The Crown of Love (sometimes referred as Yoshino's Crown) is an item that appears in Sonic the Hedgehog: Crystals of Soleanna. It was used by Yoshino the Seedrian when in combat before she died whilst giving birth to her only daughter, Blossom. It is now kept trapped inside a glass located at Pink Sakura's castle. It is so powerful that even he is scared of it, explaining why he keeps it in an unbreakable glass.


The crown is a floating hot pink cherry blossom-like flower and a coloured button on it.


Using the flower crown is very easy. When you put it on the head, it will switch to a symbol you have on your chest, but that thing only works for the "Flower Dynasty". If it works on an another person who is not a part of the family, then he/she will be unstable.



  • Sometimes the Infernal Crystals are gone on the crown for some reason. FlowerOfTheWind states that it is because that the crown is very weak without them.
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