Crucifer the Demon is the head of The Warhog's attack force. Crucifer is an orphan, and has been all his life, and he sees Flab as a younger brother.


Crucifer acts like your typical, laid-back, teenage boy. Attitude wise, Crucifer sees that it is better to help those close to you, rather than helping for 'the better of the good'. In regards to Flab from Crucifer's point of view, Flab is the closest thing to family that they have ever had. Crucifer spends most of his time, sitting on his couch, drawing monsters, while listening to pirate metal and Viking metal. Other hobbies include: playing video games, racing, and cracking codes and manuscripts. Because of his brains at code cracking, Flab has dubbed Crucifer as "Cifer".


Is pyrokinetic and has powers over darkness. Supposedly getting his fire powers from his mother, and darkness powers from his father. In his denim jacket, Crucifer has, what seems to be, an endless supply of kunai and shurinken. Has the power to slow-time around himself so that he can take better aim at his opponent from a distance. And has one of the best accuracies and brains on Mobius.


Crucifer looks like a hedgehog. He is 17 years of age. He has Greyish-Red fur and red streaks through his hair. Crucifer has a mo-hawk. He wears a Denim jacket, jeans, and wears dark red shoes.


  • Super Crucifer
  • Hyper Crucifer
  • Dark Crucifer
  • Blazing Crucifer
  • Hawk Crucifer
  • Fire Shadow Crucifer
  • Solid Flifer
  • Black Dragon Crucifer
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