Crunch is a powerful close-range attack. Some especially vicious users of this technique are able to use this technique to actually tear apart or rip off limbs.


The user gets close to the target and bites down on it with great force. The strength of this attack is great, capable of piercing metallic armor and passing through metal limbs. Some particularly vicious users of this technique are able to grasp with their jaws with this technique so powerfully, they can tear apart the target, or rip off limbs. With each bite, there is a chance that the user might cringe with pain and lose attention to the battlefield, or even have some of their physical defences in the area around the bite weakened.

In some cases, the user's teeth seem to elongate and glow white, which hints at elemental variants. Indeed, quite a few such techniques have been seen.


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Technique Rank

Because this technique is so common, it normally carries a C-Rank, but if the user has an especially powerful bite force, the rank can be as high as "A".

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