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Crush is a grey-furred echidna. He wears salmon pants, and a shirt with a yin-yang split in two on it. He also has a long scar on his face, aftermath from a battle with a powerful foe. It occasionally opens up again, and turns his eye bloodshot.


Crush is almost the textbook definition of edgy. He speaks in a low register, and usually says short, EDGY, sentences. He is a bit more complex than meets the eye, though. He has a hidden love for all of his family members left alive, though nobody knows who they are. Despite being viewed as evil, his intent is not always malicious, and will occasionally make sacrifices for the greater good. He also loves pizza, and will sometimes flip out if it is not delivered on time. And if anyone attempts to intercept it, they had better run.


Not much about his history is known. What is known, however, is that Crush was without parents. He grew up alone, and worked his way up through lots of effort. Despite not having an education, he made enough money to comfortably live through a construction job. But that was when his life began to spiral downwards. Upon a battle with a great beast that emerged out of nowhere, he gained a new power: the ability to access his Bloodshot Form. This was not without consequence. Crush was unable to control the new power, and while he did manage to fend off the monster, he also harmed and killed the people around him. Depressed, he wandered the world without a purpose. But soon, that too would come to an end. The frightening warrior from before had returned. With all of his strength, Crush tried to defeat the powerful being, but it was not enough. Gathering power, the warrior then proceeded to destroy all of Mobius. With a single attack. It was a monstrosity, something nobody had ever seen before. Yet Crush survived. Some way, somehow, he was thrown through space and time, landing in what seemed to be his own past. Crush watched his entire life unfold once more, but when he fought the warrior there was a change. He made peace. Instead of fighting, the alternate him made peace with that being of supreme strength. Crush was appalled. How could he let such a monster run wild? Crush knew that something horrible would come of this, so he trained. Every day, with every scrap of time he had. It was time for action. He eventually met someone known as W.K., and was convinced to work for him. His current state is unknown, along with the warrior's identity.

Powers & Strengths

Crush is a powerful fighter. He trains on a daily basis to keep in shape, and hone his

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skills. He specializes in combo attacks, and is skilled at stringing moves together to lay a beatdown on all those who oppose him. Despite his impression of brute force, Crush has calculated and precise movements, almost with a flair of elegance. His greatest strength, however, is his ability to use his own life force to power up. When doing so, he enters a state known as MAX Power. His fur turns red, and his is surrounded in a bloody glow. His eyes become completely bloodshot, and he gains a large increase in attacking power. When he first accesed this strength, he was unable to control it, leading to disaster, and the deaths of many. He has better control over it now, though he still has yet to master this power. He may also have a super form and a hyper form, but these have not been seen yet.

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