights she would cause. Crymson barely have any friends to call her own because everyone decided to isolate her from doing so, until her younger brother, Shredder, comes to her aid. After that, the bullying dimmed down as time flew by when she got to her early teen years.

Teen Years

By the time Crymson just turned fourteen, she was invited by an unknown master that lives in a small village near the mountain region by a carrier pigeon. Perplexed by that, she willingly accepts at the cost of going to the mountains solo with only her clothes, toiletries, and nothing more. It took Crymson about a week, requiring frequent breaks and some area to sleep, she arrived near the entrance of a worn down and ancient village. Though not welcomed by the few clansmen that settled in, their leader named Bukaji took her under his wing farther away and up towards the middle of the mountain. Bukaji told Crymson she is chosen to learn the ancient art of The Way of the Staff, and that she must learn to defend herself even in the most dangerous situations. For the next two years, Crymson underwent a rigorous amount of training to excel herself with her new weapon. Two years went by now that she returned home, she found out a few days later that her father passed away from a disease in his lungs. From then on, Crymson went though a breakdown and her depression began to fold out, making her go through a dramatic change.

Late Teen Years

As soon as the black feline hit to a further road in her academy days, her life steered to a more dreadful road while she reached to her late teen years. Not only that, she met a mysterious gray wolf who would do anything to protect her and be with her. With during her relationship with him, she became more darker and rebellious against her family. Figure she loved him until she found out he can turn to a bloodthirsty werewolf that would try to kidnap her and make her his "mate". Until her mother end up marrying Sven Corbin, he pulled Crymson away from her supposed 'lover' and took the whole family away and moved her to another town. Crymson remained isolated from her family, besides her brother Shredder. At the age of sixteen, she and her brother decide to have a day of outage from their new home, just to get use to the new area. To make matters worse, her brother was wrongfully targeted by an organization called G.U.N. as one of their operatives became to rash and instantly killed Shredder, thus making Crymson embedded rage and vengeance inside that caused her to unexpectedly gain her first transformation, a feral, jungle cat form called Raging Flare that closely resembles her brother, but with rage and vengance. Being targeted as a criminal by G.U.N. after attempting to kill the operative, she decided to run back home. But much to her dismay, her stepfather accused her of killing Shredder as what they saw on the news. They argued, but nothing was ever resolved at the end as Sven was about to call their police to escort her out the next morning. Later over night, Crymson packed herself to escape her home and town to reside with her master, Bukaji. Saying farewell to her deceased brother and family, she ran to the mountains for more training.

Going Solo

Crymson spent around two weeks with her master, Bukaji, in the mountain region in ways to control her maddening form from exploding. Bukaji taught her the ways of hand-to-hand combat such as Kung Fun to let her handle her short fuse temper. To further her goal of calming herself, she was taught the art of Tai Chi and meditation near a purified waterfall which channeled her inner peace, resulting in obtaining her second form: Frozen Flare. But apparently, this form proved to be more than meets the eye: she has the ability to bring a lost soul and create an animated version of that deceased person. Before wanting to bring her brother back to life, Bukaji stopped her from doing so as in his clan deems it a taboo and forbidden against natural life. To prevent her from doing so, Bukaji gave her a silver locket of her brother with an aura that bans her from using the Reanimation technique. He sent her away to a city unfamiliar to Crymson in hopes of containing her inner insanity, and to hide herself from a shadow entity that haunts people's shadows to further the depression and darkness within their hearts.

Arriving in Station Square

Apprehensive about moving to Station Square, Crymson was feeling very unwelcomed by the town's people because of her gothic-tomboyish appearance. She was greeted by her twin cousins, Surg the Hedgefox and Burg the Hedgefox, at her new home. Crymson broke down into tears after they told her that they heard the news about Shredder, their other cousin. From that day on, they decided to aid Crymson as brother figures whenever she is in need. But that didn't do any good as Crymson decide to isolate and keep herself quiet from everyone else, even when she received an invitation to enroll in an academy, much to her dismay. At her first day at the new academy, she stopped a bully from taunting Burg any further by only using her martial arts. Because of that, people backed away from her and brand her as "the one not to be messed with" and furthered her isolation. As much as she doesn't want any trouble happening with everyone around or near her, she was greeted by an orange, electrokinetic feline that was sitting next to her, whom she ignored along with a few other mobians. What started her spark of friendship is when she met a techsuit wearing bird mobian during lunch, whom she started to slowly warm up to and a few of her friends. Days went by as Crymson's depression began fading away, a couple on G.U.N. soldiers walked their way into the academy in search for a red haired wanted criminal on the run, who happens to be Crymson. Crymson hid the best she could, until she found out that her friend Robin happens to be part of the organization after chatting with the soldiers. Angered by that, she showed her face to Robin after the soldiers disappeared with anger in her red irises, running off out of sight. Crymson remained near a large opening called The Clearing for several days to keep her feral form from appearing.

((More to come.......)


Crymson is a female, feline mobian with mostly black fur and a long, slkender tail, and a white muzzle and underbelly. Her hair is long, poofy, and somewhat messy that comes down to her mid shins, and part of her hair is short on the front that covers her right eye. Sometimes her hair can be short, but it'll grow quickly through the time being, and can either have it parted to the side or in the middle of her scalp. Her eyes show energy and kindness, but hide the pain that is hidden within her. Both of her hair and eyes are a few shades darker red. Her clothing style changes periodically. But her main attire consists of a black sleeveless tank top, blue bell bottom jeans, black shoes with red trim and white soles. Her accessories are blkack fingerless gloves with spikes sticking out of the wrist bands, a wallet with a chain dangling on the right side of her hip, a silver locket with her brother's picture in it, a plain black choaker and double hoop earrings.


Crymson's Happy Grin

Crymson's Smile

Crymson at first may seem a tough girl on the outside, but once you get to know her, she is a kind hearted and energetic person with a knack of adventure. She is the kind of person who would make a bunch of feiends because of her helpful nature. At certain times she will get a bit down because of the loss of her brother, Shredder. She is even known to explode if anyone talks bad about her brother (e.i: being weak) and transform into Raging Flare. She is the adventurous type, and sometimes a rushy one as well as she goes into battle with so much determination inside of her. But overall, her outgoing, bright, and caring personality always attract people into becomig friends with her, not to mention having a few crushes. When it comes to relationships, she is very giddy at first, but aill mellow down as time progressez. She believes in a strong will, never backiing down, always help a friend, and long relationships. Heh, even her whole personality is all of that because she is a Taurus. She will never back down a battle, but always have a smile on her face even if she loses. She is always looking for the fun in the battle. She is always a positive thinker, and ahe will often go her way to bring advice or some wisdom to anyone who is down or in almost defeat.


Uppercut Blaze


Blue Fire

Crymson discovered her newfound fire element power while taking under the training of her master in her teen years. Though to begin with she had regular fire. But as time went on, she decided to change the color of her fire to blue, which is the rare color to possess. With her fire power, she can create a fire wall or shield to protect herself or her friends from danger. She can even create forms, like fire balls and fire darts, for offensive purposes. Her fire can change color depending on her mood: light blue when she's calm, dark red when either her rage is at its highest or if someone badmouths about her deceased brother, and purple if her anticipation and determination are equally high. For these three main color fires will enable her to go into one of her Super Formes: Frozen Flare, Raging Flare, and Stunning Flare.

Crymson's Training

Crymson balancing a vase during her training.

Way of the Staff

Under the wing of her master, she was learn and train intensily the Way of the Staff. For more than an exhausting five years, she was learning the many ways to wield the staff. She was taught to twirl at an excelerating rate, blocking incoming attacks, building fire around it to use for attacking, able to use the staff to hurl herself into the air more forcefully, and balancing stuff without breaking or dropping onto the ground (see picture).

Kung Fu and Tai Chi

While with her master not training her the Way of the Staff, he was able to teach her a couple of martial arts. Kung Fu enables her to perform fast moving and agility-like moves for offense. This was also a good advantage to use her fire powers for long distances. Tai Chi she learned from him for her to control her emotions and her chi.


  • ATTACK = 13/20
  • DEFENSE = 15/20
  • DEXERITY = 10/20
  • SPEED = 16/20
  • STAMINA = 14/20
  • AGILITY = 17/20
  • WEAPON ABILITY = 19/20
  • INTELLIGENCE = 16/20

Items in Posession

  • Brown Extendable Staff
  • Silver-Blue Metallic Extendable Staff (Currently)
  • Double Extendable Staff (In Into the Furture Only)
  • Scarlet Scythe of Flameburst (Currently/A birthday present from HS664)


(Italics- Uses Most Often, Bold- Created By Crymson)



  • Kick
  • Super Kick
  • Mega Kick
  • Backflip Kick
  • High Kick
  • Low Kick
  • Sweeper Kick
  • Airbourne Twist Kick
  • Handstand Kick


  • Punch
  • Jet Punch
  • Gattling Punch
  • Raging 1,000 Punches
  • Mid Section Punch

Meelee With Fire

  • Blazing Kick
  • Blazing Mega Kick
  • Blazing Uppercut
  • Pyro Punch
  • Blazing Backflip kick
  • Pyro Palm
  • Tempest Wild Fire

Fire Attacks

  • Fireball
  • Fireball (x5)
  • Fireball (x10)
  • Fireball (x100)
  • Fire Shockwave
  • Pryo Wave
  • Pryo Tsunami


  • Fire Wall
  • Fire Shield
  • Blazing Cage
  • Pryo Flyback


  • Pyrolyze
  • Phoenix Flower (Taught By Freezle)
  • Pyro Wings


  • Blazing Shockwave
  • Crimson Shockwave
  • Amethyst Shockwave
  • Roaring Shockwave


  • Like all feline mobians, Crymson is agile, quick, and has the ability to climb with ease.
  • Despite being a cat and a fire user, she can swim in long distances and hold her breath underwater for about three minutes.
  • She can sense anything around her in a five feet radius at a 165° angle.
  • One of her key strengths is her defense.
  • She makes her fire only scorch to those who pose a threat to herself, her allies, or those in need.
  • She can block attacks be twisting her staff in a circle at 55 mph.
  • Crymson can't remember names of either people, mobians or street signs, but she has good photographic memory.
  • Like most cats, Crymson has quick reflexes. This is good for her short range attacks such as her kicks and hitting things with her staff.
  • Because of her training with the Way of the Staff technique, she can balance things and herself (if she stands the staff upright).


Crymson has a several known weaknesses:

  • Her big weakness is her brother, which if anyone tries to insult her brother she exploded and transform into Raging Flare.
  • After she goes back to herself after changing into Raging Flare, she faints afterwards.
  • Water, which her fire ability can be extinguished quickly.
  • Wind, secondary weakness, making her fire blown out immediately.
  • Crymson is not a mid-range fighter, making her and easy target.
  • Crymson's kindness can be a down side as well, which she can be oblivious to someone's true movtives.


Crymson has a few known transformations.

Frozen Flare

Frozen Flare is one of Crymson's Super Formes portraying peace, calmness, grace and love. She is also a Pasifict, meaning she takes peace very seriously.

Raging Flare

Raging Flare is the second Super Forme of Crymson portraying rage, hatred, destruction, and vengeance. She is mostly out of control, destroying anything that is in her path.

Stunning Flare

Crymson obtained her third Forme during The 12 Days of Christmas while facing against Crovax. This form resenbles a swift and silent ninja controlling neon purple fire.


Cyan became part of Crymson after the events of BtCFoR. Crymson first transformed into a vampire when she smelled a strawberry-scented fog (which is called the Eternal V) and started to slowly take its effect into consuming her own self and becone a full vampire. After Crymson recieved the antidote, she felt Cyan is still within her. So she accepted Cyan as her 'Other Half', and only comes out frequently or if danger occurs.

Relationships with Other Characters


  • Shredder the Cat ~ Crymson's brother, whom she happened to be very close to in her childhood years. Shedder was wrongfully killed by one of G.U.N.'s operatives due to the mistaken identity, as a result of a horrifying Crymson witnessing the killing. Because of that, Crymson will go berserk if anybody badmouths about her brother in any way. Bukaji, Crymson's staff wielding master, gave her a special locket with his picture in it, and also cast a green aura to prevent her from bringing her brother back to life as her Reanimation is considered forbidden in the laws of nature.
  • Paula and Sven ~ Crymson's mother and step dad. Currently, the parents are taken care of Amethyst and Crymson holds a love-hate relationship with her step father.
  • Amethyst the Cat ~ Crymson's little sister. Currently with their mom and stepfather.
  • Surge and Burg the Hedgefox ~ Crymson's twin cousins and brother figure after being notified of Shredder's death. Surg is protective over her, while Burg tries to keep her cheered up if things get complicated.
  • Stun the Chao ~ Stun was suppose to be with Crymson and Shredder when he was born until he was apparently stolen, while being in the egg and prior to Shredder's death. Stun looked everywhere for Crymson until he saw her being held captive by Crovax during his onslaught to eradicate Christmas. She and Stun act together in one final act to stop Crovax by becoming Stunning Flare. Since then, the two are instantly inseparable. Crymson considers Stun as a little brother in Chao form than either a pet, sidekick, teammate, etc.


  • Jack the Hedgehog ~ One of the first to ever make friends with Crymson. They started out as allies (recap: FREEJOIN: Log In. Download) and they helped out each other, having each other's backs along with Patricia the Skunk. Crymson respects Jack in anyway, and will be of aid whenever he needs her.
  • Patricia the Skunk ~ The second person (along with Jack the Hedgehog) to ever make friends with Crymson. Crymson shows kindness to her and also treats her like she have known her for a long time. These two (with Jack) helped out each other in time of danger. Crymson respects her as much as Patricia's best friend, Jack.
  • Robin Owsparr ~ These two share an inseparable bond. Crymson felt sorry about Robins' health condition and have to wear a suit, but Crymson respects that fact that Robin is a friendly person with a kind and steadfast nature. They share a similarity that they both lost a brother in different scenarios. They've helped each other out in countless situations, surprised that one seeing the other. They became the best of friends and promise to have each other's backs.
  • Honoo "Flame" The Pyrofox ~ Crymson considers Flame as a trusted ally and a reliable friend. Sometimes his hgih-level intellectual speech tends to render Crymson confused and dumbfounded, but she tries her best to understand them. Crymson loves Flame's company and his kindness towards her, almost like that she has another little brother. she and Flame have a very close friendship. Crymson even enjoys his fox puns a lot.
  • RedToxic the Hedgehog ~ Crymson and RedToxic (She calls him 'Toxi') had an 'explosive' start when they met. Though the two didn't argue, they seem to get along and became trusted allies. Crymson considered Toxi a strong-willed and kindred spirited friend whom she really respected. She doesn't like anyone calling him a 'freak', which will result in Toxi's outrage.
  • Speedy the hedgehog ~ Crymson and Speedy became quick friends while preparing for the Foresaken Tournament. He helped her out at times when things get out of hand. Speedy really seems to like Crymson, but she doesn't even know that since Crymson has her mind on Static.
  • Valencia the Vampire Werefox ~Crymson first met Valencia long before she known about her transformation. When she saw her new forme, she couldn't make out that it is Valencia under that transformation. Since she was shocked to see it was Valencia, Crymson, to this day, still remain her encounter with Valencia's feral side a secret. These two have a great friendship.
  • Silencia the Hedgebat ~ Crymson met Silencia while in Central City after their encounter with RedToxic (They call him Toxi). Since then, Silencia has helped Crymson in numerous occasions, making her a trusted ally. They've became feiends shortly after.
  • Twilight the Lycalo ~ Crymson met under some unlucky encounter with his other forme, Nightmare. Like Valencia, Crymson remained it a secret. Crymson and Twilight how a good friendship, even protecting Lucinda from the villanous Dr. Knackburn. Even though they barely talk to see each other, they still are good friends.
  • Lucinda the Angelfox ~ Crymson happens to adore Luc's personality, and her angelic wings. Crymson and Luc have a bond like the rest of her friends. Crymson will even go to her way to protect her from Dr. Knackburn and his mischievous and devious plans. They rarely talk to each other, but they do keep in contact with each other.


  • Nightrush ~ Something about NightRush seems to perplex Crymson. ever since The Forsaken Tournaments, he went after her for no parent reason. A few other times he appeared in front of her and did nothing. Crymson can't determined if he is friend or foe, she stays alert if anything happens to her if he arrives.


  • Zoom the Hedgehog ~ Crymson made Zoom her rival due to the fact that he insulted her brother saying that he was 'weak'. From that comment, Crymson almost transformed into Raging Flare on site. (recap: The Foresaken Tournament) She wishes to teach him a lesson on keeping his mouth shut and keep his mind off from other people's business.
  • Byrnette the Cat ~ She happened to be Crymson's clone created from Crovax (recap: The 12 Days of Christmas). She is also exactly the opposite of what Crymson is inside and out. She and Crymson have an unstoppable rivaly with the same strength, intelligence, and fighting style. She likes to degrade her and her friends for fun.
  • Ernest Knackburn ~ Also known as "Dr. Knackburn". Apparently, Crymson doesn't know him that much, except that he will try every way to get rid of her angelfox friend, Lucinda. In Into the Future, he took control over Station Square as he tried to eraducate the Resistance and Lucinda. Crymson went missing for five years only to find his fortress to retrieve Static and find some valuable information, as a spy for the Resistance, on what Dr. Knackburn has in plan for the resistance.

.:~Romantic Interests ~:.

  • Static the Cat ~ Static was the first mobian to ever speak to Crymson the first time she attended and academy, but was instantly ignored. Until a certain high tech suited bird mobian introduced herself and Static, she began warming up to them and several others. But when Crymson's outburst occurred when she saw the same operative that killed Shredder, Static did everything he can to calm her down, which sparked a hint of feelings towards him to begin with. Crymson tried her best to confront Static about her feelings, but all attempts proved to be voided by her nervous personality and would run from the subject. She felt deeply heartbroken after Byrnette told that Static is in love with another Pyrokinetic feline mobian, which proved to be untrue when Stun told Crymson that Byrnettwe was trying to make her vulnerable. After Crovax's demise, Crymson worked up the courage to confessed her feelings to Static alone. Much to her surprise, she found out he has been harboring feelings for her in return. With their first kiss under the mistletoe, that began a relationship between the two felines. After several months of inseparable love, Static proposed to her at The Clearing and to this day, they are still engaged. They have scheduled their wedding to be held in June. In Into the Future, they are married and have one child name Shreddrette, in honor of Crymson's brother



  • Crym (sometimes called that)
  • Hon (Shousenka the Echinda, just to tease her)
  • Sapphire (used by Mimic for a number of reasons.)
  • Cousin Crym (Surg and Burg the Hedgefox, who is their cousin)
  • Crymmy (Byrnette, just to tease her)


  • "Well, at least I had fun!!!" (After a battle)
  • "You want a piece of me, HUH!?" (recap: The Forsaken Tournament: To Fred)
  • "Hon...?" (recap: The Forsaken Tournament: Being teased by Shou)
  • "Oh look, company!!!" (recap: FREEJOIN: Log In. Download: After falling from the portal in the sky)
  • "He is not SPARKY!!!!"' (When anybody calls Static 'Sparky')
  • "Sapphire!? Do I look THAT blue to you!?" (To Mimic, who nicknames her Sapphire based on her blue fire ability)
  • "No......." (If he hears somebody call RedToxic a 'freak')


  • Crymson was created as an inspiration from Blaze the Cat, and has use the outlines of the character to create Crymson and two of her forms in the beginning.
  • Crymson's original name was Crymson Flayre Shokwave. After a long haitus, and further revamping, she was given a different middle and last name.
  • Despite being a pyrokinetic feline, Crymson loves to swim.
  • She sometimes wear glasses, for either reading or for show.
  • Her ears twitch in two different ways: the left ear indicates irritation while the right ear indicates either a presence or imminent danger within a five feet radius around her.
  • Crymson's chain that is dangling on the left side of her pants is actually attach to a wallet.
  • Crymson is actually considered Neutral Good. She rather not chose a side to aid, but she rather fight to protect the ones she care about or in need whether they are friend or foe.
  • She loves playing video games, mostly RPG, Action, and MMO.
  • Crymson does blush, but it is very hard to tell from her dark fur. If she were to really blush, a portion of her fur on her cheeks turn a shade of red.
  • Crymson's main pet peeve is being startled without prior notice. She would flinch or jump, her tail will fluff up, and she would hiss out of instinct.
  • Along with her first pet peeve, she really hates anybody calling Static, her fiance, 'Sparky', which she would yell at him/her out of irritation.
  • Crymson has a love-hate relationship with her stepfather.
  • She is considered an outdoor person, which is the reason why her home is a bit dusty......depends on the time during her outing.
  • She has a headstone with her brother's name on it at The Clearing, which was a play area they two cats use to go to when they were little. It separates Station Square three miles from the town they use to live.


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