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Cop or Racer? You decide...


Cop or Racer? Only you can pick your side in this high speed race... for freedom. You'd better drive fast, because this time around, the police are not playing around. They are armed, fast, skilled, and most of all, experienced. But they aren't the only ones, as the Racers have underground technology that will help them escape the Cops. This high-octane adventure flashes across the whole country,so prepare yourself. Think you can handle the pursuit? Gear Up...
Choose Your Side..

Choose Your Side...



Burnout the Hedgehog



Burnout the Hedgehog




An EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) is a form of energy that can be fired from a device. The Device requires a successful targeting lock before it can be fired. An EMP hit interrupts and damages vehicle equipment as well as temporarily disabling it. (Cops & Racers)


An ESF (Electro-Static Field) is an electronic device that generates a charge through the body of a vehicle. A vehicle that collides with a car generating an ESF will temporarily lose control alongside being damaged and repelled away. ESFs will also protect a vehicle from Stun Mines and EMP targeting once activated. (Cops & Racers)


A roadblock is a temporarily assortment of police vehicles and equipment deposited along a road to either forcibly stop or divert a pursuit target. (Cops Only)</span>===

Police Helicopter

A police helicopter is an aerial support unit that can temporarily assist police pursuit units. The helicopter is capable of keeping visual contact with a pursuit target across a greater area. (Cops Only)

Turbo Boost

Turbo Boost is an uninterruptible supply of a potent nitrous to a vehicle's engine. The chemical compound combusts more effectively than regular nitrous resulting in a harsher increase of acceleration and a higher top speed. (Racers Only)

Shock Ram

Shock Ram is an advanced piece of technology mounted to the front of the vehicle which delivers an EMP-like burst upon ramming another vehicle for additional damage. (Cops Only)


Shockwave emits a burst of energy from a vehicle that can forcibly repel and damage vehicles that are close to the epicentre. (Racers Only)

Stun Mine

The stun mine is deployed behind the vehicle. It temporarily disables the electrical systems of any vehicle driving over it. (Racers Only)


A Jammer forcibly interferes with police radar guidance and communications by saturating near by radio receivers with noise or false information. They function for a short amount of time before deactivating and can disable an EMP targeting system. (Racers Only)

Spike Strip

A Spike Strip is a device dropped from the rear of a vehicle before expanding across the length of a road to puncture a vehicle's tyres. The strips can deflate a full set of tyres and result in immobilisation as well as damaging a vehicle. (Cops & Racers)


Cross-Country Pursuit/Part1

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