The Crown Jewels of Aildae are a set of jewelry forged by Aildae's greatest jewelers as a wedding present for the first King of Aildae to give to his beloved queen. They consist of a necklace, earrings, a jeweled crown, a brooch, and a pair of ruby-encrusted shoes. The jewels were lost during the wars against the Knights of the Underworld, and no one has been able to recover them in the time since.


The first wearer of these jewels was Queen Adriana, the first Queen of Aildae, and as she grew older, she passed them down to her firstborn daughter, Princess Adelaide. As years passed, the tradition to pass the jewels down to the firstborn daughter stuck, with each queen passing them down to her daughter or granddaughter.

When the wars against the Knights of the Underworld began, the jewels became lost in the battle, and have not been recovered since. No one knows where they are because all records of Aildae have either been terribly damaged or destroyed.


The jewels granted the wearer an extended lifespan, letting them live far longer than expected, i.e. adding at least twenty to thirty years on. The crown was especially important because it granted the user knowledge from its previous owners to rule the kingdom properly. Each piece also added a secondary purpose.

Secondary Purposes


Persuasive speech


Enhanced hearing


Added protection against magic


Traveling speed


Thought control


King Montenegro commissioned his finest jewelers to create a wedding present for his betrothed queen, Adriana. The jewelers worked day and night before presenting the king with their finest works: a diamond and ruby necklace, earrings, a ruby-encrusted crown, a brooch, and a pair of ruby-laden shoes. The king was pleased by their work and gave the presents to Adriana before their wedding day. She wore the jewels down the aisle.

As they grew older, Queen Adriana looked younger and healthier by the day due to the jewels' effects on her. King Montenegro was older by comparison, but it didn't matter as much. When they were blessed with twins, Queen Adriana decided to give the jewels to her daughter Adelaide as a birthday present when she turned sixteen. The tradition stuck, and the jewels were passed down from generation to generation.

The last queen to wear the jewels was Queen Lorelei, whose husband was the great-grandson of King Montenegro. When the Knights of the Underworld attacked the castle, the Queen had to leave her jewels behind to escape the incoming threat. Unfortunately, the Queen died before she was able to recover them.

In the rubble of the castle, the jewels were hidden from public eyes, and no one knew where they were buried. To this day, the jewels have remained hidden, and all records of them have either been damaged severely or destroyed.

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