"I was just trying to protect you!"
—Crunch trying to justify his actions to Dawn, The Dusk Wolf

Crunch the Lycanroc, formerly known as Pebble, is a character that appears in The Legend of Fox the Brave. Crunch is what's called a "half-Pack" Lycanroc, since his mother is a Sun Pack Midday Lycanroc and his father is a Moon Pack Midnight Lycanroc. Because of his overprotectiveness of his sister Dawn, Crunch is rivals for Boulder because he doesn't like the younger Lycanroc's interest in his sister, though this changed. His past is explored a bit in Hooper the Lycanroc's story Hidden Motives.


Crunch is a stocky male Dusk Lycanroc. He has orange-and-white fur, a bushy tail and mane, brown claws and rock-spikes. He has a long scar on his chest.


Crunch is aggressive, hot-headed, short-tempered, pushy, arrogant, stubborn, defensive, abrasive, and prickly. Despite his mean temper, he is fiercely loyal to his Team, his family, and his friends, has a friendly rivalry with his brother-in-law Boulder, and is a brilliant fighter.


Before the Series: Crunch-then known as Pebble-and his sister Dawn were brown to a female Midday Lycanroc in the Akala Sun Pack and a male Midnight Lycanroc who happened to be the leader of the Akala Moon Pack. A great battle broke out over them, leading to the death of their mother and their leader giving them up. Furious at this, Pebble ran off with his sister, and they soon learned about Dusk Lycanroc. Pebble was the first to evolve into it, choosing to change his name to Crunch.

The Dusk Wolf: Crunch first appears when Boulder meets him and Dawn shortly after leaving The Storming Base in an effort to understand his troubling visions. Crunch is noted to look very unfriendly, and becomes more and more cold as the journey goes on. Eventually, he disappears altogether, and is later seen in one of Boulder's visions going to Dr. Finitevus. Finally, he's seen apart of Lycus' Gang(sans Dallas), and gets into an argument with Dawn regarding his overprotectiveness. When a Storming Alliance patrol arrives and fights the Gang, a mortified Crunch runs away, never to be seen again.


Currently, Crunch's only known move is Rock Throw.


Crunch's current Ability is Tough Claws, but it may be changed if new Abilities are announced for Dusk Lycanroc.


Being a Dusk Lycanroc, Crunch has superhuman agility and durability.


Being a Rock-Type, Crunch is weak to Water, Ground, Fighting, and Steel-Type Pokemon; he Resists Normal, Rock, Flying, Fire, and Poison.


Dawn the Lycanroc

Crunch was initially very overprotective of Dawn, to the point he was overbearing, and she disliked him for it. This lead to them butting heads over Boulder just before the War of Darkness, and Crunch disappearing. It was later revealed that due to his overprotectiveness, he briefly joined Lycus' Gang to get rid of Boulder, a fact Finitevus sneered at. However, when Crunch joined the Storm Fighters, he had since overcome this, and the two are close once more.

Boulder the Lycanroc

Crunch and Boulder had a very rough start, as Crunch's overprotective nature led to him butting heads with the younger foresight Dusk. As time went on with Crunch as a warrior, he smoothed things out with Boulder, and the two are now close friends, and occasional friendly rivals.

Skye the Lycanroc

Crunch and Skye are mates, and it is shown they love each other dearly.

Nick and Luca

Crunch cares deeply for his sons, and respects them both as warriors.


As Rockruff
Midday Lycanroc
As Midday Lycanroc
Dusk Lycanroc
As Dusk Lycanroc


Due to the Rule of the Worlds, Crunch is immune to the Metal Virus, as he is Alola-born

Original Concepts

  • Crunch was originally going to be a Midday Lycanroc unrelated to Dawn, and was going to be friends with a Jolteon named Havoc(after the Z-Move Gigavolt Havoc). Following the reveal of the Dusk Form, Crunch was made into a Dusk Lycanroc.
    • Additionally, while Midday Form, Crunch was going to be his true name. When his backstory as Dusk Lycanroc was created, his name became Pebble, and he chose to change his name into Crunch after evolving.
  • Crunch was originally going to be Boulder's rival for Dawn's love, but he was changed into Dawn's older brother.
    • In his early days as a Storm Fighter, he remained a rival to Boulder, but this was eventually dropped. He still has a friendly rivalry with Boulder, but the two are quite close friends.
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