THIS RACE IS OPEN TO ALL USERS TO CREATE CHARACTERS FOR The term "Crucite" refers to a race of odd creatures spread throughout the universe, with some maybe even on Mobius.

Average Life

These creatures start life from an egg, where they will hatch into a genderless larvae of varying color (which will normally dictate their personality later on in life) and scuttle to the surface, where they will head towards where their preferences lead them, and either be eaten by the sky-dwellers or be raised by an adult of their species (if one is not available, any life-form at least age 13 can be chosen) until the age of 5, where they will spin a small cocoon, and finally develop a real (if small) body, that they will keep until age 18.

Their preferences up to that point will dictate their first body's appearance (sexual interest and will create body-shape, personal hobby can cause distribution of strengths, etc.) to where the caretaker shall teach them to live independently, as when they must leave their current home once they reach age 7, so that they can begin a life of freedom. Builder drones are often given to new individuals to assist in building a place of residence, but the more proficient children normally build their own to further prove their abilities. Until the age of 15, they have a choice to either go out into the world seeking companionship, or to burrow underground and join others in digging new tunnels/chambers to store eggs. The first option can be seen as more dangerous, as Crucite younglings are often unprepared and will die either from the elements, sky-dwellers, or other, more aggressive younglings.

After surviving to age 15, Crucites are put into specialized tests to survive and prove their worth. These tests are optional, and many die during this stage, but those that survive gain immense power, and are then tasked with gathering enough food to last 3 years, then spin a cocoon once again. After the years pass, they will hatch from this state, and will have grown much more developed bodies, where if their past preferences are still around, those features are amplified, and recent interests show up small, with abandoned ones now erased. They are then sent out into the world to choose what to do with their lives next, with the options being to either reproduce, join the army, become a worker, or exile themselves to another planet. This is usually the final stage for crucites, though in some rare cases, they evolve even further, though exactly how has yet to be documented.


Despite the diversity in Crucites, all believe that a Being of Light and Darkness shall descend from the sky one day and unleash judgement upon the world, eradicating all above-ground life. This would explain why eggs are stored deep underground, in hopes that they will continue on the race after this event occurs. Depsite this, the plans for his arrival vary, with some preparing for the destroyer's coming so that they could hope to please him in exchange for continued life or are furthering scientific development to hopefully kill this being before it can kill them.


Crucites tend to spread far across the universe, though will often settle in a planet with a varied environment to assist in creating diversity through location. The planet itself must also be quite thick, enough to house thousands of miles of underground tunnels and chambers for storage and transportation purposes.

General Abilities and Appearances

The factors that determine a Crucites abilities and some portions of their appearance determines on their location and personal interests. For example, if one had lived in a desert that was quite warm yet extremely dark and liked to mine, they would evolve to have larger, more durable claws for efficient digging and lighter skin. The general appearances are that when born, Crucites resemble large larvae with minor features to support life in just about any land, though the heads (and by extension included features such as eye color or horns) they have on birth are generally kept until they fully mature to adults.

Upon reaching age 5, they undergo a complex form of metamorphosis that reconfigures their genetics to match what will benefit their interests more, drop a large amount of unnecessary traits that could prove to be hindrances, and gain more stable bodies, now resembling small children. This form in it's entirety is kept until around the age of 15, where another metamorphosis occurs, this time ending in, for most Crucites, their final form. Here, the appearances can vary immensely, ranging from ones the height of average mobians to colossal sea-serpents that command the entirety of the oceanic population.

Varying Populations

As stated before, where a Crucite lives greatly impacts their appearance. There are many thousands of different general designs one could become upon reaching adulthood, but is split up into 4 general types depending on where one lives.


Land-Dwelling Crucites can range from being the height of normal mobians to hulking Mammoths that could function as large hills. These are generally the weakest form of Crucite, as they are susceptible to attacks from Sky Dwellers. Land-based ones live in small, spread out groups, and large communities are quite sparse due to how easy is makes it for other races to attack. These tend to be the second-most civil of the groups, as the more aggressive ones die in higher quantities defending the weak from attackers. The Land-Dweller is also the one with arguably the most variations, as land seems to carry the most alternations for it's structure. These range from Desert-Dwellers, Forest-Dwellers, Wasteland-Dwellers, CIvilized-Dwellers, Beach-Dwellers, and so on.


Sea-Dwelling Crucites have arguably the largest range of appearances for all Crucite groups, ranging from small webbed-footed humanoids to the aforementioned sea-serpents of colossal size. The civility of these depends mostly on the forms of water they inhabit. The kinder ones and the larvae tend to live by beaches, bays, lakes, etc. as they are more kind to Land-Dwellers. The larger and more aggressive species of Sea-Dwellers live in much deeper oceanic waters, and will attack just about anything they can find, even other deep-sea life. These usually appear more beast like and can grow to sizes that dwarf islands. The Sea-Dweller classification has a few variations associated with it, such as Pond-Dwellers, Abyss-Dwellers, Reef-Dwellers, Surface-Dwellers, etc.


Sky-Dwelling Crucites have generally the least amount of diversity between body-types, though tend to be the most aggressive overall, though are also the most organized when attacking, even capable of being classified as militaristic. Unlike the sea-dwellers, the altitude does not really dictate the size and shape of sky-dwellers, and are simply neutral throughout the elevations, with the exception of most of the larvae being perched on high-mountains until the can fly like the older ones. The general consensus for this race of Crucite is that they are truly vicious, attacking nearly anything that they see, and considering the sky covers basically the entire planet, they are given room to attack any other form of Crucite. The Sky-Dwellers are also the second-least diverse when it comes to location variation, only having one's depending on the altitude (the space between each level is very large) and the general weather of that location.


Underground Crucites are mysterious beings. Only ever coming out to the surface at night, this species of Crucite are stealthy and (currently) pacifistic beings who gather intelligence from above ground to implement in their advanced technology. Most, if not all of the Underground Crucites are pale humanoids with no noticeable features beyond varying height. The machines built by this race are often put into storage for a later day, perhaps for future plans?


Artificial Crucites are Crucites that were not born through conventional means. These could range from being created as digital AI that evolved and took on their own form, clones produced in a laboratory, or having been born through magic. These Crucites can have differing evolution methods from natural ones, and most evolve through consumption of energy or by growing stronger, though in some rare cases a few are made exactly like normal Crucites. Most Artificial Crucites produced now are called "Fantoms."


The Crucite species is thinly spread out, meaning that there are bound to be at least a good many on Mobius.

(It's free to make characters under this label. They just have to originate from a Crucite-infested planet to be considered one, design doesn't really matter)


  • The general idea of the Crucite species is based somewhat on that of Trolls from Homestuck.
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