Crow the Wolf is a character who appears in The Legend of Fox the Brave: Rise of Ruin, and is set to return in the Broken Worlds arc in the story On the Run. He is a young dire wolf named for his black fur. He is the son of Root and River, brother of Frost, and half-brother of Rock. Like his Packmates, he speaks with a distinctive British accent.


Crow is a young dire wolf with jet black fur and amber eyes. He is said to be around Max's size, but still growing. He has massive shoulders, thick fur, and a broad, sloping back reminiscent of Rock's.


Crow is shown to be a friendly person, fiercely loyal to his friends and sister, while hateful of those who threaten them. Due to this, he doesn't like Starline or his lackeys, and hates that Max has had to flee because of him.


Before the Series: Crow and Frost were born to River and Root in the Dire Wolf Pack, but luckily did not suffer from Night's violent revenge when the evil wolf returned as a Spirit.

In The Legend of Fox the Brave:

Vengeance of Night: Crow and Frost appear when they welcome Lucky to the Pack, and Crow believes he is a wolf, but is corrected. He is not seen again.

On the Run: Crow, now older, is seen when he and Frost are wandering the forest and encounter Austin Smith, Maxwell Veschell, and Bailey Swift while the trio are on the run. Crow and Frost then accompany them to the Base.

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Crow's natural size gives him incredible strength, as with all dire wolves.



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