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"I am the Guardian of this land! Leave now if you wish to avoid conflict! I am the protector of this land and those who inhabit it! To threaten them is to threaten the land!"
—Crush's battle cry

This Zygarde, commonly referred to by the name Crush after the Z-Move Continental Crush(which Crush himself can use) is a character set to appear in an upcoming story in The Legend of Fox the Brave in a new installment in The Shattered Storm Saga that has no title as of yet. Crush will be encountered by Storm following the events of Storm's Struggle as Storm and Austin grow distant. While genderless, Crush is commonly referred to as male(like the Silvally in Lycus' Gang) and has a deep, masculine voice. He is also called "The Guardian of the Land" because of his desire to protect the Worlds and all who inhabit them. It's possible that Crush will get his own story.


10% Forme: Crush is commonly seen in its 10% Forme. In this form, it greatly resembles a Doberman Pinscher. It is mostly black with two green spots on its chest, a green muzzle and mouth, and green extension on its neck that resembles a leash. Its left forepaw is green, it has white eyes with no irises or pupils, a red spot on his chest(hinting that he may be the Red Core), two green spots above his eyes, and two hexagonal protrusions on each leg.

50% Forme: In this Forme, Crush resembles a giant snake that also resembles the letter "z". It has a green top half and a black bottom with 5 Pillar-like shapes on its back. It has no arms or legs and has a various amount of scales on its body. Zygarde has two compound eyes and green shapes under them. It has a tail which is flat.

100%/Complete Forme: In this Forme, Crush has a large, humanoid body with a long tail similar to Zygarde 50% Forme's body. The very tip of the tail can open up, making them appear to be a mouth. There are several flat protrusions around its head and triangular protrusions around its neck, giving it a crown-shaped appearance. On its face are three white hexagonal marks: one in the middle of its forehead with a line through it and two being that acting as eyes. There are an additional five green hexagons on its face: four along the bottom and one in the middle of a short protrusion on top. Each shoulder has two wings protruding from it. These wings all have a hexagon and an undulating pattern: blue on the right side and red on the left. The very tip of the wings can open up, making them appear to be a pair of "mouths" with red or blue patterns on the inside. It has multiple white protrusions on its body: three on each hand acting as claws, one on each knee, and one and the front of each foot. Additionally, there are green extensions surrounding its wrists and two under the white protrusions on its knees and feet. Its abdomen has a vertical, hexagonal pattern upon it with two thin, white, and vertical marks on either side. Across its chest is thin, zigzagging opening that fades between five colors: red, orange, white, cyan, and blue. The chest can open, revealing five cores of each color. Above this opening are two large green, hexagonal marks. When its wings and tail are extended, Zygarde Complete Forme resembles the Latin alphabet letter Z.


Crush is a very mysterious and stoic individual. It usually keeps its emotions hidden, but it is easily enraged when Worlds or their inhabitants are threatened in any way. Normally, it will leave the fighting to others if it feels that it isn't very important(like a war between two Villages). However, if it senses a great danger to the land and/or innocent civilians, it will interfere to end the conflict any way it can.


Before the Series: Crush's exact past is unknown. A concept for Crush's past is that he became the Guardian of the Worlds following Garrett and Argus' deaths, using its other cells to keep tabs on the Worlds and interfering if it senses a major threat on the horizon.

Unnamed Story: At some point in this yet-unnamed story, Crush is encountered by Storm, who is amazed to be in the presence of such a legend. After Crush explains his purpose for protecting the Worlds, Storm can't stop himself from bursting out that Crush could've stopped the War of Time from happening, to which the 10% Zygarde replies that even if he knew, there was no way he could've stopped Finitevus' plans, adding that the War of Time was a long time coming, and that it needed to happen.

Events after this are unknown.


Crush's confirmed moveset is Focus Blast, Stone Edge, Land's Wrath, and Core Enforcer.

Additionally, Crush can use the Z-Move Continental Crush(through Stone Edge), and it was revealed that he was named for this Z-Move, since he is the first Pokemon to [chronologically] be seen using a Z-Move(given that Crush is as old as the Worlds themselves)


Crush's confirmed Ability is Power Construct, since he can access his 100% Forme at will.


If needed, Crush can use super-speed despite not knowing the move Extreme Speed.


Being a Dragon-Ground type, he is 4x weak to Ice and has a normal weakness to Dragon and Fairy; He resists Fire, Poison, and Rock; He is immune to Electric altogether.

Other than this, Crush's weaknesses are unknown; Despite being very, very old, Crush is still in his prime and extremely strong.


A possible story title for Crush's story is The Guardian's Mission. The idea is that this explores Crush's past and his varying involvement in different events.

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