Crosshair is a genetically altered, cybernetically enhanced wolf and an agent/soldier of G.U.N.


Crosshair was kept in a containment tube until he was 10 years old. Once he was released, he began his training. At this age, he was trained in espionage, firearms usage, and agility. He had plenty of trouble, but began to slowly get better. This was also the time he received his cybernetic enhancements.

At age 17, he was sent to a training academy in order to advance himself. He practiced sniping, infiltration, and self-preservation. While he did better than before, he still wasn't very good, and was insulted for it by the other soldiers in training. One of the weaker students, a human named David Medland, tried to defend him from the insults, and as a result, they became good friends and helped each other.

When he was 19, he was sent to a remote jungle for his first practice mission; finding and infiltrating a G.U.N. base to steal dummy information. Crosshair's squadron, which included David, used rubber bullets to prevent lethal injury, as did the "enemies". However, a real enemy organization hiding in the same jungle found them and attacked them. Forced to use their rubber bullets against actual, lethal guns, very few escaped. While Crosshair survived, he watched David die in front of his own eyes. After this, he vowed to never let anything like that happen again.

After the incident, he and his peers were moved to a different academy to prevent an infiltration. Here, Crosshair got much, much better. He gave full effort during exercizes and trained him self in his free time, thinking of David the entire time. By the time he graduated, he was one of the best in his squadron.


Crosshair was given skills by G.U.N. to assist him on his missions. His most notable skill lies in his left eye (which has a crosshair for a pupil, hence his name). He can use it to scan a target and access their file on the G.U.N. database, finding out his/her powers and weaknesses. Alongside this, he has incredible accuracy and speed, and has been trained to use every ranged weapon in the G.U.N. arsenal.


Despite being G.U.N.'s poster child, Crosshair does have his weak spots, most of them mental. Since he was trained to follow orders, he has trouble thinking for himself should the need arise. He's not exceptionally strong, either, and has no training in melee combat. His cybernetic implants, while useful normally, can give him a migrane if there is interference, and an EMP blast can knock him out - or worse.

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