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Crush the Bandicoot

Crush the Bandicoot
Crush the Bandicoot 2
Drawn then vectored and colored on Paint Tool SAI
Fanta (Shawn)
New Guinea Long-nosed Bandicoot
Long Nose,

Pale muzzle, Twisted tail, Deep Violet fur,

Brown eyes
Gray beret,

Gray sleeveless hoodie, Gray shorts, Black socks, White gloves,

Brown and white shoes
Desiree the Bandicoot (Twin Sister) Shawn the Bandicoot (Twin Brother)
Romantic Interest
Making aliases, acting, Desiree, getting his way, his gang, shiny shoes, dancing, hash-tagging
burning his hair, not matching, not getting his way, losing, getting his shoes scuffed, being figured out
Spin Dash,

Bandicoot Twist, Bandicoot Tornado, Paintball Master, Good with guns, Spin Jump, Spin Kick, Midair Spin Double-kick, creating aliases,

Freckles, Big Beulah, Raven, Pool Shark, Ned, King Crab, D.W.
No notable enemies

Crush the Bandicoot is an original character created by Pumpituppartyzone. He is a Deep Violet, anthropomorphic, New Guinea Long-nosed Bandicoot. He only makes appearances in roleplays, and very few at that. He has a "gang" consisting of himself, Pool Shark, Ned McMuffin, Freckles Jeeperchomp, and on occasion, D.W. the Rabbit and King Crab. He is the oldest twin in his family, his younger sibling being Shawn and Desiree the Bandicoot.


Crush is not very trusting, and he isn't very trustworthy either. He is constantly making aliases to throw people off, and loves to trick people. On mostly all of the gang's "missions," he acts as the double agent. He gets the other party's trust under an alias, then gives the "gang" the information that they need. He is good at gaining people's trust. He despises his brother, but still loves his sister. When a mission has anything to do with his sister or her friends, he will most likely decline and stay at the gang's HQ with D.W.


Shawn has many abilities that are similar to Crash Bandicoot's. When he spins in a circle enough times, he makes a tornado. He, of course, has the abilites that most Sonic characters have, like Spin Jump. He can also spin into a blur, and physically attack others, similar to the Sonia Spin. He is good with guns, and is very good at Paintball. Another notable ability of his is the ability to Spin Jump, then double-kick while in midair. Additionally, he is a great liar.

Game Appearances

Crush is a playable character in this game, and he is a default member of the "Freckles Slammers". He is a power type player.

Name Team Captain Bat/Glove Pitching Stats Fielding Stats Batting Stats Running Stats
Crush the Bandicoot Freckles Left/Right 5/10 5/10 8/10 6/10



Raven the Pig

Freckles Jeeperchomp

Ned McMuffin

D.W. the Rabbit

Big Beulah the Gorilla

Pool Shark

King Crab


Shawn the Bandicoot



Freckles Jeeperchomp (Great Friends)

Ned McMuffin (Great Friends)

D.W. the Rabbit (Good Friends)

Big Beulah the Gorilla (Good Friends)

Pool Shark (Good Friends)

King Crab (Good Friends)

Raven the Pig



  • He gets his name from the soda.
  • If he had a voice actor, it would be Logan Lerman.

Memorable Quotes

"This'll only take a minute." - Taunt 1

"This won't hurt a bit. It'll hurt a lot." - Taunt 2

"I admire your consistance." - Taunt 3

"If you're done, I've got some butt to beat down." - Taunt 4

"Who knew I could win?" - Win 1

"Your weakness sickens me." - Win 2

"Even I'm impressed with myself." - S Rank

"That went just how I planned it." - A Rank

"Well I guess that was decent." - B Rank

"I guess this is gonna sufice." - C Rank

"That didn't go howI thought." - D Rank

"Dang. That was horrible." - E Rank

"Oh, don't start bragging." - Loss 1

"I wasn't trying, is all." - Loss 2

"I should have stayed in training." - KO/Death

"Craaaaaaaaadge!" - Falling

"Sweetness. I'm epic." - Homerun

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