CrossRealm is the title of an alternate universe storyline and Invite-only RP series created by Austin Bison. The story takes place on a version Earth populated solely by Mobians in the nation of the United Republic, a country based on North America.

In this universe, people exists on multiple planes of reality as souls, with the normal physical plane being one of the lower levels of existence. While they may not realize it, many people both good and bad exist as far more powerful beings in these higher, more ethereal planes. These levels never normally cross, a person's higher existence isn't aware of their lower self and vice-versa, but a mysterious intersection has occurred between the realms of reality. People on the lower begin suffering from delusions, seizures, temporary insanity, and other afflictions and many have reported sightings of strange mechanical and chimera-like amalgamations flying and running through the streets.

As a counter-measure, other higher-selves have begun to interfere, transferring power to their existence in the lower plane to let them defend themselves and assist in repairing the fissures in the fabric of reality and finding the source of the predicament. Eventually, a method to send back the monsters and otherworldly energy back to the higher realm is discovered, wiping the memories of those who have not "awakened" to their higher selves, but this weakens the rift further and leaves it vulnerable to more severe, bigger tears in reality.


Main Protagonists

Yazi Galatean the Red Panda


Kable the Fox


Maya, Rudi, Pele, and Ada Galatean (Yazi's Mother, Father, Half-Brother, and Half-Sister Respectively)



Crystalwere is the unofficial name given by Yazi to the first ethereal beast that attacked him. This monster resembles a feral dire-wolf whose body and fur coat is made of broken, stained-glass. Their eyes are a deep amber and reptilian and leave a trail of glass-shards as they run. While intimidating and strong, they appear to have no abilities powers, or distinctions from a normal wolf (besides being made of glass) and are thus one of the weaker ethereal monsters encountered by the protagonists


As their name implies, rewinders are ethereal beings that can cause small reversions in time. They appear on Earth as two foot tall, golden pocket-watches with eight mechanical, spider-like legs. This beast can flip upside down and spin it's legs as well, flying like a helicopter. They attack by opening and revealing the face of their clock (which appears as strange fractals, static, and clock-hands that travel in a mobius strip) and firing a bright purple arrow of light, sending the victim back to the location they were in about 6 minutes earlier. This does not revert any wounds, effects, or memory, however. These creatures fight by slowly wearing out and chipping down a foes stamina until they either give up, pass out, or even die from exhaustion and damage. They behave more like guardians than predators, normally watching over and protecting certain spots instead of actively hunting people.


Viziers are large, iron coffins whose lids are decorated by a human in priestly robes. There is a hole where the face normally is, which shows the mirror-bottomed inside of the coffin. If someone looks at their reflection through the face, the Vizier will levitate and swing open, unleashing a malevolent clone to attack the enemy. This clone learns from his opponent, and can only use abilities that either it or the vizier had already witnesses. Thus, it is highly recommended to use as little power to defeat these two as possible. In order to stop the clones and vizier, one must reach the coffin, pry it open, and shatter the mirror. This will prevent the vizier from making any more clones.


Sterling University

Sterling is a college located on the outside of Rubyheight City, with it's own, small college town of the same name. Many students gather and meet in the library, student's lounge, cafeteria, and the classroom-building center to hang out. Crystalwere seem to be the most common monsters lurking in the area, mostly roaming around at night.

Rubyheight City

Rubyheight is a massive, urban center known for it's stylish feel, number of restaurants, and live performances on weekends. It is most famous for it's miraculous rise from an impoverish and dangerous center of crime to one of the hippest spots in the region about 8 years back. There are many places of interest in this area, including Mama Canada's Ice Cream Parlor, A public library and archive, the Derrison's Center (a concert and play venue), and various other shops and roads that are always hustling with citizens.

The Pinnacle Kingdom

This is a grand amusement park located about a 30-minute drive from Rubyheight. This theme park is known for it's high and daring thrill-rides, arcade and carnival center, and a state-of-the-art virtual reality chamber, mainly used for horror attractions and mazes. It's entrance fee is a bit steep, however, costing about 40 bucks for an adult pass.

Plot Summary

This is a working plot summary of the series thus far including key scenarios and RP events.

Character Prologue: Yazi Galatean the Red Panda

The plot of CrossRealm begins with Yazi Galatean, a 19 year-old red panda and student at Sterling University in Southeastern UR, who begins to experience vertigo, dreamlike blackouts, and nocturnal seizures for a few week. At first, Yazi just believes these events to be caused by bad habits, putting the blame on lack of sleep and bright, LCD screens. Medicine does very little to help the panda, and eventually he starts to see strange creatures, objects, and figures of light intermittently through the week.

Yazi is finally confronted and faces the truth after one of these monsters, a strange, feral wold made of broken stained-glass, attacks him and draws blood, but is pulled into a strange dimension and passes out, teleporting to inside a locked bathroom for safety. The panda eventually wakes up twenty minutes later and opens the door, seeing that the glass monster had shattered to bits, leaving a peculiar, bronze amulet in the midst of the debris. He manages to retrieve the object, but is shooed off by a faculty member sent to investigate the barking and massive amounts of broken glass. Curious about the events that befell him, Yazi scours the school, nearby public libraries, and the internet in order to find clues and figure out what had happened.

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